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10 months agoCardiff boss Warnock reveals Tan behind him for market plans

first_imgCardiff boss Warnock reveals Tan behind him for market plansby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveCardiff City boss Neil Warnock says owner Vincent Tan is determined to support him in the January market.Before victory at Leicester City, Warnock spoke of his transfer plans.He said, “Mehmet (Dalman) and Ken (Choo) are doing all the checks which you’ve got to do. But they’re determined to get me two or three players. I’m talking to Vincent all the time. Every owner would want you to spend nothing and still bring in five players. But he’s been very supportive.”We’ve had inquiries for our players as well. Everyone’s looking for a bargain. We’ve got numerous players that aren’t playing and hopefully they can find clubs because when you’re a player you want to play.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

DSME Seeks Court Approval for Debt Rescheduling

first_imgzoom After collecting the necessary consents for its rescue plan, the financially troubled shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) filed for a court approval for debt rescheduling on April 20, Yonhap News Agency said.An approval from the South Korea’s court would pave the way for the shipbuilder’s much needed financial boost of KRW 2.9 trillion, proposed by its main creditors Korea Development Bank (KDB) and Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM).The court is expected to make the decision on the matter in two weeks. If all of the necessary approvals are granted, the financing could be made in early May, Yonhap informed.DSME’s main debt holder, National Pension Service (NPS), which holds some 30 percent of the company’s corporate bonds, approved of the debt rescheduling on April 17. Later the same day, the company’s remaining investors gave their nod to the debt rescheduling proposal.The latest restructuring plan, revealed in late March 2017, sets out three key principles – debt restructuring should come first, financial assistance should follow later, and all stakeholders should bear the burden of losses.Under the new measures, half of the shipyard’s corporate bonds and commercial papers would be converted into equity with the rest being rolled over.In October 2015, KDB and KEXIM injected a KRW 4.2 trillion rescue package into DSME, however, despite the financial aid and the company’s stringent self-rescue efforts, the shipbuilder suffered a net loss of KRW 2.7 trillion last year as its debt ratio soared to 2,732%.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

National Energy Board issues new approvals for Trans Mountain pipeline

first_imgCALGARY – The National Energy Board has issued three decisions for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion approving the tunnel route through Burnaby, B.C., and allowing construction to begin on a tunnel entrance.The energy board said in a news release it is granting relief for pre-construction conditions on Trans Mountain property at the Westridge Marine Terminal where the Burnaby Mountain tunnel portal will be located.The federal government approved the 1,147-kilometre pipeline between Alberta and the West Coast in November 2016 along a roughly 150-metre wide corridor, but the project continues to face political and public opposition in B.C.The pipeline ends in Burnaby, B.C., where Mayor Derek Corrigan has vowed that the route will never be approved because of the damage and disruption it would cause his city.But in its decisions, the energy board encouraged the city to collaborate with Trans Mountain to resolve concerns with the pipeline’s location.“The Board is of the view that Burnaby and Trans Mountain can achieve more mutually acceptable outcomes by maintaining professional engagement on matters they are both responsible,” says the decision issued Thursday.The construction at the terminal is still subject to federal, provincial and municipal permits, but the board said allowing work to begin now would avoid potential impacts on migratory birds that use the area later in the spring.In its application to the board, Trans Mountain said it would take four to six weeks to conduct tree clearing at the entrance site, and the work would need to be completed before restrictions pertaining to birds came in effect.If the window for construction was missed, Trans Mountain said that would delay work on the next phase of the $7.4 billion project.The board also issued decisions over concerns filed by a resident and the City of Burnaby over the tunnelling of the pipeline through the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area. Both presentations said the tunnel would create disruptive noise and vibration, and would damage the natural environment.Documents from the board said it was satisfied by the mitigating efforts put forward by Trans Mountain to minimize disruption to residents, including a plan to monitor and report vibrations generated by the construction.Trans Mountain has been directed to deliver a specific plan to monitor vibrations at least 30 days before tunnel boring begins.Tunnelling was also determined to be the best method in reducing negative effects on the environment and residents, the board said.The board said that 56 per cent of the pipeline route has been approved so far, but construction won’t be authorized until the remainder of the route is approved and other conditions are met.More decisions are pending and a another set of route hearings in the Lower Mainland will be held in March, a spokesman with the National Energy Board said on Thursday.The existing Trans Mountain pipeline has carried oil from near Edmonton to the marine terminal in Burnaby since 1953, but the additional line would nearly triple oil-shipping capacity.The B.C. New Democrat government said it will limit the expanded shipment of diluted bitumen until environmental concerns can be addressed. The Alberta government responded by cutting off talks for the sale of electricity and halting B.C. wine imports.The federal government has said it stands by its approval of the pipeline and the project will go ahead.B.C.’s Environment Minister George Heyman said Wednesday that talks about the pipeline between federal and provincial bureaucrats have been underway since last week.Companies in this story: (TSX:KML)— By Linda Givetash in Vancouver.last_img read more

2015 NFL Preview What To Expect If Youre A Packers Lions Vikings

13Miami Dolphins8-869.3 This is particularly relevant to Minnesota, since the youngest 20 percent of the teams in the study averaged 6.9 wins (the Vikes won 7 a year ago) and had an average age of 26.2 (Minnesota’s was 26.3). The next year, those teams won an average of just 7.7 games — slight progress, but nothing as dramatic as Vikings fans are hoping for. 2nd Best302.94.12.3 30Indianapolis Colts11-553.2 Youngest656.926.27.7 In preparation for the 2015 NFL season, FiveThirtyEight is running a series of eight division previews, each highlighting the numbers that may influence a team’s performance (including projections and rankings based on ESPN’s preseason Football Power Index). To start things off, we head to the NFC North, a division that’s still the Packers’ to lose — but one that could get interesting if the Lions’ defense stays elite, the youthful Vikings improve or the Bears repair their once-proud D. 8St. Louis Rams6-1072.0 32Tampa Bay Buccaneers2-1446.1 6Atlanta Falcons6-1072.8 21Arizona Cardinals11-559.8 10New England Patriots12-470.9 29Chicago Bears5-1154.1 Oldest657.128.57.8 2Pittsburgh Steelers11-585.1 22Detroit Lions11-558.3 12Carolina Panthers7-8-169.8 14San Diego Chargers9-767.3 25New York Giants6-1056.5 3Dallas Cowboys12-479.9 2nd Youngest667.026.97.5 26Jacksonville Jaguars3-1356.2 18Buffalo Bills9-762.4 20New York Jets4-1259.9 Worst30-2.54-0.3 Green Bay Packers2014 Record: 12-4 | 2015 Projected Wins: 10.6 | Playoff Odds: 83.5%Offensive Rank: 1st | Defensive Rank: 23rd | Special Teams Rank: 28thAn anomaly within the NFL, Green Bay is known as the only small town with a pro football team. And given the provincial nature of small towns, perhaps it’s fitting that the Packers of recent vintage boast a roster with few interlopers from other teams.Last year, only two of the Packers’ regular starters — outside linebacker Julius Peppers and defensive lineman Letroy Guion — had begun their NFL careers outside of Green Bay. Fullback John Kuhn, who began his career with the Steelers, is the only other player who started a game for last year’s Packers after playing for a franchise other than Green Bay.Using the Approximate Value (AV) metric developed by Pro-Football-Reference.com, we can try to quantify exactly how “homegrown” a team is relative to the rest of the NFL. For example, the Packers produced 249 points of AV last year, only 18 of which came from players who did not begin their career with the club.To put that another way: 93 percent of Green Bay’s AV last year came from players who began their NFL careers in Green Bay. That was the highest percentage in the NFL; Pittsburgh was the only other team with more than 80 percent of its AV classified as “homegrown”: GROUPTEAMSWINS, YEAR NAVERAGE AGEWINS, YEAR N+1 DEFENSIVE SRS 11San Francisco 49ers8-869.9 Middle291.54.21.5 2nd Worst300.24.11.4 28Oakland Raiders3-1354.6 4Cincinnati Bengals10-5-177.9 16Baltimore Ravens10-663.3 GROUPTEAMSPREVIOUS 2 YEARSPEAK YEARNEXT YEAR 2nd Oldest667.227.77.5 TEAM2014 RECORDPERCENT HOMEGROWN Detroit Lions2014 Record: 11-5 | 2015 Proj. W: 7.8 | Playoff Odds: 29.6%Off. Rank: 13th | Def. Rank: 15th | S.T. Rank: 32ndThe “D” in Detroit doesn’t usually stand for defense. In the 30 seasons leading up to 2014, no NFL franchise allowed more points than the Lions, with the team’s defense finishing below average by Pro-Football-Reference.com’s Simple Rating System (SRS) in each of the final 13 years of that three-decade block. As a result, Detroit fans may have been the most surprised of all by their team’s excellent defense last year:In 2014, the Lions ranked among the NFL’s top five defenses according to DVOA,3This stands for defense-adjusted value over average. Expected Points and SRS — a stunning break with the franchise’s dismal tradition. But the pressing question for Detroit now is whether its defensive makeover can persist.To help answer that, I looked at all teams since 1970 with defensive SRS ratings roughly similar to the Lions’ +5.2 mark last year.4Specifically, ratings between +3.2 and +7.2. Then I broke those teams into five groups based on their aggregate defensive SRS ratings in the two seasons before their strong defensive year. (For Detroit, these seasons would be 2012 and 2013, when the team posted a putrid -2.5 defensive SRS.) Historically, how did teams with similarly meteoric defensive improvements fare the next season? Minnesota Vikings2014 Record: 7-9 | 2015 Proj. W: 7.5 | Playoff Odds: 24.3%Off. Rank: 17th | Def. Rank: 19th | S.T. Rank: 20thIf you want optimistic predictions for the 2015 Minnesota Vikings, don’t look to traditional sources. Summer power rankings from both ESPN and NFL.com peg Minnesota for the bottom half of the league, as does the most recent set of Las Vegas win totals. It’s not hard to see why, either: Over the past two seasons, Minnesota has endured the 10th-worst record in football.But others think the Vikings can be a sleeper playoff pick — if not more. For instance, after taking stock of Minnesota’s “wave of young talent and a promising head coach-quarterback combination entering its second season,” the statistical website Football Outsiders projected the team to rank sixth in the league in DVOA, a metric that measures team performance on a play-by-play basis.Here’s another quantitative reason to think the Vikings could be on the verge of a breakout: Minnesota had the NFL’s fourth-youngest team last year. Between 22-year-old quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and an emerging defense whose best performers5Namely Sharrif Floyd, Harrison Smith, Anthony Barr and Xavier Rhodes. were taken in the first rounds of the past few drafts, Minnesota might be poised for a big improvement this season as its players mature.The history of similar teams, though, appears to be more in line with the traditionalist predictions. I looked at all teams since 1978 that finished 6-10, 7-9 or 8-8,6The NFL adopted a 16-game regular season in 1978. This gives us 328 team-seasons, excluding 1981, 1986 and 2014 because the data for the following season was either disrupted by labor strife or does not exist yet. grouping them into five tiers based solely on age.7Specifically, Approximate Value-Adjusted Age, as described here. In general, the relationship between age and improvement is loose: 24Kansas City Chiefs9-756.7 This isn’t exactly a new development for the Packers. In every season since 2008, when they traded away Brett Favre and installed Aaron Rodgers as starting quarterback, at least 85 percent of Green Bay’s team AV has come from players who began their career with the Packers.Not much will change in 2015, either, as Peppers, Guion and Kuhn once again figure to be the only notable Packers who started elsewhere.A team has to draft well to achieve Green Bay’s level of success without acquiring many players from other teams. Between Rodgers and Clay Matthews, the Packers have done that in the first round, but they’ve also found a lot of value deeper into the draft. For instance, they’ve snagged elite skill-position talent in the second round1Wide receivers Jordy Nelson in 2008 and Randall Cobb in 2011, and running back Eddie Lacy in 2013. and quality offensive linemen in the fourth.2Three of the Packers’ O-line starters were drafted in that round: left tackle David Bakhtiari and guards Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang.It may not be a sustainable strategy for every team, but the Packers have used it to build the most homemade — and, arguably, best — roster in football. 19Philadelphia Eagles10-660.7 7Minnesota Vikings7-972.5 31Tennessee Titans2-1452.2 Best304.94.22.6 Not well, as it turns out. The worst group of teams in defensive SRS over the previous two years — i.e., the cohort most similar to the 2012-15 Lions — regressed significantly the next year. In Detroit’s case, there are additional reasons to expect a defensive regression, between an aging secondary and a handful of important personnel losses headlined by the departure of DT Ndamukong Suh, who signed with Miami as a free agent.After more than a decade of ugly defenses, Detroit fans finally got to watch a first-rate defense last year. But the Lions’ chances of repeating that feat likely left with Suh. 9Houston Texans9-771.5 23Denver Broncos12-458.0 27Washington Redskins4-1255.8 17Cleveland Browns7-962.8 15New Orleans Saints7-963.7 1Green Bay Packers12-492.8% 5Seattle Seahawks12-476.0 Middle667.327.37.7 Chicago Bears2014 Record: 5-11 | 2015 Proj. W: 6.5 | Playoff Odds: 11.5%Off. Rank: 18th | Def. Rank: 31st | S.T. Rank: 7thThe Chicago Bears are a franchise defined by defense.The team’s last two championships, in 1963 and 1985, were earned on the backs of historically dominant defenses. Eight of the franchise’s top nine players (according to Pro-Football-Reference.com’s Approximate Value) are defenders. And — at least through the 2012 season — Chicago had allowed the third-fewest points per game of any NFL team in the Super Bowl era,8Which began in 1966. trailing only the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys.9Among the 28 teams in existence during the majority of that period.In the two seasons since 2012, though, the Bears have fielded arguably the worst two defenses in franchise history. Over that stretch, they ranked 31st out of 32 teams in yards allowed and dead last in points allowed, reaching historic levels of futility against both the run and the pass.In 2013, the Bears allowed 2,583 rushing yards — the most in team history10Granting that, on a per-game basis, the 1973 rush defense was even worse.; 5.4 yards per rush — the most by any Bears defense since 1951; and 22 rushing touchdowns — the second-most in franchise history.11Trailing only the 1975 team. Then, last season, the pass defense fell apart, as Chicago opponents set new franchise highs for completion percentage (66.8%), passing yards (4,230) and passing touchdowns (34).By SRS, Chicago’s defense was 5.8 points per game worse than average over the past two seasons. Never before in its history had the franchise produced a defensive SRS so poor in a two-year span:This season marks the 30th anniversary of the fabled 1985 Bears, winners of the franchise’s only Super Bowl title. That year, Chicago’s defense allowed 65 fewer points than any other team in football, still the largest gap between the top two teams in points allowed in any season since 1970. Whenever a “best defense of all time” ranking is constructed, whether subjective or objective, it’s a good bet that the ‘85 Bears will show up at or near the top.Unfortunately, Chicago’s 2015 defense bears little resemblance to that team, or even the last good Bears defense. In 2012, Chicago ranked third in points allowed, and the only defensive starter remaining from that team — cornerback Tim Jennings — was just released. And if the Bears’ defensive ranking of 31st in ESPN’s preseason Football Power Index is any indication, this will be another trying year for a franchise that badly needs a return to defensive glory. Read more: How The Salary Cap Is Shaping The Falcons, Saints, Panthers and Buccaneers read more

Magic Johnson Was Never Cut Out To Do This

Just before the start of free agency last June, Los Angeles Lakers President Magic Johnson made a relatively blunt declaration when he said he’d willingly step down from his post if he failed to sign star players. So it was a legitimate jaw-dropper when Johnson, just nine months after landing the world’s best player, opted to resign Tuesday during a tearful, impromptu press conference in the bowels of Staples Center prior to the team’s season finale.Yes, this was a trying year for Johnson and the storied franchise, which fully expected to return to the playoffs after getting LeBron James. But the playoffs didn’t happen, and while Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka deserve a lot of the blame for why things went wrong, no one thought it would result in this — at least not this soon, and certainly not in the bizarre manner in which it played out.In the coming weeks, there will be ample opportunity to analyze what comes next for the Lakers, who still have LeBron, a young supporting cast and enough cap space to make the kind of signing that could make them an actual contender again out West.Normally, we’d be prone to view a team president’s sudden resignation as a sign of enormous trouble for a franchise. The fact that we aren’t talking about how much this will damage Los Angeles speaks volumes about Johnson and how ill-prepared he was for the front-office job in the first place.Team owner Jeanie Buss, who got wind of the resignation after reporters did, now has an enormous task. She has to tap the right person, but based on her hiring of Magic — a choice she made based on trust and their almost 40 years of friendship after contentiously ousting her brother in 2017 — we don’t know yet who she’ll get or what level of experience that person will carry.Nonetheless, that role is vital, both to restoring the franchise to its rightful place — this 37-win season marked a Lakers’ record sixth-straight year with no postseason — and obviously for maximizing the 34-year-old James’s window for championship contention.What we do know now is that Johnson, an all-time great on the hardwood and one of the more personable businessmen in America, simply wasn’t prepared for the cutthroat front-office life, an issue we touched on briefly back when he was hired. Johnson himself says that leaving the role of president will make him happier, as it will allow him to return to his old life, away from the sourced reporting that, to him, likely felt like anonymous backstabbing. And back to a life where he can freely mentor and tweet to congratulate players leaguewide — something he couldn’t do as an executive, because of the tampering rules.From the outset, Johnson struggled with how to play inside those rules. Even more concerning about his front-office tenure: He often struggled to properly assess the value of players and what they brought to the table. Months after taking the gig, he traded a young, talented point guard in D’Angelo Russell to get Brook Lopez and his expiring contract, as well as the pick that would become Kyle Kuzma.1The move also gave L.A. the ability to dump Timofey Mosgov’s hefty contract. While Kuzma has been fine for a young player, Russell has since become an All-Star who has led Brooklyn back to the postseason. And Lopez — whom L.A. let walk in free agency last summer — has been one of the NBA’s best floor-spacing bigs, giving Milwaukee exactly what this shooting-starved Lakers club needs.2On a cheap, $3.3 million contract, too.Similarly, 24-year-old Julius Randle had a career year (21 points, 8 rebounds a game) in New Orleans after the Lakers let their former No. 7 overall pick go in free agency despite his relatively modest price tag.3He signed a two-year, $18 million deal with New Orleans. Instead, L.A. followed up on its LeBron move by then agreeing to deals with Rajon Rondo, JaVale McGee and Lance Stephenson, leaving it woefully deficient from a perimeter-shooting standpoint. The head-scratching decisions weren’t limited to the perimeter, though: The Lakers also offered talented big man Ivica Zubac to their Los Angeles counterparts at the deadline, reportedly befuddling the Clippers by trying to unload a solid young player unnecessarily.None of this even gets into the fact that Johnson and the Lakers took their sweet time — waiting until it was likely too late — to try to deal for a second star, which was borderline malpractice considering James’s age. Depending on how you look at it, the failed play to acquire Anthony Davis at the trade deadline was either just the Pelicans being stubborn or them being realistic — and smart — after realizing that the youngsters L.A. was offering in return weren’t good enough (particularly when James was injured) to justify dealing away a franchise player.But that doesn’t excuse the Lakers not being more aggressive two summers ago, when they could’ve made a play for Paul George, who’d made it clear that L.A. was his destination of choice before Oklahoma City gambled on a deal for him. Nor does it explain why the Lakers didn’t do more to engage the Spurs for Kawhi Leonard (and pair him with LeBron) before he was ultimately sent to Toronto. In either case, having a second star likely would’ve provided L.A. with the insulation it needed to withstand a James injury and make the playoffs regardless.And there were the problematic mixed messages that Johnson sent: the preseason comments about how new LeBron teams always take a while to find their stride and the need for patience, but then the reports about him going off on coach Luke Walton just weeks later, apparently for not meeting the expectations he’d just tamped down. Then there was his suggestion that the young players who’d heard their names rumored in potential Davis deals simply needed to be hugged and nurtured after the whole ordeal, which he followed, one day later, by saying that those same players needed to be treated like men, rather than babied through the media.Had Johnson remained on the job, his next true test as team president was a decision about Walton’s future. Johnson told reporters Tuesday that he’d been given the authority to fire Walton, who has history with the Lakers as a former player and still has a good friendship with Buss. But Johnson said he didn’t want to pull that trigger and instead opted to step down himself.Now, it’s Buss’s turn to make a decision again. And while the stakes are incredibly high, with the team at an important crossroads, the Lakers can take solace in the fact that they’re almost certain to now get a more analytical, experienced front-office type than they had in Magic, who was never really meant for the unforgiving nature of an NBA job like this to begin with. read more

Ohio State mens basketball suffers 2nd loss of season to Indiana

After the Indiana-Ohio State men’s basketball game ended Saturday, citizens of Bloomington, Ind., had cause to celebrate on New Year’s Eve well before the clock struck midnight. The No. 2-ranked Buckeyes lost their second game of the season against the No. 15 Hoosiers, 74-70, at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Ind. With OSU trailing, 72-70, Buckeyes senior guard William Buford heaved a potential go-ahead 3-point shot with 2.3 seconds remaining in the game. Buford missed the target, though, and Indiana gathered the rebound and added free throws to clinch the win. In a game that featured eight ties and 10 lead changes, the Hoosiers retook the lead with less than a minute to play after OSU sophomore guard Aaron Craft’s turnover lead to an uncontested lay-up by Indiana sophomore guard Victor Oladipo that put his team up, 71-70. Oladipo’s late bucket turned out to be the game-winner for the Hoosiers (13-1, 1-1 Big Ten). Craft scored a team-high 16 points and added four assists and two steals. Sophomore forward Jared Sullinger tallied 15 points in the game, but failed to score in the final 2:26 of regulation. With the loss, OSU drops to 13-2 overall and 1-1 in Big Ten play. The Buckeyes didn’t suffer their second loss of the 2010-11 season until February 20, 2011. Conference play continues for OSU Tuesday against Nebraska at 6:30 p.m. at the Schottenstein Center. read more

Ohio State womens ice hockey to take on New Hampshire

The OSU women’s ice hockey team prepares to take the ice prior to an exhibition game against Western Ontario at the Ohio State Ice Rink Sept. 28. OSU tied 2-2.Credit: Grant Miller / Copy ChiefThe Ohio State women’s hockey team was a model of inconsistency last season.  Coming into its season opener against the University of New Hampshire this weekend, the Buckeyes are hoping to ditch the Jekyll and Hyde show and find consistency in their team.OSU comes off a season where it went 15-17-5, but earned a 9-4-3 record following winter break. The late push gave the Buckeyes a template for success they can build upon this weekend in Columbus.Given its roster makeup, OSU is in a much different position than it was at the start of last year. The Buckeyes graduated five seniors but retained the majority of their veteran skaters.“I think that they’re a together group,” said coach Nate Handrahan. “That’s not to say that last year’s group wasn’t, but it just seems that this group has come together a lot quicker.”OSU returns a large group players from last season, including nine of its top ten point scorers. Their key offensive departure was forward Ally Tarr, who led the Buckeyes with 32 points in 36 games last season.Defensively, OSU’s biggest loss was Annie Svedin, who logged 134 games over four seasons on the blueline. Buckeye senior defensemen Kari and Sara Schmitt might be forced to help pick up the slack, as the pair combined for 51 points last season.While the Buckeyes have retained key veteran skaters, it’s a different story in the goal crease. Redshirt-junior goalie Stacy Danczak is the lone returner in her position, and on Thursday, Handrahan announced freshman Kassidy Sauve would be Friday’s starter.Danczak, Sauve and freshman goalie Alex LaMere each saw a period of action in OSU’s 2-2 exhibition tie against Western Ontario last weekend. Sauve started the game, making seven saves in the first period.“Everyone played well,” Kari Schmitt said. “It was a good start to the season and we’re ready to go.”Sauve won a gold medal with Team Canada at the International Ice Hockey Federation U-18 Women’s World Championship and comes to OSU following a minor-midget career where she became the first woman to play in the Ontario Hockey League cup.“She’s got some patience and she’s pretty agile side to side,” Handrahan said. “She’s trying to let shooters make the first move as opposed to her trying to dictate the play.”Aside from goaltending, the Buckeyes’ minimal roster turnover has put them ahead of schedule in introducing tactics and systems into their play, redshirt-senior defenseman Kara Gust said.“We can already see it on the ice in our practices,” Gust said. “Our systems are already getting there quicker and I think we’ll have a better start to the season this year than we did last year.”Positive fitness tests have also been an indication of the Buckeyes preparedness for the season, Handrahan said.The University of New Hampshire Wildcats welcome seven true freshmen, a new head coach and new assistant coach to their roster this season. Coach Hilary Witt is coming off of a two-year stint as an assistant coach and head scout for the U.S. Women’s National Team.The Wildcats dropped their season-opener, 2-1, on the road against the University of Maine last weekend.The puck is set to drop on Friday at 6:07 p.m. and Saturday at 2:07 p.m. at the OSU Ice Rink. read more

Ohio State womens volleyball falls to No 2 Wisconsin

OSU junior outside hitter Katie Mitchell (left) and sophomore middle Taylor Sandbothe attempt to block a Wisconsin shot as senior setter Taylor Sherwin (8) looks on during a match on Nov. 21 at St. John Arena. OSU lost, 3-0. Credit: Adrienne Robbins / Lantern photographer After sweeping Iowa on Wednesday, the Ohio State women’s volleyball team was swept by No. 2 Wisconsin (25-17, 25-15, 25-22) on Friday.Despite a slow start in the first two sets, the No. 20 Buckeyes showed more aggression against the Badgers (26-2, 16-1) in the third set.OSU got its first lead of the entire match in the third set and gained a 3-0 lead to start. The Buckeyes led 15-14 at one point, but an 11-7 run by the Badgers gave them the set and match win.OSU freshman outside hitter Erin Chatman said that the team needs to bring the aggressive play from the third set to its match against Minnesota on Wednesday.“I believe we need to bring the same energy that we had in the third set and keep working hard during practice,” Chatman said.Junior outside hitter Elizabeth Campbell was the lone Buckeye to score double-digit kills against the Badgers with 10. Sophomore middle blocker Taylor Sandbothe had nine kills, while senior outside hitter Erin Sekinger had eight kills.The Badgers had two players with double-digit kills in freshman outside hitter Kelli Bates, who had 13 kills on 24 attacks, and senior outside hitter Courtney Thomas, who had 10 kills on 19 attacks.Senior outside hitter/defensive specialist Deme Morales, a native of Amherst, Ohio, tallied eight digs for the Badgers.With the loss, the Buckeyes are now 19-11 overall and 10-8 in the Big Ten, and while that may not be the best record in the conference, OSU has a shot of still making the NCAA Tournament.OSU is one of six Big Ten teams to be ranked in the American Volleyball Coaches Association top-25 poll.Sophomore libero Valeria León said that the team needs to go out Wednesday and get a win for the seniors, especially with hopes of making the NCAA Tournament.“Right now we just need to play for them,” León said. “I feel like it’s gonna be a really exciting night for us and especially for them.”For the Badgers, they won their 17th-consecutive conference match, which is a school-record.The Buckeyes’ match on Wednesday is its last home contest of the regular season, as they’re set to take on the Golden Gophers (18-11, 8-10). The Buckeyes lost to the then-No. 17 Golden Gophers earlier this season in five sets. Wednesday’s contest is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. read more

Iniesta to make final decision next week

first_imgAndres Iniesta has confirmed reports that he has received offers from both China and Japan with the departing Barcelona star announcing that he will be making his final decision next weekThe veteran playmaker recently announced that he will be leaving his beloved boyhood club for the first time in his career, but has refrained from sharing any more details in regards to his uncertain future.China, Japan and Australia, have emerged as potential destinations for Iniesta, although the latter seems to be no longer a possibility.The 34-year-old has now confirmed that he is close to making his final decision.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.“I must make a decision that is one of the most important that I will have taken,” Iniesta told Onda Cero, via Goal.“There are two scenarios – China and Japan – each with its own things. We have to put everything in the balance and decide what is best.“Next week I hope to give an answer and focus on the World Cup.”The outgoing Barcelona player was denied a dream ending after Levante ended the club’s 43-game unbeaten run on Sunday to end their hopes of becoming La Liga’s first ever Invincibles by going the entire league campaign without a single defeat.last_img read more

Hazard reveals the truth about his move to Real Madrid

first_imgBelgian forward Eden Hazard finally came clean about his high profile possible transfer to Real Madrid, he still hasn’t given up his dream to play in Spain.Just like any other top footballer in England would, Eden Hazard still hasn’t given up on his dream of someday going to Spain and play for Real Madrid. The Belgian forward is currently having the best start of a season from his whole career, he has scored an impressive 6 goals in 7 Premier League matches and he has the confidence from his manager to become the best player in the world while playing for Chelsea.Right now Hazard has virtually everything with the Blues, there could be no reason for him to leave the club in the future but the player is obsessed with something that he wants to fulfill someday soon before he finished his career. Eden Hazard was one of the hottest topics of the summer in regards to transfer rumors, there were even confirmations of the player agreeing to a new contract with Real Madrid since he was playing the World Cup in Russia with Belgium but he decided to stay in the end.All these rumors cleared up this Saturday as Eden Hazard spoke frankly about the whole situation, turns out he did want to leave but the Blues offered him to stay for a while longer and he gladly accepted the suggestion. However, this doesn’t mean that Hazard will finish his career at Chelsea.Chelsea Transfer News: Eden Hazard Restates Spain Dream, ‘I Can Leave in a… #Chelsea https://t.co/kuVDUXIxap pic.twitter.com/z0MKYbGxBN— ChelseaFC Report (@ChelseaFC_Fanly) September 29, 2018There has been a lot of new contract talk about Eden Hazard, the press has been constantly trying to ask him if he would like to end his career with the Blues and Hazard finally opened up about the whole situation but his words maybe weren’t welcomed by Chelsea fans who do want him to retire at the club.“I am happy here, the new manager came in and we enjoy playing with him. To stay was the right decision. I have two years left on my contract – I can sign a new deal, maybe not, I don’t know. I’ll tell you the truth, after the World Cup I wanted to leave. It’s my dream to play in Spain. Then I spoke to the board and the manager and I said ‘I can stay no problem’,” said the Belgian player.When asked if he would like to retire at Chelsea, Hazard told BT Sport that: “Yes, of course I would like to end my career here. The fans love me. I like the club, I like the city, and I think my teammates love me also. But there is also a possibility I will move in a year or two as well. For me it’s easy to stay. If I leave or if I stay, I will be happy. This club is now part of my life,” stated Hazard this weekend and leaving everyone still confused about the player’s future because he clearly still fancies playing in Spain.Eden Hazard appreciates great goals, whoever scores them. pic.twitter.com/sWcA77JqGsDavid Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.— Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) September 29, 2018It all depends on what happens during the next two yearsFor any player like Eden Hazard, at the end of the day, their future in any club solely depends on the squad’s capabilities to win all the titles. The Belgian forward’s dream to someday give Spanish football a shot, has more to do with the fact that the Spanish clubs dominate European football and they don’t seem to have any plans to stop that any time soon.If Chelsea does manage to get back to the top of European football before Hazard ends his contract with Chelsea, the club and the fans don’t need to worry about not having their best player during the final stages of his career because he will stay if they can remain competitive in every single tournament they play. Maurizio Sarri’s arrival in Chelsea has been a key move from owner Roman Abramovic, because Hazard can finally say that he feels very comfortable playing this style of football and he is proving that he can produce incredible football.We can expect the very best from Hazard at Chelsea this season, his stats suggest this will be the big breakthrough in which he will get to score a number of goals we had never seen from him before and that should be enough to excite all the Blues fans for what’s coming. Let’s leave Hazard’s dream of playing in Spain alone for a while, it’s better if we enjoy him now.Eden Hazard’s record:vs Liverpool: ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️vs Man United: ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️vs Arsenal: ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️vs Tottenham: ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️vs Man City: ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️Big game player. pic.twitter.com/whpdmRTJ2C— Jomen Joseph Aondoaver (@Joseph99371304) September 29, 2018Do you think Chelsea will be able to convince Hazard to remain at the club until he hangs up his boots? Please leave your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more