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In Switzerland, Scientists Suggested a Way to Diagnose Early Signs of Dangerous Diseases

first_imgSo many lives would have been saved if serious diseases had been found out about earlier. But soon, these kinds of discoveries will be possible! Scientists from Switzerland have discovered an easy and safe method to diagnose dangerous diseases so they can be treated before it’s too late.We hope this discovery will make people’s lives better and easier, which is why we’re sharing this important information with you.One of the alarming signs of a disease like cancer is hypercalcemia, a condition in which the calcium level in your blood is too high. Swiss scientists have developed cells that can become dark if a patient has hypercalcemia, revealing the presence of the disease.During an experiment, scientists transplanted these cells to both sick and healthy mice. The cells darkened if the animals had cancer and nothing happened to the healthy mice’s skin.Based on his own studies, professor Martin Fussenegger from the University of Basel (Switzerland) and his team created a biomedical tattoo, a special invisible implant inserted under the skin that doesn’t bother a person. If the calcium level in their blood increases, the tattoo starts producing a pigment and a dark spot appears on the skin.This tattoo helps us find out about four types of cancer including:breast cancerlung cancerprostate cancercolon cancerScientists also pointed out that hypercalcemia is a common symptom of some other serious diseases that can be asymptomatic.If breast cancer is diagnosed early, the chance of recovery is 98%. But if the tumor is diagnosed too late, only 1 in 4 women have a good chance of recovering.Unfortunately, people usually turn to doctors only in the late stages of the disease when it’s rather difficult to treat. That’s why an early diagnosis is so important.To let people use it, lots of additional expensive clinical trials should be conducted and the overall research process can take over a decade to be completed. But the wait is worth it because such a method can be adapted so that it can help to diagnose other dangerous diseases and defeat them.Sourcelast_img read more