Jingdong internal mail exposure a new fake who the tension

Jingdong internal mail exposure a new fake who the tension

news March 25th, Jingdong group executive vice president of the blue Ye yesterday in the internal mail to group proposed, will be involved in the false and illegal advertising third party merchants to increase control, and increase the punishment.

mail revealed that for two or more administrative penalties within a year from the partners, will be blacklisted Jingdong, and will be sentenced to a fine of $500 thousand. Jingdong will deduct the full guarantee money, repaying all the procurement of goods, within 3 years no longer cooperate with Jingdong. read more

Help others to achieve their own success into the package network documentary

in the packet network (www.jinbaowang.cn) was founded in May 2009, started in the packet network have only one purpose, because the body is in China bags Baigou, foreign businessmen to help the little mouse on the network can purchase, bid farewell to the tired of suffering; into the bag net work is very simple, is to put the camera bag bags factory to the site, customers around the orders after the delivery. One is such a simple operation and service by customers of an unprecedented welcome, in the packet network was only 20 thousand yuan investment began operation, the year sales reached 500 thousand yuan, in 2010 sales of more than 200 yuan, 2011 sales exceeded ten million yuan, and now into the bag net monthly sales amount in four million yuan, so. Packet network is how to achieve such a rapid growth of read more

Pat Network will be on hand Q two entrance cheap pat main fight mode

DoNews10 17 news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) Jingdong group’s pat Network announced today, pat Network in the mobile phone QQ of the entrance of the two – cheap shot will be formally launched on October 20th.

is reported that the shoot cheap will YISHION mobile terminal product form landing. Pat network side said, take cheap as a mobile end product based on the spread of social relationships chain, combined with the concept of social relationships and buy friends, the main fight purchase mode. read more

New international domain name breaking million ranked the world’s top 15

from the birth of DNS in 1985 to the first international domain name was born in 1984, the Internet based services industry has gone through 24 years. Beijing, as the first batch of ICANN registrar qualification (www.xinnet.com), by virtue of excellent quality for a long time, for our customers to provide domain name registration, virtual host, e-mail, VPS and independent hosting hosting and other related services in the vast number of consumers recognize and trust with the support of the rapid development and expansion. The new network has been in the country set up 30 branches, with more than 10000 core channel partners, to support the normal operation of the domestic 40% sites at the same time, to provide basic information application service professional for more than 1 million domestic enterprises. read more

Talk about things in the electricity business marriage mergers and acquisitions into the trend

electric business ready to those things, so I have to want at the moment under the grim situation: simple Tucao electricity supplier in the field of a monopoly and oligopoly competition, mergers and acquisitions and alliances, marriage, shares and so on industry – surfaced.

Don’t talk about

far, road business recently that point thing, dangdang.com alliance shop, Jingdong, Tencent shares yesterday said that Ali shares cultural China and Alibaba and broadband capital investment Bai Cheng travel. Dangdang alliance shop, not to mention the two sites, each other settled the advantages of their own website category official flagship store opened; Tencent shares Jingdong this once stir the whole Internet news, it seems that their strategic cooperation will rewrite the electricity business electricity supplier Ali field a new chapter of shake a dominant pattern; Ali shares cultural China. This makes the electrical business younger kids a bit surprised, this Ali shares cultural Chinese, can be said to be the newspapers and magazines, movies and Mobile Games is not a leak of all involved, Ali which is lead to trouble, really is in preparation for the international into? (now the recent media reports that MaYun Za revealed World Tour: Ali accelerated internationalization) Ali really in preparing for the internationalization of now is still unknown, can only wait quietly. read more

December 2007 04 domain name deletion list


proxy domain name registration renewal of 60 years /, 150m million net 620 special offer 120 space agency.
  CN domain name 1 yuan registration, the opportunity not to be missed, more content: http://s.idc.admin5.com

ukldl.cn />ugetnedge.cn
5ayy.com CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

All free of charge for the enterprise management domain

The newspaper news (reporter Xiong Haiyan) yesterday, reporters learned from the network, in order to fight back the occupation cybersquatting organ impact network launched a free domain name management outsourcing services, will take occupation of domain experience for the enterprise management domain, and the domain name was registered to recapture.

According to

read more

Comments Eleven double data stunning competitive electricity supplier industry weak

According to Alibaba

group yesterday zero data released this year, double its eleven online shopping platform trading volume reached 57 billion 100 million yuan, a total of 217 countries and regions of the users involved, produced a total of 278 million logistics orders, refresh the global online retail record.

eleven tells us that China is not without the potential for consumption and spending power, the key is to take what methods and measures to activate it and dig out. If you make good use of this potential, not only will play a huge role in promoting the entire new economy of the Internet, and even to stimulate domestic demand to stimulate China’s economic growth can play a huge effect. read more

1 medicine nets and spring rain doctor together this pair of CP you stand

news August 15th, the domestic pharmaceutical business platform 1 days ago announced the official drug network and mobile medical platform spring doctor cooperation. The two sides said they will focus on the health management of chronic disease users, the initial cooperation is expected in August 15th or so on-line.

1 drug network responsible person, the 1 drugs network will rain doctors "air hospital" section to provide fast drug service (as of press time, billion state power network noted that the purchase entrance has been on the line); and the rain doctor will also join the 1 medicine network connection medical section, providing professional medical professionals inquiry purchase guide service. read more

com and Net domain registration fees to increase

Beijing on April 6th news, according to foreign media reports, the digital certification service provider VeriSign announced Thursday, in order to obtain more for Internet infrastructure funds to upgrade, plans to start to improve the.Com and.Net bulk domain name registration fee from October this year.

VeriSign for.Com,.Net and.Tv domain name of the official registration and management agencies. VeriSign said it had reached an agreement with the internet name and number allocation Agency (ICANN) in March 2006 to improve the registration fees. From October 15th this year, the wholesale price of.Com domain name will rise from $6.42 to $6, or $7%,.Net domain name wholesale price rose from $3.85 to $3.50, or 10%. read more