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The qualities Brits find most annoying in a partner, new survey reveals

first_imgThey say love is blind, but according to a new survey that’s rarely the case.In an effort to uncover the biggest relationship deal breakers, YouGov surveyed British men and women about relationship compatibility – and it turns out there are quite a few things that would make Brits uncomfortable in their relationship.Surprisingly, from a list of 30 different attributes a partner could have, the one that irks Brits the most is cleanliness – or a lack thereof.According to the survey, seven in ten said they would feel uncomfortable with a partner who cared a lot less about being “clean and tidy.”If you are guilty of leaving your dirty socks lying around, maybe this news will encourage you to tidy up.However, only 21 per cent would consider it a deal breaker if their partner was overly clean and tidy – so clean freaks shouldn’t worry too much.But if cleanliness isn’t a big deal for you – a lack of intelligent conversation may be.As relationships require a decent amount of communication, discrepancies in intelligence proved to be a pretty big turn off – with 53 per cent of Brits revealing they would be uncomfortable being with someone much less intelligent than them.And yet only 20 per cent would be bothered by a partner who is smarter than them.Disparities in attitude can also be a pretty big deal breaker. If you’re more type A, it can be difficult to relate to someone with a more laid-back attitude.According to the survey, 53 per cent of Brits would feel uncomfortable with a partner who was less easygoing – as sometimes you need to let loose in a relationship.Interestingly, comparable cleanliness, intelligence, and attitude were all found to be significantly more important in a relationship than attributes such as sex drive, humour, money, and ambition.However, the survey did reveal 46 per cent of women would be bothered by a partner with a much higher sex drive – compared to just 20 per cent of men who would view that as a problem.Sourcelast_img read more

6 Little Signs The Two Of You Are Destined To Be Together Forever

first_imgThe Princess Diaries movies left me completely blind as to what falling in love is actually like. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great movies… but in reality, falling in love with your “forever someone” is more than perfectly timed kisses and foot pops. Although if your foot does pop, it’s probably a good sign.In reality, falling in love can be a bunch of different experiences. Some people have whirlwind romances, others a slow burn. Regardless, the things that make someone your forever tend to look pretty similar.Here are six little signs the two of you are meant to be together:1. They show upThis might seem like a given, but you’d be amazed how many people stay in relationships where the other person doesn’t show up for them. Being in a relationship is more than just cute Instagram photos and gifts on your anniversary. It’s about effort… and commitment. Your forever person won’t forget about you, leave you waiting by the phone for hours, or have you questioning if they care. They leave you feeling full, appreciated, and loved. They show up for you, when you need it, and when you don’t. They’re just somehow always there for you.2. You can communicate non-verballySometimes all it takes is a look and you know exactly what your partner is trying to say. Whether it’s a look, a touch, a gesture – the two of you are able to communicate without saying a word. It’s almost like a superpower…the two of you are telepathic. And it doesn’t just happen in public! The two of you could be watching TV and with a single look, he knows you want popcorn. It’s like some kind of magic.3. You’re always yourselfTrue love is being your 100% true self with your significant other and vice versa. Nothing is off limits, you’re never candid, and you’re not pretending to be someone else. You’re completely yourself and totally comfortable being so. You’ve never felt like you needed to change, and on the other hand, you’ve never expected your significant other to change either. You’re both yourself and you love each other the way you perfectly are.4. You’re always laughingForever couples know how to laugh, even when things aren’t going as planned. Knowing how to laugh at each other, at yourself, and together will keep your relationship light-hearted, even when things get tough. Years down the road, laughter is the one thing that can make almost any situation better, so make sure the person you’re with makes you laugh.5. You’re a perfect teamTeamwork makes the dream work! But in all seriousness, you’re meant to be together forever if you make the perfect team. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, the two of you always have each other’s back. Neither of you ever feel like you’re facing the world alone, and you put extra effort into making sure your partner has the support when they need it. Day in and day out, you two are always looking out for each other and working together to make things work.6. They make you a better personYou might not notice it at first, but your forever person will make you a better person. They’ll push you to go for your dreams, share bucket-list experiences with you, and will always make you feel special. They won’t let you settle, will help you when you’re discouraged, and push you to achieve more than you could ever imagine. They make your life brighter and you’re never afraid to admit it.Every relationship will have its ups and downs. No one’s perfect. But when you’re with your forever person, things will feel like they’re falling into place. Through the good and the bad, you’re always there for each other, ready to tackle the world together. Sourcelast_img read more