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Glennon-Peterman battle highlights six observations on Day 6 of Raiders’ camp

first_imgNAPA — Mike Glennon was on target Friday, so the social media contingent of Raider Nation can let loose a sigh of relief.Glennon is competing with Nathan Peterman for the right to back up Derek Carr. Given the skeptical nature of both social media and much of mainstream media when it comes to quarterback, neither is an appealing option.Peterman’s shortcomings in four disastrous starts in Buffalo are more fresh in the minds of people, so when Jon Gruden said the other day that Peterman was …last_img read more

Java’s Not Dying, It’s Mutating

first_imgRedMonk’s Stephen O’Grady challenges the conventional wisdom that Java is dying – a position typified by recent comments from Forrester analysts. O’Grady acknowledges that although Java has peaked in terms of popularity, it is hardly the dead end that Forrester claims it is.O’Grady bases his claims on various data collected by RedMonk. RedMonk’s research is focused on developers, instead of enterprise “decision makers.” “We advantage this audience simply because we believe that bottom up adoption is more predictive of technology direction than top down procurement, but reasonable minds may obviously disagree,” O’Grady writes.This diagram illustrates the thinking behind RedMonk’s focus on developers: Tags:#enterprise#Trends Related Posts 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo…center_img Yakov Fain, author of several books on Java, agrees. “Unfortunately, people who state that Java’s dead are not the people who use the latest Java technologies day in and day out,” Fain writes.O’Grady believes that Java use is declingng not because it is dying, but because there are so many specific use tools available now. O’Grady has written about this explosion of growth of specialized tools before. Although NoSQL databases provide an alternative to relational databases, it doesn’t mean that relational databases will go away. Likewise, Node.js provides a specialized alternative to Apache, but won’t kill Apache. So it goes with Java. From Clojure to Ruby to Node.js, there are many alternatives to Java. But Interest in Java is still high. O’Grady presents various data to make the case, including this analsysis of the comments on Hacker News: O’Grady also notes how important Java is to platforms like Hadoop, HBase and Cassandra. “Even as the rapid expansion of the Hadoop ecosystem permits the usage of more accessible languages like Python (Dumbo) and Ruby (Wukong), Java is the foundation upon which the entire edifice rests.” One might also mention Scala’s use of the JVM in this context, and the use of Java on Android devices.What we’re witnessing is not the death of Java, but its transformation. It’s moving from being just a general use platform that dominated the enterprise to being the guts of many disparate technologies for various special applications. klint finley IT + Project Management: A Love Affairlast_img read more

Chris Brown caught hugging mystery woman

first_imgSinger Chris Brown was spotted hugging a mystery girl just a few days after his reported break-up with model Karrueche Tran.He was seen embracing another woman in a dark parking lot, reports dailymail.co.uk.Chris Brown and his mystery woman. Picture courtesy: SplashThe 25-year-old was out late at night when he was found hugging the mystery brunette, who appeared to jump into a sports car with him Tuesday.The two shared an intimate hug outside of Brown’s brand new Lamborghini, before zipping away.last_img read more