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The FARC strengthens its ties with drug kingpin Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman

first_img A transnational threat The Sinaloa Cartel already has extensive drug smuggling and money-laundering connections with organized crime groups in Australia, Europe, Africa, South America and the United States. For example, in February 2013, the Crime Commission in Chicago named El Chapo “Public Enemy Number One.” The Sinaloa Cartel has deep connections to that city’s drug trade. The title of “Public Enemy Number One” was first bestowed on U.S. mafia kingpin Al “Scarface” Capone, who operated in Chicago in the 1920s and 30s. El Chapo is believed to be 58. He has been described by Forbes magazine as one of the world’s “most powerful people,” and is believed to be the 10th richest man in Mexico, with a net worth of $1 billion. The fact that El Chapo is expanding his operations in Colombia is not surprising, said Eruviel Tirado Cervantes , a security analyst at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA ) in Mexico City. “The alliance between the Sinaloa Cartel and the FARC is strictly economic,” Tirado Cervantes said. “As long as these groups operate from the perspective of maximizing their profits and reducing their risks, strategic alliances between the Sinaloa Cartel and the FARC will be viable.” While El Chapo and the FARC are collaborating to engage in drug trafficking, the governments of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and other countries in the region are strengthening cooperation to battle organized crime, the security analyst said. “Latin American nations are prepared to live up to this challenged and contain organized crime groups and drug trafficking,” Tirado Cervantes said. El Chapo expands operations in Colombia Improved cooperation In March 2013, the Colombian daily El Tiempo reported that Sinaloa Cartel operatives were buying drug trafficking “franchises” from mid-level FARC commanders. The ongoing peace talks between the FARC and the Colombian government, and diminishing power of the rebel group after five decades of fighting have prompted some FARC commanders to begin distancing themselves from the illegal drug trade by transferring operations to Sinaloa Cartel operativces. FARC, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by the Colombian government, the European Union, the United States and other governments, was formed in the 1960s and is believed to have about 9,000 members, roughly half of its former strength. The rebel group has traditionally funded its operations through drug trafficking, kidnapping for ransom and illegal gold mining. Anti-drug campaigns by Colombian security forces have greatly reduced the supply and quality of Colombian cocaine. Some security analysts believe the Sinaloa Cartel intends to consolidate and modernize cocaine production in Colombia to increase quality and reliability. The Sinaloa Cartel is allegedly operating cocaine processing labs near the border with Ecuador, in the departments of Antioquia, Córdoba and in Norte de Santander, near the border with Venezuela. Following a Nov. 25 binational meeting in the Colombian city of Ipiales, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa announced the two countries had signed agreements to strengthen mutual cooperation in the fight against transnational organized crime. In August 2013, Colombian security forces operating in the Choco province near the Colombia-Panama border seized 1.4 tons of cocaine from FARC rebels. Security forces suspect the drugs were going to be picked up by the Sinaloa Cartel. The cocaine shipment was organized by the FARC’s 57th Front group, which controls cocaine production and transportation in the rugged area of forest and swampland known as the Darien Gap. Increased maritime drug smuggling interdiction efforts by Colombian security forces, and strengthened cooperation with the navies of neighboring countries, has forced Colombian drug traffickers to transport more of their product over land. Four months earlier, in March 2013, Colombian anti-drug trafficking forces in Cauca province seized nearly four tons of FARC-produced cocaine, some of which was destined for the Sinaloa Cartel, Colombian security officials said. For years, the Sinaloa Cartel and other transnational criminal organizations, such as Los Zetas, have purchased cocaine produced in Colombia. Authorities are concerned that the Sinaloa Cartel is taking a more direct role in the production and export of Colombian cocaine. In October 2013, Univision aired an interview with an alleged former FARC commander who said that Sinaloa Cartel operatives were known as “Los Sombrerones.” Los Sombrerones were closely involved with FARC drug production operations in Colombia, the source said. The FARC considered the Sinaloa Cartel operatives to be ideal business partners because they paid well and on time, he said. center_img Drug trafficking “franchises” By Dialogo December 06, 2013 The FARC and the Sinaloa Cartel The Colombian communist rebel group Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) is expanding its criminal ties with Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the world’s most-wanted drug kingpin. El Chapo, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, has become the primary customer and financier for the FARC’s cocaine production in Colombia, authorities said. Authorities suspect the FARC controls at least half of all cocaine production in Colombia. The U.S. government has described El Chapo as the world’s most powerful drug trafficker. Cocaine seizure Only to the president of Colombia they are beautiful loving doves. Surely, this is due to the reelection and the submission of our beautiful country to the rebels which are nothing more than liars like Santos. The Security of the Latin American nations is, now more than ever, at risk of being captured by the small-minded forces of crime and the combination of power struggles, and both methods are justified by and associated with the purpose of surviving and imposing their empire, crime and the criminal dictatorship of Marxism and Leninism, none of them is a kind angel. They are all blood-thirsty wolves that will achieve powerful positions due to the disbelief of the governors and the citizens with political naivete. For Latin America, the decade of imposing socialism is only beginning, while the radicals of the Stalin doctrine are deployed in the minds of the citizens as the saviors of the poor….and there lies the biggest danger of all, in the vindication of their causes and atrocious crimes, murders, kidnappings, bombs and explosives against society in any of its tiers, children, women, priests, teachers, cops, soldiers, tourists, judges, magistrates, representatives and congressmen, none of them can escape the justification of the mobiles used by assassins to cause death and pain. Is it that we don’t know the face of socialist world history and the imposition of fascism in Europe? by Lenin, Mussolini, all of them imposed through the blood of the people and then turned into executioners, and who today are just stories repeated in Latin America on behalf of the people, the humble and the unprotected ones. Observe the news of the FARC guerrilla history in Colombia and of the narc terrorism, they are part of the agenda of the democratic citizens who think about seeking freedom for their children and for the future of free and fair nations, a true Latin American dream. PRESIDENT SANTOS IS BEING TRICKED BY THE FARCS, BOMBS ARE BEING PLANTED AND INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE DYING IN COLOMBIA WHILE THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT PEACE IN CUBA. I WONDER, IS SANTOS NOT COLOMBIAN, DOESN’T HE SUFFER BECAUSE OF THE DEATH OF INNOCENT PEOPLE? I THINK THAT, IF HE CONSIDERS REELECTION, IT WILL BE DIFFICULT TO WIN, IF HE WINS IT WILL BE BY COMMITTING FRAUD. PEOPLE ARE EXPERIENCING FIRSTHAND THE ACTIVE VIOLENCE EXISTING IN COLOMBIA, AND THE PRESIDENT ISN’T DOING ANYTHING TO PUT AN END TO IT. ALL HE DOES IS TRAVEL, TRAVEL, COCKTAILS AND COCKTAILS. Only you, Santos, believe that people have confidence, don’t be stupid. For Santos it’s the renovators, and this will go on in the new country. If they deal and and talk with drug dealers of this magnitude, why not put together all the barbaric group of narcs, assassins, rapists and thieves in prisons, countrysides and cities and get us all mixed up in the same mud, because they are only ten percent of the problem and will continue doing the same with the concessions of Santos, under the unusual legality. Santos, the president of Colombia, is a traitor, he betrayed all of us Colombians who voted for him. His peace process is a process sold to the terrorists of the Farc, he is supporting them in Havana with the money of the Colombians, he wants them to occupy in the congress with all impunity, no matter the victims. He is selling Colombia to the terrorists through the reserve areas in the countryside, so that public forces cannot be there, like the thousands Caguanes of Pastrana; and on top of that he harasses hid ex-mentor Uribe with bad publicity, because he doesn’t want the Democratic Center led by Uribe to put an end to his infamous fake “peace process”, so that he is reelected for another 4 years. President Santos is like Shakira’s song, deaf, mute and blind. He sees them as innocent doves and they are nothing but terrorists, and he is thinking about reelection Yes, but for what it is objectively, the relationship of Alvaro Uribe with the narco paramilitary, his relationship with Pablo Escobar and Colombia’s shame of having him as president, what do you think about that? It’s not that they must act like innocent doves, it’s that if they seek peace negotiation they have to compromise with their vision and opinion so that the other violent party would give in and analyze the option of living peacefully with the people. The thing is that there are extreme right-wing people that are worse than the FARC terrorists (former President Uribe, ministers, generals), who use power, betray the ethics and vision of the Military Forces, and sell themselves for a sol without waiting the proper time to get it, and assassinate innocent people such as people from Soacha and other municipalities, while the subordinate soldiers and cops put their heads on the line in a war sponsored and encouraged by the corrupted state itself. The salaries are also miserable for these people. Everything you observe, say and write is very true. Those qualities, desires and hunger for power and wealth don’t only apply to guerrillas but to the entire corrupt, bloody political class of this country. From a police inspector up to the ex-presidents Uribe, Pastrana, the pack of rats that make up the damned despicable senate and congress of the submissive, obedient, masochist, assassinated republic of Colombia. As a Colombian, I see that the information or news have a lot of professional content by not removing or adding anything to the matter. Congratulations on the good research. I believe this confirms how bad things are for both nations, even more so when the cooperation comes directly from the Farcs, meaning there is no respect for human life. This is the result of socialism in the 21st century. Like Estanislao says, it doesn’t only apply to the guerrilla, but also to the corrupt right-wing political class, who throughout the last 40 years has plundered the treasury and has done nothing for the poor. It is not fair that a country with so many natural resources has so much poverty. Over 2 million children sleeping on the streets and you call that democracy? Where is the health and education which are the foundations for a true social justice? And don’t get me started on the countryside. And now, these oligarchy bootlickers start sending comments adverse to peace. The trend of a continent towards the left cannot be stopped and Colombia is not the exception. To Mr. Arley Sanchez: I can tell you are one of the many stateless Colombians who go around speaking ill of Colombia. Where do your financial resources come from? From the narc terrorism, right? You from the narc guerrilla hate President Alvaro Uribe Velez, because he was the only president of Colombia who made the political decision to fight against you using armed forces, practically forcing you to live on the Venezuelan border, where you seek shelter through the Chavez movement. And you tell lies and talk trash about Uribe, as much as you can throughout the world. Mr. Uribe is a decent man. Drug trafficking is the main activity of the FARCs. Leftists everywhere know it, and they remain their devoted friends. Narcs and leftists are two apples from the same tree. Q. El Chapo is building houses for all the poor in this corrupt country, and he supports education and sports since the administration of this country is not doing it. Let him go on with his drug business which is the best at producing money, but he should not forget about the poor. What are you suggesting…?? To keep financing a war..?? I would like to hear your suggestion. Because it’s easy to criticize… My friends, instead of insulting and pointing the finger pray to God, everything that is happening has to happen because it’s writte. Only God can save us, not only from what is going on in Colombia, but in the entire world. The Farcs and the legislative, judicial and executive powers are the four biggest plagues suffered by Colombia. I am a senior citizen, and in my many years I have never met a government as perverse and harmful as the one of Juan Manuel Santos: No to his re-election. Colombia deserves something better. I’ve been saying that the criminals of the Farc ARE SIMPLY EMPLOYEES OF THE REAL BOSSES OF THE AMERICAN, MEXICAN AND RUSSIAN MAFIA. The governments involved want to have a piece of the billions of dollars that are buried in the jungle. THERE IS NO PEACE PROCESS, THEY ARE ONLY DESIGNING AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN ALL THAT PEOPLE AND ARE SEEKING A WAY TO INTRODUCE THE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND EUROS TO THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM OF THE PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES: COLOMBIA, USA, MEXICO, SPAIN, VENEZUELA, CUBA, ECUADOR, HONDURAS, ITALY AND MANY MORE, PLUS OTHER PEOPLE INVOLVED LIKE THE COLOMBIAN OLIGARCHY, THE HIGH MILITARY AND CIVIL RANKS. THEY ARE ALL A GREAT FAMILY OF DELINQUENTS THAT HAVE DECEIVED THE PEOPLE WITH THE WAR PLOT AND IT IS ALL A LIE. THE ORIGIN OF THE FARC STARTS SINCE THEY WERE HIGHWAYS BANDITS AND BANK ROBBERS. THE TRUE GUERRILLA PEOPLE WERE THOSE FROM THE ELN, BUT THEY MADE A BIG MISTAKE: THEY IMPORTED TO COLOMBIA THE GUERRILLA PRINCIPLES OF MARX, CASTRO, LENIN, MAO, WHICH NEVER APPLIED TO COLOMBIA. THE DELINQUENTS, ASSASSINS AND NARCS OF THE FARC ARE AND WILL BE DRUG DEALERS. DON’T BELIEVE THE WHOLE WAR THING, IF THEY ARE REMORSEFUL TOWARDS SOCIETY THEY NEED TO RETURN ALL THE MONEY TO THE FAMILIES THAT WERE ROBBED FOR THE RESCUE OF THEIR LOVED ONES. I HOPE THIS OPINION IS POSTED IN ALL THE MEDIA, SO THAT PEOPLE CAN FIND OUT! THE COLOMBIAN GOVERNMENT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE MOST CORRUPT, STARTING WITH THE HIGH OFFICIALS OF THE GOVERNMENT AND THE COLOMBIAN ARMED FORCES. THAT’S WHY THE GREAT THINKERS AND THE PEOPLE WITH LIMITED RESOURCES SEEK REFUGE IN THE RANKS. This is an old tale. The state itself has encouraged it so there is nothing more to say. The wars only leave death, pain, misery and resentment among the victims and the offenders because the wars in Latin America have always been about political, economical and social power. It happened in Cuba after the revolution, and Nicaragua and few others continue doing the same thing, war for freedom of their citizens. As a Colombian, I think I’m not a stranger to conflict and that we are all to blame. We vote, pay taxes, do mandatory military service and give in to extortion because we don’t trust the authorities, OK. The article is biassed because it tries to confuse people at the time of the release of an article about Mujica’s meeting with the Farcs, and denounced by Alvaro Uribe, representative of the extreme right-wing Colombian forces who are against the peace process of President Santos. President Uribe and his brother are currently being accused of creating the paramilitary and a group known as the 12 apostles, who is blamed for thousands of crimes against humanity. This is not mentioned in the article. It’s NOT saying anything new. Everything is tens of years old, you obviously have no other news to share. Why don’t you just act like the people, and reveal the truths that are hidden to benefit the current President. You are lacking ethics and seriousness. This will never be fixed until the rats within the government stop stealing from the poor. So what do you expect to change? I think the guerrilla does it right, they bring dollars from other countries, not steal from the poor. I think that the rat den has to come to an end! Making peace seems to me the most despicable thing on the part of the Colombian government. I don’t believe it, it would be better to vote. The only thing they are trying to do is strengthen those groups. They spend millions of dollars in the famous dialogue, and the people living in poverty get worse every day. People never really do anything about it, everything depends on the interests of both parties. It’s infuriating; it’s not even worth talking about it, it’s wasted time. All this is frightening, may God protect us, authorities should team up with those from other countries. Look and read, Santos is the only person in Colombia willing to negotiate with narco-terrorists. I agree with Maria del Pilar, what a failure having voted for this traitor. Everything will be permitted as long as politics are the main source of permissiveness for drug trafficking, situation that drove the people under a dark shadow of corruption and poverty. This created a social resentment that generated a conflict among Colombians and forced us obey oppressing groups. What reason do AUCs have to operate? What argument does the guerrilla have to operate? Neither has lost their ideals, therefore it is very clear that this is about continuing to repress good people. The FARCs will soon come to an end, due to the persecution established by the government of Colombia. THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE IN COLOMBIA BECAUSE THERE ARE DRUGS AND MAFIA, EVEN WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT (WHAT A SHAME ) Well, as a proper Maracucho, I would like to ask you to carefully investigate those who want to harm our country. They fight off drug trafficking but it will continue to grow as long as there are people who buy and use drugs. It will be difficult to eliminate this destructive factor for society. The ambition of those who want to be powerful and dominate the world by forcefully damaging healthy minds is hard but not impossible to fight. May God protect and guard our children and youngsters from this scourge. It’s good to know how narcotrafficking and its power is managed …the end of the world is right here, historical thanks to our misgovernments! I am Venezuelan, and it’s very sad to observe these two rich countries, especially their happy and warm-hearted people, how is it possible that we can’t put an end to this calamity that is killing us (DRUGS and CORRUPTION)? Let’s put our efforts together for our sons and grandchildren, the future of our PEOPLE. It seems to me that El Chapo Guzman has contacts with the FARC as far as drug trafficking goes. I support El Chapo but I am not sure about the FARC. As you say, these are suspicions. They talk about the FARC-EP, who are drug traffickers, but about the military forces, they have been caught trafficking coke and marijuana, and there is no talk about the USA, who are the biggest consumers. The harm caused to millions of people is reason enough for extradition to the United States. That’s what the heads of Colombian narc-terrorism, the FARCs, deserve. They killed Pablo Escobar Gaviria over twenty years ago and they still blame him for all the bad things that currently take place in the country. How many presidents has the country had, and who is blaming them for all the bad stuff that has happened in twenty years, with their para-politics and narc-politics. It’s sad to observe the situation in our country, to see how the candidates to senate seem to be completely flaky, promising what they will not give. Because if they really loved our country, they would have already fixed the macro-problems we have, such as justice, health, agriculture, safety and many other problems. That way we would gladly give our vote to those who have helped, but those solutions are the same old springboard for the while-collar bandits and thieves. In my personal opinion, I think all countries should unite to eliminate this organized crime, by:1. Applying the death penalty to the suppliers and users in each country, in the entire Asia. 2. Also LIFE sentence. 3. The judges that release a Narc, whether trafficker, dealer or user, should be killed along with their entire families.THERE ARE OTHER FORMS OF PUNISHMENT.But, since there are many more involved here, it becomes more difficult. P e g was the forerunner of this dirty business, trafficking, killing and fortunately he was eliminated as he should have been. The same needs to be done with these groups. When an evil factor promotes goodness, it cannot be believable. In this case it is governments and government blocks that promote and support invasions and wars that seek to destabilize the governments that support the comprehensive development of their people. As long as this policy continues, they cannot be labeled as positive factors promoting the fight against “evil”, reflected by the hundreds of thousands of citizens on the planet Earth suffering the consequences of these perverse actions. It’s clear that the narc terrorists of the FARCs are criminals. Why should they be granted a political concession? It’s good to know what’s going on with the drug traffickers, but action should also be taken. The self-proclaimed FARCs went from being an armed group of opposing insurgents seeking to take over the Colombian state to becoming the biggest cocaine cartel in the world. Technically speaking, drug trafficking is not a market that manages a free supply and demand of goods or services, where the consumer can freely choose what he/she wishes to consume or select the brand of product of his/her choice. That is called a free market. The group of consumers that prefer a brand is known as a captive market due to his/her loyalty to that brand. Within drug trafficking, the market also has a supply and demand. In it, the supply is sustained by the global increase of a demand that cannot be called captive market because the people demanding it have no loyalty to the product but an extreme dependence, it should be referred to as slave market, since narcotics destroy family and social environments because their victims segregate themselves when they ran out of valuable things in their homes and environment that they later sell to sustain the vice, and can even prostitute themselves and commit felonies, and do anything to sustain it. That is a slave market. It’s the source of increasing crime and insecurity all over the world. Very little is known about the social, sanitary and political cost of this fateful affliction. When I was a child, those degenerates were known by their actual name, REBELS. I don’t know when exactly they became revolutionary guerrilla men. The FARC terrorists are mocking our country in Cuba, seated at a negotiating table “””””””””””” but that is a farc-e, they kill civilians, police, soldiers and continue to produce and sell cocaine all over the world with the different cartels. President Santos’ peace with the FARC is a FARCe…………………………..last_img read more

Armed Forces of Central America and Mexico Come Together in Nicaragua

first_imgBy Lorena Baires / Diálogo May 11, 2018 Humanitarian Rescue Units of the armed forces of Central America and Mexico came together in early April 2018 to put out a fire in the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve, located in southwestern Nicaragua. Helicopters from El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico conducted more than 400 flights to drop 630,000 liters of water over 5,500 hectares of land. “Efforts to fight this fire from helicopters of our Air Force and our sister countries’ air forces were major. It was an intense effort, first, to extinguish the fire and, second, to eliminate the sources of heat from which smoke emanated,” said Army General Julio César Avilés, commander of the Nicaraguan Army. “We are grateful for the coordinated work between the armies and local residents.” The fire in Indio Maíz lasted almost 10 days. “The Nicaraguan Armed Force was able to stop the advance of flames with a firewall operation [clearing land to prevent the fire from spreading] along 25 kilometers with an average width of 10 meters,” said Army Colonel Rogelio Flores Ortiz, chief of staff of the Nicaraguan Civil Defense. “We also relied on the intervention of 1,500 military troops, 160 volunteer firefighters, and the work of air forces from countries like El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico.” The partner nations answered the Nicaraguan government’s call for help on April 6th since Nicaraguan Army and Air Force helicopters did not have the necessary equipment for aerial water drops. Time was their worst enemy, and air was the only way to get to areas under fire. Immediate response On April 9th, the Mexican Air Force (FAM, in Spanish) was the first to join the efforts to extinguish the fire. The Mexican helicopter stocked up on the Indio River, which borders the reserve in the municipality of San Juan del Norte on the outskirt of Costa Rica. “It is a pleasure to be able to help the Nicaraguan people, an honor to join these efforts. The aircraft has two helicopter buckets, each with a capacity of 2,000 liters,” FAM Captain Francisco Sánchez told Diálogo. “As there was a body of water nearby, we did 14 drops per hour. We were able to ensure that the work was continuous and effective in putting out the flames.” On April 11th, two Bell UH-1 Huey helicopters arrived from the Salvadoran Air Force (FAS, in Spanish) and the Honduran Air Force (FAH in Spanish). Both aircraft were equipped with the Bambi Bucket system, large sacks that can hold between 1,600 and 1,800 liters of water and allow for controlled release over fires. “The [FAS] crew was made up of three pilots who flew for two hours nonstop. They refueled and continued the effort to put out this fire,” Colonel Ángel Sermeño, an officer of the FAS mission in Nicaragua, told Diálogo. “The experience we have in putting out fires with this type of equipment is effective, which is why we are proud and grateful to come and support our military peers from Nicaragua in this mission,” added Lieutenant Colonel Manuel Ricarte, an officer of the FAH mission in Nicaragua. Indio Maíz, lung of the region According to the National Civil Police of Nicaragua, Miguel Ángel Díaz Sevilla, a resident of the Siempre Viva community in the municipality of San Juan del Norte, started the fire. The perpetrator confessed to the act, stating that his family has been burning land for years to raise crops. “My father has done this [burning land], but nothing like this ever happened before. When the brigade came to put out the fire, my family and I volunteered to help,” said Díaz when he was arrested. On April 16th, the Nicaraguan Armed Force and the countries that answered the call for help were able to put out the fire. “We are still keeping a military contingent in the area. We hope that the rains will contribute to our troops’ efforts to completely eliminate these sources of heat that still persist in certain areas where the fire burned,” Col. Flores said to Diálogo. The Indio Maíz Biological Reserve, the largest in Central America, extends across 320,000 hectares. Located on the border with Costa Rica, it forms part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. The Nicaraguan Armed Force estimated that the fire destroyed 5,484 hectares of tropical forest. The fire spread quickly because of the abundance of leafy yolillo palms rich in oil, which promoted the fire propagation and resilience. Indio Maíz and its dense woods are rarely explored, but the reserve boasts hundreds of species of flora and fauna. It is estimated to be home to 1,221 species of birds, 159 of insects, 65 of mammals, 55 of reptiles, 34 of amphibians, and 26 of fish The region also counts 101 endemic endangered species.last_img read more

TWL plans event for school girls

first_img April 15, 2004 Regular News TWL plans event for school girls This year, in conjunction with AB A Law Day, Tallahassee Women Lawyers is sponsoring the Legacy of Excellence Program April 30 that will give high-school girls a chance to hear from stellar women lawyers.TWL’s Legacy of Excellence — for 8th through 12th graders — is an intensive, one-day overview of this year’s Law Day theme,“To Win Equality Law: Brown v. Board at 50,” presented through the eyes of women in the legal profession. The program is also designed to expose participants to the legal, social, and educational opportunities for women in the Tallahassee community. In addition to being exposed to some of Tallahassee’s key jurists and barristers, Legacy of Excellence participants will be provided information and resources that will assist them in one day pursuing a career in the legal profession. The purpose of the activity is to expose young girls to women lawyers in the Tallahassee community and to enlighten them on a substantive aspect of the law.Participants will have an opportunity to hear from keynote speakers, such as Justice Peggy Quince; Judge Marguerite H. Davis; and Public Defender Nancy Daniels. TWL plans event for school girlslast_img read more

Ross Park Zoo welcomes baby monkey

first_imgThe baby monkey was born on June 11 to parents Maxine and Clark. He will live with his parents and his siblings, Finn and Quincey. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Ross Park Zoo announced the birth of a Geoffrey’s marmoset monkey Monday. The zoo says the monkey will live in the Wonders of Nature buildinglast_img

Quintain sees second director go

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Viral video captures brawl in North Jakarta waters

first_imgA video of young people brawling in the waters of a seafront area in Kalibaru subdistrict, Cilincing, North Jakarta, has gone viral on social media, prompting authorities to stand guard near the location.The video, posted on Sunday by Instagram account @jakut.info, showed dozens of young people having a confrontation in the waters while swimming, some of them carrying various kinds of sharp weapons. Topics : Responding to the video, Cilincing Police chief Comr. Imam T. B. said most of the people involved in the brawl were Cilincing residents. He then sent personnel to visit the location, despite it being outside of his authority.“We went to the location and they disbanded immediately,” Imam told tempo.co on Wednesday, adding that some of the youths threw their weapons into the sea.According to a press release issued by the North Jakarta administration on Tuesday, the police also detained two teenagers with sharp weapons and ceramic shards.In the statement, Kalibaru subdistrict head Slamet Alfarizi said that police, military and Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) personnel, as well as local residents, also conducted patrols in the past three days around the area to prevent another brawl.Cilincing district head Muhammad Andri commended the joint patrol.“May our hard work build a safe and orderly Kalibaru for all of us.” (mfp)center_img “On Sunday at 5 p.m., there was a brawl on the coast of Jakarta; a group of youths was seen fighting,” the caption of the Instagram post said.last_img read more

Cheptegei emulates John Akii-Bua with world best time

first_img10 km (road)26:44Leonard Patrick Komon KEN26 Sep 2010SingelloopUtrecht 100 m9.58Usain Bolt JAM16 Aug 2009World ChampionshipsBerlin 20 km (road)55:21Zersenay Tadese ERI21 Mar 2010Lisbon Half MarathonLisbon Mile3:43.13Hicham El Guerrouj MAR7 Jul 1999Golden GalaRome 58:18Abraham Kiptum KEN28 Oct 2018Valencia Half MarathonValencia 200 m19.19Usain Bolt JAM20 Aug 2009World ChampionshipsBerlin 800 m1:40.91David Rudisha KEN9 Aug 2012Olympic GamesLondon 20,000 m (track)56:25.98Haile Gebrselassie ETH27 Jun 2007Golden Spike OstravaOstrava 400 m43.03Wayde van Niekerk RSA14 Aug 2016Olympic GamesRio de Janeiro Cheptegei set a 15km road run world record. PHOTO @NNRunningTeamCheptegei pockets Ug sh213 million for world recordKampala, Uganda | LOUIS JADWONG | Joshua Cheptegei became only the second Ugandan athlete after legend John Akii-Bua to set a world best time, with his stunning run Sunday at the 15km NN Zevenheuvelenloop (Seven Hills Race) in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.The 22-year-old Ugandan World Championships 10,000m silver medalist continued his rise in long distance athletics by running the world’s fastest 15k in 41.05 minutes, taking 8 seconds off the previous mark set in 2010.It is his fourth win in the event, and this time pocketed a bonus 50,000 Euros (Sh213 million) prize for the record. The Nijmegen race is a favourite for Cheptegei, who as a nineteen, twenty and 21-year-old, won the 32nd, 33rd and 34 editions before in 42.39, 42.12 and 41.13.The Seven Hills Race Zevenheuvelenloop is considered the fastest course in the world, and the best time held before Sunday was by Leonard Komon of Kenya who ran a time of 41:13 in 2010.In the foot-steps of Akii BuaCheptegei’s feat Sunday puts him in the league of world beaters, first achieved by Uganda’s most famous athlete, hurdler John Akii-Bua in 1972. Interestingly, like Akii-Bua, Cheptegei runs for Police.Akii-Bua’s feat will live in memory. Not only did he brake the world record, he also became the first ever to run under 48 seconds in what is considered a highly technical discipline, the 400m hurdles.He clocked 47.82 in that Munich Olympics final in Germany to take a phenomenal 0.3 seconds off the record set by the then greatest hurdler David Hemery four years earlier. More remarkable, was he run that final from the inside lane – considered the least favorite position in the one lap race.After finishing fourth in the 1970 Commonwealth Games and running the fastest time of 1971, he was still not a big favourite for that 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, having limited competitive experience.He missed the 1976 Olympics and a showdown with United States rival Edwin Moses because of the boycott by Uganda and other African nations. Edwin Moses went on to set a new world record in 1976 and to reign until Kevin Young became the first man to run under 47 seconds in 1992. Akii Bua died an unhappy man in 1997, a lesson for many of today’s Ugandan athletes who have now invested heavily in their future, and life after sports.Akii-Bua was one of the geniuses among athletes, according to his British coach Malcom ArnoldHow Cheptegei won the NN Seven Hills Race Cheptegei took the lead in the beginning of the race and he saw his pacers drop off early so he had to run the second part of the race alone. Cheptegei managed to hold his pace and continued to race towards the finish line. After having won:“After 10km I was above the schedule of the world record so I decided to accelerate at 12km. The last kilometer was hard but I really enjoyed. I am very proud of my achievement and want to thank the organization and my team,”Cheptegei said shortly after crossing the finish line.Cheptegei is a member of the NN Running team, that has world marathon record holder Eliud Kipchoge and Uganda’s only other Olympic Gold medalist Stephen Kiprotich, in their ranks.According to an NN statement after the race, they said they started tracking Cheptegei when he became World Junior Champion in Eugene, Oregon in 2014 ( gold in 10,000m, 4th in the 5,000m).In 2015, Joshua won the 10,000m at the African Championships, and was 9th in Beijing World Champs 10,000m. In 2016, Joshua was 6th in the 10,000m and 8th in the 5,000m in Rio Olympics.In 2017, the young Ugandan athlete took silver battling Mo Farah in the London 10,000m, in what many believe was the finest 10,000m race in decades. Joshua started 2018 with brilliant wins over 10,000m and 5,000m at the Commonwealth Games.On the roads this season,  Cheptegai ran 45:15 for 10 miles in Amsterdam Dam to Damloop on 23 September. He followed that up with 27:16 on October 23 at the Durban 10k in South Africa. His WR today is a fitting end to his 2018 season.On the women’s side in the Netherlands success, it was double success for Uganda as Stella Chesang, the Commonwealth Champion on the 10,000m won the race in a fast time of 47:19.Selected word records 1500 m3:26.00Hicham El Guerrouj MAR14 Jul 1998Golden GalaRome 10,000 m (track)26:17.53Kenenisa Bekele ETH26 Aug 2005Memorial Van DammeBrussels 1000 m2:11.96Noah Ngeny KEN5 Sep 1999Rieti MeetingRieti 2000 m4:44.79Hicham El Guerrouj MAR7 Sep 1999ISTAFBerlin 15 km (road)41:05Joshua Cheptegei UGA18 Nov 2018ZevenheuvelenloopNijmegen 3000 m7:20.67Daniel Komen KEN1 Sep 1996Rieti MeetingRieti Half marathon58:23Zersenay Tadese ERI21 Mar 2010Lisbon Half MarathonLisbon EventPerf.Athlete(s)Nat.DateMeetingLocation 5000 m12:37.35Kenenisa Bekele ETH31 May 2004Fanny Blankers-Koen GamesHengelo Share on: WhatsApplast_img read more