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OCHS to Host Virtual Job Fair

first_imgThe job fair will be livestreamed on April 14. Ocean City High School will be hosting its first Virtual Job Fair next month and is in search of local businesses to participate.The decision to implement this as a virtual opportunity was made to maintain the safety standards set forth by the Cape May County Department of Health, according to a school news release.Event organizers and staff believe this platform is the most effective way to allow students and employers to connect for summer/seasonal employment safely, the release stated.The job fair will be livestreamed on April 14 between 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.The goal for this event is to enable businesses to interact with students, post their applications, links, website information, among other important items.It is also described as an opportunity for students to develop career-readiness skills, develop their resume and gain fiscal responsibility and independence.These skills are directly aligned with the Career Readiness, Life Literacies, and Key Skill standards set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education.Students will begin to prepare for the job fair in the days leading up to the event by determining what employers/positions they are interested in applying to, as well as updating or creating their personal resume.Students will receive a list of businesses about a week prior to the event.The event is free to business participants who sign up in the online forum, Booth Central.Vendor facts, sign up information and other important information can be found on the school website at oceancityschools.org or by clicking here.School updates will be posted via SwiftK-12 messaging, social media, as well as the OCSD website.The current Hybrid Plan, Return to In-School Instruction Plans and additional COVID-Prevention guidelines can be found on the district website, oceancityschools.org.last_img read more

Tower Of Power Shows They’re Still “What Is Hip” In Soulful NPR Tiny Desk Concert [Watch]

first_imgIn the newest installation of NPR‘s Tiny Desk Concert series, brass-driven soul-funk stalwarts Tower of Power cram their ten current members behind the series’ titular desk for a rousing performance. Centered around the band’s famous five-piece horn section, lead vocalist Marcus Scott howls his way the band through a trio of their classic hits from atop an even tinier desk, introducing the instrumentalists as they take their respective turns soloing.The Tower of Power Tiny Desk set begins with “On The Soul Side of Town” and “So Very Hard to Go” and closing with the “eternal question,” “What Is Hip?” While countless trends, styles, and fads have gone from hip to passe over the course of their 50-year run, Tower of Power remains a vital, powerful, wholly hip live band.You can watch Tower of Power’s NPR Tiny Desk concert below via NPR:Tower of Power – NPR Tiny Desk Concert[Video: NPR Music]Tower of Power has an extensive run of late-2018 tour dates ahead of them, culminating with a 4-night, 6-show residency at the Blue Note Honolulu in Honolulu, HI. For a full list of Tower of Power’s upcoming tour dates, head to the band’s website.[via NPR Tiny Desk]last_img read more

Armed Forces of Central America and Mexico Come Together in Nicaragua

first_imgBy Lorena Baires / Diálogo May 11, 2018 Humanitarian Rescue Units of the armed forces of Central America and Mexico came together in early April 2018 to put out a fire in the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve, located in southwestern Nicaragua. Helicopters from El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico conducted more than 400 flights to drop 630,000 liters of water over 5,500 hectares of land. “Efforts to fight this fire from helicopters of our Air Force and our sister countries’ air forces were major. It was an intense effort, first, to extinguish the fire and, second, to eliminate the sources of heat from which smoke emanated,” said Army General Julio César Avilés, commander of the Nicaraguan Army. “We are grateful for the coordinated work between the armies and local residents.” The fire in Indio Maíz lasted almost 10 days. “The Nicaraguan Armed Force was able to stop the advance of flames with a firewall operation [clearing land to prevent the fire from spreading] along 25 kilometers with an average width of 10 meters,” said Army Colonel Rogelio Flores Ortiz, chief of staff of the Nicaraguan Civil Defense. “We also relied on the intervention of 1,500 military troops, 160 volunteer firefighters, and the work of air forces from countries like El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico.” The partner nations answered the Nicaraguan government’s call for help on April 6th since Nicaraguan Army and Air Force helicopters did not have the necessary equipment for aerial water drops. Time was their worst enemy, and air was the only way to get to areas under fire. Immediate response On April 9th, the Mexican Air Force (FAM, in Spanish) was the first to join the efforts to extinguish the fire. The Mexican helicopter stocked up on the Indio River, which borders the reserve in the municipality of San Juan del Norte on the outskirt of Costa Rica. “It is a pleasure to be able to help the Nicaraguan people, an honor to join these efforts. The aircraft has two helicopter buckets, each with a capacity of 2,000 liters,” FAM Captain Francisco Sánchez told Diálogo. “As there was a body of water nearby, we did 14 drops per hour. We were able to ensure that the work was continuous and effective in putting out the flames.” On April 11th, two Bell UH-1 Huey helicopters arrived from the Salvadoran Air Force (FAS, in Spanish) and the Honduran Air Force (FAH in Spanish). Both aircraft were equipped with the Bambi Bucket system, large sacks that can hold between 1,600 and 1,800 liters of water and allow for controlled release over fires. “The [FAS] crew was made up of three pilots who flew for two hours nonstop. They refueled and continued the effort to put out this fire,” Colonel Ángel Sermeño, an officer of the FAS mission in Nicaragua, told Diálogo. “The experience we have in putting out fires with this type of equipment is effective, which is why we are proud and grateful to come and support our military peers from Nicaragua in this mission,” added Lieutenant Colonel Manuel Ricarte, an officer of the FAH mission in Nicaragua. Indio Maíz, lung of the region According to the National Civil Police of Nicaragua, Miguel Ángel Díaz Sevilla, a resident of the Siempre Viva community in the municipality of San Juan del Norte, started the fire. The perpetrator confessed to the act, stating that his family has been burning land for years to raise crops. “My father has done this [burning land], but nothing like this ever happened before. When the brigade came to put out the fire, my family and I volunteered to help,” said Díaz when he was arrested. On April 16th, the Nicaraguan Armed Force and the countries that answered the call for help were able to put out the fire. “We are still keeping a military contingent in the area. We hope that the rains will contribute to our troops’ efforts to completely eliminate these sources of heat that still persist in certain areas where the fire burned,” Col. Flores said to Diálogo. The Indio Maíz Biological Reserve, the largest in Central America, extends across 320,000 hectares. Located on the border with Costa Rica, it forms part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. The Nicaraguan Armed Force estimated that the fire destroyed 5,484 hectares of tropical forest. The fire spread quickly because of the abundance of leafy yolillo palms rich in oil, which promoted the fire propagation and resilience. Indio Maíz and its dense woods are rarely explored, but the reserve boasts hundreds of species of flora and fauna. It is estimated to be home to 1,221 species of birds, 159 of insects, 65 of mammals, 55 of reptiles, 34 of amphibians, and 26 of fish The region also counts 101 endemic endangered species.last_img read more

#DayOne presents: Paul Bradbury – Digital nomads as a positioning opportunity

first_imgAn interesting fact about these 5 pearls that I will present is that none of them depend on the coast, and each of them offers real potential for improving tourism throughout the country and at the same time distributes employment and income more evenly. The best example of how this works in the context of Croatia was shown by two digital nomads I met last year in Jelsa on Hvar. He is Russian, she is Ukrainian, and they both work for an IT company in Munich. The boss told them that it was enough to be in Munich for two months a year and that they were free to work from home or anywhere else, as long as they were available online from 9am to 17pm. Vučedol delighted me, Ilok is magnificent, and your dear Vinkovci are a really interesting discovery. But I also came across the first craft in Slavonia that has been making Slavonian oak barrels since the war, and the knowledge that Ludbreg is the only Croatian city of wonders confirmed by the Vatican opens up some interesting tourist opportunities. Croatia is a country of incredible tourist potential that gives more and more from the coast. You can read more about undiscovered Croatia in my article published at the end of 2019 – “30 amazing discoveries”. The private sector has several great initiatives, and cooperation between the public and private sectors can only be a positive thing. I love the concept of this conference of yours. It is not possible to solve all problems so, for a start, we need to focus on areas where we can work. To conclude, Bradbury points out that he hopes the tourism sector will recognize the importance of the #DayOne conference. “I really hope that Croatian tourism professionals will recognize this as a great opportunity to work together for the greater good in order to progress towards a common goal – better tourism in Croatia. I find it quite encouraging that Minister Cappelli has confirmed his participation, which shows a willingness to engage. If we all look at a common future, and less at certain disagreements in the past, the conference will be more successful and will launch Croatian tourism. ” Bradbury concludes.  NARRATIVE OF THE CONFERENCE #DAYONE They decided on a European tour in which they will visit Croatia, Italy, Spain and Portugal, and they were in Jelsa from April 1 to June 30. Their day begins with swimming and coffee on the waterfront, followed by working on a laptop. They have lunch at a restaurant in Jelsa, and then they are again “in Munich” until 17 pm when they swim in the sea and then relax and have fun in Jelsa. We talk about potential all the time, but we didn’t connect those stories and “beacons” to create a clearly defined tourism product. Is it finally time for synergy and how to turn potentials into quality resources and connect all “lighthouses”? For some people, it is enough to state only the name without further explanation of what they do, and this is exactly what we can say about the great ambassador of Croatian tourism – Paul Bradbury, owner of Total Croatia News and conference partner, but also a lecturer with a very interesting topic. LET’S FORGET THE PAST, LET’S TURN TO THE FUTURE. #DAYONE FIRST CONFERENCE OF THE HRTURIZAM.HR PORTAL You will be able to find out the answer to the question whether digital nomads can be one of the opportunities not only for our tourism, but also for the economy as a whole within the first conference organized by the portal HrTurizam.hr -Day One Or One Day“, Where Paul Bradbury will give a lecture on the topic: TOP 5 tourist pearls that Croatia completely ignores and how to fix them. The topic of your lecture will be about 5 tourist pearls that Croatia completely ignores and how to fix them. What is one of those pearls that we can and should make better use of? After 17 years of living in Croatia, you have a view of Croatia from the outside, as well as from the inside. We have so many “lighthouses” / individuals doing amazing things here, no matter what region we visit. What tourist stories have been most fascinating to you lately? They work in Germany, and live and spend money in Croatia for three months, out of season. With the increase in out-of-office jobs, it is estimated that by 2035, there will be as many as a billion digital nomads in the world. With few destinations in Europe offering better lifestyles than Zagreb and Croatia, imagine that only 3 percent of that number of digital nomads choose Croatia – 30 million people (independent of the peak season) would stay longer, spend more and contribute more than a record number to the community. tourist. And digital nomads come for different reasons and at different times of the year. Take for example Julie from Denver. Although so many people emigrate from Slavonia, she is an American who enjoys Osijek. You can read her story HERE. Continental Croatia, no doubt. I know the coast much better, but I am still surprised by the wonderful things that exist in the interior that few people know about. We present to you the first speaker at the Day One Or Day One conference, which will take place 02.04.2020. at the Forum Congress Center in Zagreb. At the conference besides Bradbury, he will also speak Denis Ivošević from the Tourist Board of Istria on the topic of destination cooperation with global brands, Božo Skoko on the topic of branding Croatia and our tourism, Berislav Sokač from the company Run Croatia on the topic of how to turn Croatia into a racing destination, Ognjen Bagatin from the Bagatin Polyclinic, Michael Fend, LAG manager of the Austrian region Styrian volcanic land on the topic of connecting and developing a tourist destination and many others.  If I had to mention one big opportunity, it would be digital nomads. There is a common misconception here that digital nomads are just bloggers and influencers, which some are, but more often they are IT professionals or from related industries. People who make a living from the internet and can be found anywhere in the world. Day by day we bring new details about the program. Day One or One Day. I choose #DayOne, and you?  Yes, definitely. We need to move away from this culture of numbers, numbers and just numbers, towards a more sustainable strategy that does not depend on the peak of the summer season to the detriment of coastal destruction. Croatia has the best lifestyle offered to digital nomads, as well as security, knowledge of English, accessibility, tourist product, beauty, gourmet offer and much more. It is only necessary to recognize the opportunity and build on it and work on simplifying the bureaucracy. Estonia is a great example – they plan to introduce visas for digital nomads soon.last_img read more

MUI urges govt to limit foreign workers, leave halal certification out of omnibus bill

first_imgThe Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has called on the government to reassess the controversial omnibus bill on job creation, particularly in regard to provisions regulating halal certification and the employment of foreign workers.In a written statement issued last Friday, MUI secretary-general Anwar Abbas said the bill should aim to protect the economic interests of citizens by limiting the inclusion of foreign workers in the national workforce.“[The bill] must protect national economic sovereignty and limit [the number of] foreign workers,” he said. Furthermore, Anwar urged the government to extend the same business flexibility granted to large corporations to the more than 70 million micro enterprises across the country, claiming that smaller businesses often lacked the knowledge and security required to stay afloat.Read also: Guide to omnibus bill on job creation: 1,028 pages in 10 minutesHe also suggested that the state entrust all matters related to halal certification to the MUI, lest the bill would risk violating religious principles.“Halal [certification] should be separated from businesses and instead returned to its essence, namely Islamic principles, which fall under the MUI’s domain,” he stated.He said the bill, which stipulates halal certification to be one of the requirements for a business permit, had therefore granted state authority to infringe on religious jurisdiction.“On that basis, the MUI believes that, in regard to halal certification, the government should position itself as an administrative institution, while the MUI is positioned as an internal body that has the authority to issue the halal fatwa on products,” Anwar said.Topics :last_img read more

‘Nkurasesεm’ – Former Kotoko players slam club for ‘superstitious tactics’ against Aduana

first_img😂😂😂😂😂Africa powers…— Fid3lis (@therealfidelis) February 19, 2020 10 for 10Despite not receiving any red cards, both Aduana and Kotoko decided to start the game at Dormaa with their 11th – and final – players sitting on the touchlines.The game was on a knife-edge even before kick-off as players from the two teams clashed during the traditional pre-match handshakes with Kotoko goalkeeper, Kwame Baah going down, with the Porcupine Warriors’ players claiming that he had been hit in the face by Aduana’s Nobert.Aduana’s Farouk Adams and Kotoko’s Martin Antwi were captured by TV cameras sitting on the touchline as the first half progressed.As such, the teams took each other on in the first half with a player less than they could have on the pitch.The two teams were, however, within FIFA rules which state that a football match may be allowed to go on unless either team has fewer than seven players.The bizarre situation puzzled fans in the stadium who could not understand why their sides had taken such an odd decision.Report I got from Dormaa on why the two teams are playing with 10 men eachAduana’s Farouk Adams is sitting on touchline. Kotoko’s Martin Antwi also sittingBoth looking out for the other to enter the pitch first30 mins & non is ready to enter. Both coaches don’t seem to care— Saddick Adams (@SaddickAdams) February 19, 2020On social media, observers were just as confused about the developments in Dormaa.Despite the fact that two of the league’s top teams were facing off, the match itself took a backseat to conversations about the two players who were unexplainedly not involved in the action.Many speculated that the teams had opted to field 10 players due to potential “spiritual” implications if they fielded 11.One person, Ayishatu Zakaria Ali tweeted that both sides believed that they would lose the crucial encounter should they start the game with 11 players.A number of people also shared this theory which seems to be the most popular right now on social media.While some people criticised the actions of both teams as being primitive, others argued that superstition is a normal part of the local game and the incident should be accepted.Others just saw the funny side of it all. Ei nduro paaa nie 🤣🤣 they will go out of the country and can’t even play well mchewwww— kojopinto👊🏽 (@scalaxpinto) February 19, 2020 I’m really disappointed in both teams— Prince (@Kumipri720) February 19, 2020 😀😀 Ghana 3y3 d3— #YesuDontForgetMe (@brasilvaGH) February 19, 2020 And they want the love back? Smh— 🍀Mindez ✨ (@Kwamegh13) February 19, 2020 Huh gh football….. Juju nkoaaaa— Akonoba Aniboe (@AAniboe) February 19, 2020 Fans of Kumasi Asante Kotoko were not the only ones upset by the club’s decision to start their clash against Aduana Stars last week with ten players.Even their former players have had a go at them.The two teams courted controversy after they each kept a player on the sidelines for the entire duration of the first half.It is believed that the two teams had been told that the side that played with 11 men in the half would lose.Kotoko eventually lost the match to Aduana by a last-minute goal to nil but both sides faced a massive backlash both sides in the days following the match from fans and the media.Fatawu SafiuTwo of Kotoko’s former players had their say as well.Former striker Fatawu Safiu expressed disgust for the club’s action tweeting: “Nkurasesem.. 21st-century football…mtchewww.”Saddick AdamsHe was backed by Saddick Adams, another former forward of the club, who said that it was shameful.“They only think about just the 3 points but not the future of the players or tomorrow smh…we all feel shame.” Aduana and Kotoko let themselves down today. Insanely bizzare, a drawback when this league is winning hearts and minds again.— Michael Oti Adjei (@OtiAdjei) February 19, 2020The two players were eventually brought on for the second half.last_img read more

Cheptegei emulates John Akii-Bua with world best time

first_img10 km (road)26:44Leonard Patrick Komon KEN26 Sep 2010SingelloopUtrecht 100 m9.58Usain Bolt JAM16 Aug 2009World ChampionshipsBerlin 20 km (road)55:21Zersenay Tadese ERI21 Mar 2010Lisbon Half MarathonLisbon Mile3:43.13Hicham El Guerrouj MAR7 Jul 1999Golden GalaRome 58:18Abraham Kiptum KEN28 Oct 2018Valencia Half MarathonValencia 200 m19.19Usain Bolt JAM20 Aug 2009World ChampionshipsBerlin 800 m1:40.91David Rudisha KEN9 Aug 2012Olympic GamesLondon 20,000 m (track)56:25.98Haile Gebrselassie ETH27 Jun 2007Golden Spike OstravaOstrava 400 m43.03Wayde van Niekerk RSA14 Aug 2016Olympic GamesRio de Janeiro Cheptegei set a 15km road run world record. PHOTO @NNRunningTeamCheptegei pockets Ug sh213 million for world recordKampala, Uganda | LOUIS JADWONG | Joshua Cheptegei became only the second Ugandan athlete after legend John Akii-Bua to set a world best time, with his stunning run Sunday at the 15km NN Zevenheuvelenloop (Seven Hills Race) in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.The 22-year-old Ugandan World Championships 10,000m silver medalist continued his rise in long distance athletics by running the world’s fastest 15k in 41.05 minutes, taking 8 seconds off the previous mark set in 2010.It is his fourth win in the event, and this time pocketed a bonus 50,000 Euros (Sh213 million) prize for the record. The Nijmegen race is a favourite for Cheptegei, who as a nineteen, twenty and 21-year-old, won the 32nd, 33rd and 34 editions before in 42.39, 42.12 and 41.13.The Seven Hills Race Zevenheuvelenloop is considered the fastest course in the world, and the best time held before Sunday was by Leonard Komon of Kenya who ran a time of 41:13 in 2010.In the foot-steps of Akii BuaCheptegei’s feat Sunday puts him in the league of world beaters, first achieved by Uganda’s most famous athlete, hurdler John Akii-Bua in 1972. Interestingly, like Akii-Bua, Cheptegei runs for Police.Akii-Bua’s feat will live in memory. Not only did he brake the world record, he also became the first ever to run under 48 seconds in what is considered a highly technical discipline, the 400m hurdles.He clocked 47.82 in that Munich Olympics final in Germany to take a phenomenal 0.3 seconds off the record set by the then greatest hurdler David Hemery four years earlier. More remarkable, was he run that final from the inside lane – considered the least favorite position in the one lap race.After finishing fourth in the 1970 Commonwealth Games and running the fastest time of 1971, he was still not a big favourite for that 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, having limited competitive experience.He missed the 1976 Olympics and a showdown with United States rival Edwin Moses because of the boycott by Uganda and other African nations. Edwin Moses went on to set a new world record in 1976 and to reign until Kevin Young became the first man to run under 47 seconds in 1992. Akii Bua died an unhappy man in 1997, a lesson for many of today’s Ugandan athletes who have now invested heavily in their future, and life after sports.Akii-Bua was one of the geniuses among athletes, according to his British coach Malcom ArnoldHow Cheptegei won the NN Seven Hills Race Cheptegei took the lead in the beginning of the race and he saw his pacers drop off early so he had to run the second part of the race alone. Cheptegei managed to hold his pace and continued to race towards the finish line. After having won:“After 10km I was above the schedule of the world record so I decided to accelerate at 12km. The last kilometer was hard but I really enjoyed. I am very proud of my achievement and want to thank the organization and my team,”Cheptegei said shortly after crossing the finish line.Cheptegei is a member of the NN Running team, that has world marathon record holder Eliud Kipchoge and Uganda’s only other Olympic Gold medalist Stephen Kiprotich, in their ranks.According to an NN statement after the race, they said they started tracking Cheptegei when he became World Junior Champion in Eugene, Oregon in 2014 ( gold in 10,000m, 4th in the 5,000m).In 2015, Joshua won the 10,000m at the African Championships, and was 9th in Beijing World Champs 10,000m. In 2016, Joshua was 6th in the 10,000m and 8th in the 5,000m in Rio Olympics.In 2017, the young Ugandan athlete took silver battling Mo Farah in the London 10,000m, in what many believe was the finest 10,000m race in decades. Joshua started 2018 with brilliant wins over 10,000m and 5,000m at the Commonwealth Games.On the roads this season,  Cheptegai ran 45:15 for 10 miles in Amsterdam Dam to Damloop on 23 September. He followed that up with 27:16 on October 23 at the Durban 10k in South Africa. His WR today is a fitting end to his 2018 season.On the women’s side in the Netherlands success, it was double success for Uganda as Stella Chesang, the Commonwealth Champion on the 10,000m won the race in a fast time of 47:19.Selected word records 1500 m3:26.00Hicham El Guerrouj MAR14 Jul 1998Golden GalaRome 10,000 m (track)26:17.53Kenenisa Bekele ETH26 Aug 2005Memorial Van DammeBrussels 1000 m2:11.96Noah Ngeny KEN5 Sep 1999Rieti MeetingRieti 2000 m4:44.79Hicham El Guerrouj MAR7 Sep 1999ISTAFBerlin 15 km (road)41:05Joshua Cheptegei UGA18 Nov 2018ZevenheuvelenloopNijmegen 3000 m7:20.67Daniel Komen KEN1 Sep 1996Rieti MeetingRieti Half marathon58:23Zersenay Tadese ERI21 Mar 2010Lisbon Half MarathonLisbon EventPerf.Athlete(s)Nat.DateMeetingLocation 5000 m12:37.35Kenenisa Bekele ETH31 May 2004Fanny Blankers-Koen GamesHengelo Share on: WhatsApplast_img read more

FIFA Qatar 2022 plan would ‘exacerbate’ Gulf tensions

first_imgHe said FIFA proposals to share the Qatar World Cup with Kuwait and Oman would reinforce the feeling that the Gulf has split into two competing blocs of three countries, with Saudi, UAE and Bahrain on the other side.“From a political point of view, it [expansion] doesn’t make sense.”Even if Qatar is forced to share its World Cup, the first in the Middle East, it is unlikely to please Riyadh or Abu Dhabi, adds Krieg.“I don’t see how Saudi and the UAE get anything out of that,” he says.– Football won’t solve crisis –Yet FIFA’s plans to expand the 2022 World Cup appear to be gaining support among some football administrators.The results of a much-vaunted FIFA “feasibility study”, announced at a meeting of football’s governing body last week in Miami, backed expansion in Qatar.“We came to the conclusion, yes it’s feasible to move from 32 to 48 teams at the World Cup provided certain conditions are met,” Infantino said, declaring himself “happy” with the finding.A final decision will be announced in Paris in June, and while the expansion plan has been gaining a seemingly irresistible momentum, some remain unconvinced.Europe’s governing body, UEFA, said expansion would create “many problems” and was “not realistic”.Campaigners warned FIFA not to neglect its own newly imposed standards on human rights when awarding World Cup host status.Any expansion would see an extra 16 matches played over the duration of the 28-day tournament and there are concerns over whether stadiums and infrastructure in Kuwait and Oman would meet exacting FIFA tournament standards.With so many issues, it is difficult to see any diplomatic dividend from the World Cup, said James Dorsey, a researcher at Singapore’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies and author of “The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer”.“I think there’s zero chance,” he said.“The Gulf crisis is not going to be solved by playing football.”Share on: WhatsApp FILE PHOTO; FIFA President Gianni InfantinoDoha, Qatar | AFP | FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s plan to expand the Qatar World Cup to 48 teams and increase the number of host countries risks worsening existing Gulf diplomatic tensions, claim analysts.The ambitious expansion proposal — which Infantino has optimistically stated might help Middle East peace — could see the extra matches hosted in Kuwait and Oman in 2022.But far from making a politically turbulent region more harmonious, analysts say FIFA’s proposal could deepen regional fissures and leave Kuwait and Oman, as well as Qatar, open to further political arm-twisting from the regional power bloc of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.“There is a very real risk that expanding the World Cup to include Kuwait and Oman would make these two countries vulnerable to the same sort of regional pressure Qatar has faced since 2017,” said Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, a research fellow at Rice University.“Particularly since Kuwait and Oman also have followed their own approaches to regional affairs.”It could also foster resentment in those countries missing out on games, notably Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Ulrichsen added.“The idea of a regional World Cup that includes Kuwait and Oman but not Saudi Arabia or the UAE would likely be a cause of considerable bitterness in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.”– ‘Makes no sense’ –Since June 2017, World Cup host Qatar has been blockaded by the Saudi-led countries in a bitter political spat, one of the worst Gulf diplomatic conflicts for years.Saudi Arabia and its allies, which also include Egypt, accuse Qatar of promoting terrorism and being too close to Riyadh’s great political and religious rival, Tehran.Qatar denies its rivals’ allegations and accuses them of seeking regime change in Doha.For 21 months — and counting — Saudi Arabia and it allies have imposed a political, economic and travel boycott around Qatar which shows few signs of easing.Notably though, the blockading countries do not include the traditionally neutral Gulf states of Kuwait and Oman, which have been left to tread a politically precarious line.Andreas Krieg of King’s College London, who has worked as an adviser to the Qatari government, said Kuwait and Oman “both have issues with Saudi and the UAE”.Tensions have flared between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia over the management of jointly owned oil fields, while Oman has faced allegations that it has allowed Iranian arms shipments through its territory to Huthi rebels fighting a Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.At the same time, Kuwait has been the regional negotiator in the crisis, while Oman is an economic winner from the conflict, its trade with Qatar jumping 240 per cent since 2016, according to Doha.“The Gulf dispute as it exists would be further exacerbated by having a World Cup over three countries,” added Krieg.last_img read more

Kootenay Chill on fire at Pro-Hops Spring Basketball Tournament

first_imgIn the final game Saturday, Van Kozak provided steady play for the Chill to lead the Kootenay squad to a narrow 40-36 win over DiPP Basketball academy from Kelowna.Once again, the Chill got off to a quick start going up 16 points in the first half before the DiPP squad made a comeback late in the second half.Pulling within two points, DiPP put fullcourt pressure on the Chill who easily broke the man-to-man coverage and converted on easy transition.The win allowed Kootenay to capture the Co-Tournament Championship.Kootenay is back on the road this weekend, travelling to Kelowna to compete in the Kelowna Minor Basketball Association tournament.Chill U13 squad finish with 1-2 markKootenay Chill U13 Club team coached by Mike Nagle finished the Pro-Hops tournament with a 1-2 record.This was the first sanctioned tournament for many of the players.“The coaching staff and parents were very proud of the squad and the experience gained,” Phelan said.First game the Chill played the U12 DiPP Academy of Kelowna. After going up by 10 points in the first half, the Chill’s shooting cooled off and ended up dropping a hard-fought game 36-30. Second game the Chill played Pro-Hop U12/U13 of Kamloops and came away with the win, 46-20, with even contributions from the whole team. Third and final game, the Chill were up against a young but talented Kamloops Hoops team. The game was back and forth for much of the first half with each team taking leads, until the Kamloops Hoops squad implemented full court pressure.The inexperienced Chill had trouble getting the ball up the court with turnovers leading to layups in transition. In the end the Chill dropped the game 58-39. The Kootenay Chill Club Basketball Team continues its impressive run on the hardwood after finishing 3-0 at the Pro-Hops Spring Tournament this past weekend in Kamloops.The Chill, consisting of players from the Trafalgar Thunder High School program, posted wins against opposition from host Kamloops, Gibsons from the Sunshine Coast and Kelowna.Club basketball is played outside the high school season, allowing players and coaches to gain more experience in preparation for the next season beginning in the fall.Travelling with only eight players, the Chill gained some revenge on a Pro-Hops team from Kamloops that posted a 19-point earlier in the season by winning 56-26.“After preparing all week to play what we thought was going to be the same team Friday night at the Tournament Capital Centre (TCC), we played their U14 team and dominated start to finish,” said Chill coach Jeremy Phelan.Kelton Forte paced the Chill attack and was named Kootenay player-of-the-game.Second game Saturday morning, Kootenay overcame a strong pressure defence to defeat Gibsons 48-39.“After going up 16 points in the first half, SCBC made a comeback to tie the game at 32-32 late in the second half,” Phelan explained.“However, we ended up breaking their press and scoring easy baskets en route to the win.”Phelan said Mateo Katoaka and Nathaniel Pan earned player-of-the-game honours for Kootenay.last_img read more

‘We Put Ourselves In Their Shoes’

first_imgVice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has encouraged the French people to take heart following the terrorist attack in Nice last Thursday. On Thursday, July 14, 2016, as the citizens and people of France enjoyed fireworks and other celebrations on Bastille Day, the country’s national day, a French-Tunisian man, identified by authorities as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, accelerated a lorry into an unsuspecting crowd in the French coastal city of in Nice. At least 84 persons, including 10 children, died in the carnage, with nearly 300 wounded, some very seriously and in critical condition.Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer after signing the Book of Condolence opened by the French Embassy near Monrovia in memory of those who died, the VP stated he just couldn’t comprehend “the madness that enters people to destroy lives without any justification.” The Liberian VP, who watched the event unfolded on television, and knowing the French people being who they are, “open and sociable,” said he couldn’t understand that such a horrible event was happening to them.He stated that he had brought a message of consolation to the French people through their embassy adding that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf had earlier spoken and condemned the act against peaceful people.“We want to console them. We and the French people have a very close relationship; when such a thing happens, we put ourselves in their shoes like it’s happening to us,” he said. “We know that the French people will not give in to limiting their freedom to move around. The French people are courageous.”While expressing his condolences to the bereaved families, the VP stated that he was happy it didn’t happen during the Euro 2016 tournament when football teams from European nations were in various parts of France taking part in the tournament. The Vice President led an array of government officials, including Acting Foreign Minister B. Elias Shoniyin; Justice Minister Frederick Cherue; Youth and Sports Minister Saah N’Tow; and others to sign the Book of Condolence. Notable among all the men who signed the Book was NationalInvestment Commission Chairperson, Madam Etmonia David. For his part, the French Ambassador to Liberia, Mr. Joël Godeau, praised the Liberian Government for the solidarity shown his country since the terrorist attack. He said President Sirleaf was among the first people to send their messages of consolation and condolence to his President, Mr. François Hollande.“Madam President sent a very warm message to the President of France expressing her sympathy and compassion and denouncing this terrible and awful attack against innocent people,” Ambassador Godeau stated. He disclosed that at least 84 persons, including 10 children, died and nearly 300 were injured; adding: “A few hundred more are psychologically shocked by what they saw.”The French Ambassador stressed that no one, including the man who carried out the attack, can make France “give in,” and that the French people will resist every hate, which according to him is the measure for preventing such terrorist attacks.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more