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Chemistry – Adjunct

first_imgIf no, please explain (required):(Open Ended Question)* Are you both familiar with and not in conflict with thefundamental doctrines and practices of the California SouthernBaptist Convention as stated in the Baptist Faith and Message datedJune 14, 2000? (Please see above link for more information)Yes (I am familiar and not in conflict)No (I am in conflict or not familiar) Position TitleChemistry – Adjunct Supplemental QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). Nondiscrimination Statement * Are you a Christian?YesNo * Do you attend church regularly?YesNo Qualified applicants will possess at least a master’s degree in arelated field. Candidates must embrace the mission of CaliforniaBaptist University, and demonstrate a clear understanding of, andcommitment to, excellence in teaching through the integration ofChristian faith and learning. Teaching assignments will be lower level undergraduatecourses. Teaching Responsibilitiescenter_img State and Federal law permit California Baptist University todiscriminate on the basis of religion in order to fulfill itspurpose. The University does not discriminate contrary to eitherState or Federal law. Qualifications Position Summary The Department of Chemical Sciences at California BaptistUniversity invites applications for part-time, adjunct instructorpositions in chemistry. Review of applications is conducted in anongoing manner according to need. Quick Link to Postinghttps://jobs.calbaptist.edu/postings/6064 Posting Details Applicant DocumentsRequired DocumentsChristian Experience EssayCurriculum VitaeOptional DocumentsResumeCover LetterLetter of Reference 1Letter of Reference 2Unofficial Transcriptlast_img read more

Press release: UK calls for action to address ‘global injustice’ of discrimination against disabled people

first_img a new global partnership – ‘AT Scale’, to transform access to and affordability of life-changing devices and basic technology, such as wheelchairs, prosthetics, hearing aids and glasses; this would be aimed at reaching 500 million people globally by 2030 by bringing organisations together to share data and consider how best to tackle issues of innovation, affordability and availability – work that would benefit disabled people in the UK and overseas; The path a person takes in life should not be dictated by their disability and yet people are forced, every day, to deal with prejudice and even violence. That is why the UK’s first ever Global Disability Summit is dedicated to bringing together our international partners and transforming the lives of the world’s most vulnerable and why we are committed to ending discrimination and stigma against disabled people. International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt, said: The Global Disability Summit provides nations, together with civil society, a rare and welcome opportunity to act in tandem on this important issue of disability – an area which has been neglected for too long. We need to delve into the causes of the existing and emerging gaps in the sector and provide realistic trackable actions that will immensely improve the situation for people with disabilities from the countries represented in this unique summit. Notes to EditorsAn estimated one billion people – 15% of the world’s population – have some form of disability and an estimated 80% of these people live in developing countries – World Disability Report, jointly published by the WHO and World Bank 2011Disabled people are often the poorest and most excluded in their communities, and face significant barriers that can prevent them from realising their rights, living with dignity, and fully participating in social, economic and political life.Around the world, disabled people continue to face appalling levels of stigma, discrimination and abuse, and all too often miss out on the opportunities that are the right of every person.Images and videos of the stories of people with disabilities around the world available here. Please credit DFID. If you have an urgent media query, please email the DFID Media Team on [email protected] in the first instance and we will respond as soon as possible. a new innovative UK Aid Connect programme, led by charities Sightsavers and Leonard Cheshire, which will work with organisations within small communities to support disabled people into jobs in the developing world; Ms. Mordaunt, who referenced the importance of this Summit when she became the first Minister to use sign language at the despatch box of the House of Commons earlier this month, has committed the UK Government to a number of initiatives to demonstrate our commitment and leadership.These include: routes to economic empowerment The Department already pledged in April this year to support disabled girls into education as part of the flagship Education Challenge programme.The Global Disability Summit has been designed to mobilise new global and national commitments on disability, and showcase good practice, innovation and evidence from across the world.There will be four central themes for the Summit, around which the participants will build commitments and showcase best practice. These are: IDA is welcoming this historic Global Disability Summit and commends the UK Government for this timely initiative. We, as a representative organisation of persons with disabilities, are committed to the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and we see the Summit as a critical impetus into its implementation in every corner of the world. We believe that we can achieve the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society only through the meaningful and genuine stakeholder partnership between organisations of persons with disabilities, governments, the private and all actors involved. We are committed to supporting Governments and all participants of the Summit in the implementation of their commitments that they are expressing today. inclusive education Discrimination and stigma against disabled people is a global injustice – one that has been ignored for too long – and one we need to fix urgently. Today I am calling for countries around the developing world to stand alongside disabled people in their countries and commit to end stigma and fully value the contribution disabled people can give to the success of those nations. This isn’t just the right thing to do for humanity – it is also the smart thing to do because it’s impossible to end extreme poverty if a significant part of your society is left out of the deal. Today we will learn from each other and will make commitments to enable disabled people to reach their full potential. harnessing technology and innovation Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Labour and Social Protection, Ukur Yatani, said: UK calls for ‘move from rhetoric to action’ to address ‘global injustice’ of discrimination against disabled people· The Department for International Development will today host the UK Government’s first ever Global Disability Summit at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London· The Summit will shine a light on the discrimination and stigma faced by up to 1 billion people globally who have a disability· The UK will pledge to ambitious commitments to tackle the scale of the problemThe UK will today host its first ever Global Disability Summit and call on international partners to tackle the prejudice faced by disabled people.The International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt, will lead a global call to ‘move from rhetoric to action’ on improving the lives of disabled people, including some of the poorest and most vulnerable in the world.As part of the UK’s commitment, Ms. Mordaunt will announce a new innovative UK Aid Connect programme which will work with different organisations within small communities to support disabled people into jobs in the developing world.The landmark summit will be co-hosted alongside the Government of Kenya and the International Disability Alliance (IDA) and will see the UK challenging established practices to ensure that equal rights of disabled people are upheld.Participants will be expected to commit to real, transformative action, and the International Development Secretary will call on delegates to hold each other to account on delivering pledges made at the event.The UK-led event will bring together government ministers, business leaders, and disabled people from all over the world to tackle what is a burning global issue. Governments and other organisations will commit to work in partnership with each other to put disabled people and their representative organisations at the front and centre of their work.The Summit will feature a keynote speech from President Moreno of Ecuador; a world leader who has a disability himself. Participants will also have access to a marketplace of organisations showcasing new policy and technology for disabled people.Over the two days there will be range of spotlight sessions exploring issues affecting disabled people and a screening of the Oscar winning short film Silent Child, alongside a Q&A.In advance of today’s Summit, the Prime Minister has called for real and substantive change.The Prime Minister, Theresa May, said: General media queries (24 hours) Telephone 020 7023 0600 increasing DFID’s work with businesses around the globe, supporting disabled people as employers, employees and consumers. Email [email protected] tackling stigma and discrimination a new six-year programme to design ways to help 100,000 disabled people to access health services, 10,000 disabled children to access education, and up to 45,000 disabled people to increase their incomes. This programme will also help to improve policy making in the UK; The Chair of the International Disability Alliance, Ana Lucia Arellano, said:last_img read more

Create an Online Fundraising Plan: Improve Your Emails

first_imgThe email portion of your online fundraising plan should contain two main points:Getting organizedRemembering that content is (still/again) kingWork these initiatives into the part of your online fundraising plan dedicated to email marketing:Planning Tips:Plan, plan, plan… Develop an email messaging program for communicating regularly with donors and prospects. Think about e-newsletters, action alerts and/or event alerts. Make your newsletters worth reading!Build your list. Don’t buy a list–learn how to build one yourself. Aside from newsletter sign-ups, give prospects reasons to join your list–give them useful information (think value!), consider offering an incentive like a raffle for a gift certificate, and be sure to snag sign-ups at your events.Strategize and set goals. Determine what you hope to gain and what you’re shooting for with your email communications. Do you want to increase the size of your supporter pool? Do you want to increase your subscribers by a certain amount? Do you have a current email plan that you’d like to improve? Set some metrics for yourself (clickthough rate, etc.).Ask for direction. How often should you email your list? What types of messages do your donors want to hear? Ask them! Conduct a survey. Call a few top donors. Make communications a topic during your next volunteer meeting.Content and Campaign Tips:Get creative. Think about targeted messages for people who have expressed interests in certain subjects. Consider the roles of your various supporters (donors, volunteers, prospects) and what you want to communicate to/with them.Avoid gloom and doom. People like to feel hopeful, not helpless. Allow your messaging to cater to this tendency: Include attainable goals (“Every $30 donation gives a dog its shots!” “We’re already 80 percent of the way to our goal!”). People are not ATMs, and they’re involved with your organization for a number of personal reasons–sadness and hopelessness not among them.Mix it up. When considering your email strategy for the months ahead, think outside the fundraising-appeal box. And, when you are using email as a fundraising tool, keep your messages varied.…Test, test, test. You’re not a mind-reader. (No, I can’t prove it, but I can assume not.) With that in mind, test your email communications. Send one version of your newsletter to half of your subscribers and a different format to the other half. Which would have better clickthrough results? If you plop down a pair of fresh eyes in front of the versions, which one does your friend think is more readable?last_img read more

By UPF Spain Miguel Angel Lopez Valentin June 5

first_imgBy UPF Spain, Miguel Angel Lopez Valentin, June 5, 2015:I received one month ago an e-mail from our Ambassador of Peace, Dr. Alfonso Ojeda. He had visited the North Korean Ambassador in Madrid and he showed interest in meeting some members of the CEIC (Spanish Centre for Korean Research).Dr. Alfonso Ojeda is the founder and director of the CEIC whose members are mainly Professors at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) and the University of Barcelona (UB).He attended UPF Conferences hold in Korea and the US in several occasions where he could directly listen the speeches given by True Father. Also, when True Parents visited us in Seville during the Football Peace Cup in 2009, Dr. Ojeda gave a testimony about the awesome impression that he had while reading the Autobiography of Sun Myung Moon.At the luncheon with the North Korean Ambassador we were ten people attending, mostly University Professors, some of whom frequently travel to North Korea, the wife of one of them, a Student preparing his doctoral thesis on art history, the Vice Chancellor for International Relations of the Complutense University of Madrid and myself as a member of UPF (Dr. Ojeda had invited Armando Lozano as Director of UPF in Spain, but he was busy that day with other matters).First the Ambassador, Mr. Kim Hyok-Chol, welcomed and spoke to us. He said he admires Spain and the Spaniards, being a very hospitable and open people, lucky of enjoying a very pleasant climate (that day, as you can see in the picture, it was a beautiful day) and perhaps because of all that, Spain is one of the most touristic countries. Besides that, Spain hosts the World Tourism Organization and North Korea is interested in developing its tourist potential. There is also the sports aspect, as there are projects for young North Koreans to come to Catalan football clubs to develop their skills here.The luncheon was not formal, seated at the table, but we enjoyed typical Korean food buffet style, while we chatted with each other. That gave us the opportunity to talk individually with the Ambassador, explaining what each of us does and exchanging views with him. He speaks very well English and has a very pleasant character.When I had the opportunity, I introduced myself as a member of the UPF and the Unification Movement – Tongil Kyo, founded by Dr. Moon Sun Myung, born in North Korea. I showed him the photo I had ready in my smart phone, with True Parents meeting Kim IL Sung. He smiled and even knew True Mother’s name, Han Hak Ja. I also explained him about the car factory Pyong Hwa Motors (Pyong Hwa Cha Dong Cha, in Korean) and about the Pothonggang Hotel in Pyongyang. He kept smiling and according to his comments, he seemed to know about all that better than myself.My feeling was that despite being surrounded by Doctors and University Professors, due to True Parent’s foundation, my position was as high as theirs, being an ambassador of Unificationism.Finally, I would like to comment that the Vice Chancellor for International Relations of the Complutense University of Madrid, expressed his desire to invite North Korean students to study in Madrid.last_img read more