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Forensic audit of M&CC welcoming

first_imgDear Editor,It was with considerable relief and anticipation that I learnt of the intention of the Auditor General to launch a forensic audit of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council, regarding the millions of dollars in funds provided by Central Government since 2015, most of which cannot be accounted for.I sincerely hope that he proceeds with a forensic audit, even in the absence of the requested financial documents, which of course would never be given voluntarily to him; and I hope he uses his powers under the forensic audit regulations, if necessary, to submit his findings to the Police and subsequently to the Director of Public Prosecutions for criminal investigations.This is not the first time that the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament has been trying unsuccessfully to scrutinize expenditure allocated by Parliament for the Ministry of Communities, which was then doled out to the Georgetown Municipality.One year ago, during another Public Accounts Committee meeting, members were told by officials of the Council that there was an eight-year gap (2006-2013) in the financial records of Council due to the records being damaged as a consequence of flooding at City Hall. How convenient.I think it would be irresponsible for the Central Government to give City Hall another cent, being fully aware of its inability to account for the money; and worse, to allow Council officials to squander it on themselves.But even if the Auditor General were to be provided with all of the requisite documents and verifications of the expenditures, the problems of lack of accountability, mismanagement and vice at the Georgetown Municipality run way deeper than that. It also needs to be investigated what is done with the equipment, supplies, services and other resources that were purportedly procured using the financial resources provided by Central Government.A simple check would reveal that the double cab pick-up that was purchased for the City Police using $6.2 million is being misused, and rather than being used to arrest the out-of-control crime situation in Georgetown, it can instead be seen transporting children to and from school on a daily basis, and countless times outside the precincts of Georgetown.The $52.1 million provided for debushing the Le Repentir Cemetery was handed out largely to a relative of a senior municipal official, rather than being publicly tendered — clearly in violation of tender procedures. The $60 million given could easily have renovated the Kitty Market, but we all know of that debacle which has caused vendors to be dislocated for more than two years and the Government having to come up with an additional $25 million.Then the $23.9 million given to refurbish the City Constabulary Training School, what a joke. Just look at the Training School, one would be hard pressed to see $9 million spent on it, let alone $23.9 million. The claim is preposterous, and the list goes on and on.I have every confidence in the Audit Office of Guyana, and thus am awaiting the results with bated breath.Sincerely,Jermain Johnsonlast_img read more