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Memorial for Ph.D. student to be held today

first_imgThe USC School of Social Work will hold a memorial service Wednesday to remember Jennifer Paek, a Ph.D. candidate who died in New York last Wednesday.Remembered · Jennifer Paek (right), pictured here with a friend, was studying health disparity and policy at USC’s School of Social Work. – Photo courtesy of Young Sun Lee. (Corrected 4/14/2010 to reflect the correct identification of Paek.)The service for Paek, who was in her second year at USC, will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Social Work Center Gabilan Courtyard.“She was just a really, really beautiful person,” said Minah Kim, Paek’s close friend and classmate in the Ph.D. program. “So many people were surrounded by Jennifer’s love.”Paek was born in New York on October 7, 1979, but was raised in Southern California. She received a bachelor’s degree in Asian American studies from UCLA before moving on to receive a master’s of social welfare from the same school.“She was very passionate about learning, education and educating as a social worker,” Kim said.In her doctoral work at USC, Paek focused on health disparities, health policy, case advocacy for vulnerable populations and end-of-life care. According to Prisca Wu, who has been friends with Paek since high school, Paek was heavily involved in the community and focused on advocating for people without a voice.“She was already taking care of people before the social worker program,” Wu said. “She was always looking to see how she could make things better for other people.”The owner of two dogs, Paek combined her passion for social work with her love of animals in her veterinary hospital social work project, said Brooklyn Levine, who developed the program with Paek.The program established a philosophy of caring for an animal and its guardian or family to best serve both their needs and outcomes.“Jennifer wanted to alleviate the strain on professionals doing good work in a difficult economy and create new jobs in an unexplored niche in Los Angeles,” Levine said in a written reflection about Paek.Friends said Paek was caring, warm and generous and had a great sense of humor.“She was really thoughtful and [was] always talking about you,” Wu said. “[She] put herself way last and would remember specific things about your life.”Paek was known for putting together care packages for her classmates during midterms or finals, Kim said.“She was like a big sister to me,” Kim said. “Because I’m international, she was always correcting my English … She told me what restaurant is better for me [and] where to go for sightseeing.”Wu echoed this sentiment.“She just had such a way of including all her friends into her life,” Wu said. “By extension, all of her friends were like a family.”According to The Brooklyn Paper, a local newspaper in New York, Paek died after jumping from the roof of the 51-story building she lived in. The paper reported that Paek had left suicide notes in the apartment she shared with her husband.Paek is survived by her parents Chung Ja and Nam Paek and her husband, Luis Diaz.Correction: Jennifer Paek was originally identified in the photo caption as the woman on the left, but is the woman on the right.last_img read more

Significant challenges stand in way for USC

first_imgHow things can change in a week.Last week I wrote that USC was on track for a 10-win season and that it would finish the season on a roll much like it has in previous years.Now, everything that seemed so certain a week ago is mired in doubt.Everything changed after the Trojans suffered their most embarrassing loss of the season, a 36-7 whacking by Oregon State in Corvallis, Ore. Not only did they lose another game in the state of Oregon, but they seemed to have lost their mojo. Any momentum built up by two tough wins over the Arizona schools has been squandered.Whereas last week we were talking about a double-digit win total and a sense of improvement over last year’s measurable dip, now we have to face the reality that this season could get ugly.Forget 10 wins. Can the Trojans even reach eight?The only way to sell what remains of this fractured season is that the Trojans can still beat their two rivals in their final two games. Notre Dame and UCLA have been anything but impressive this year, so USC should be the favorite. But who knows what the fallout is going to be from last week’s debacle.Most importantly, sophomore quarterback Matt Barkley’s status is questionable after he suffered a high-ankle sprain that forced him to miss the entire second half against the Beavers. Barkley’s status is still up in the air, opening the door for senior quarterback Mitch Mustain to start his first game at USC.Mustain’s performance in the second half last week, however,  was not encouraging. He finished with only 60 yards on 8-for-17 passing, without a touchdown or an interception.This is not to say that Mustain is not a capable leader of the offense. He, after all, has been learning it since he transferred here in 2007. And he is undefeated as a starter, going 8-0 as a freshman at Arkansas before transferring to USC.For the naysayers who have been calling for Mustain to get his shot even before Barkley went down, I’m sorry to disappoint you. The Trojans are a much better team with Barkley at the helm.But if Barkley can’t go, Mustain is still a capable backup. It’s beyond that where it gets a little hairy.The No. 2 quarterback will likely be walk-on John Manoogian, who has never taken a snap in a college game. Freshman Jesse Scroggins will likely not be available because the Trojans do not want to waste his redshirt year.What does this all mean? If Barkley can’t go, Trojan fans should be praying to the football gods that Mustain doesn’t go down as well.Injuries and disillusion in the rest of the backfield only add to USC’s woes. Junior running back Marc Tyler reinjured his sprained ankle and was unable to finish the game against Oregon State.Senior tailback Allen Bradford has been plagued by fumbles this season. Freshman tailback Dillon Baxter, who did not make the trip to Corvallis because he allegedly accepted a golf cart ride from an agent, is awaiting reinstatement.That leaves senior tailback C.J. Gable, who scored the Trojans’ only touchdown against the Beavers.USC’s offense has been the lynchpin of the team all year. Before nearly laying an egg last week, the Trojans were scoring more than 35 points a game, winning games in spite of their spotty defense.So the prospect of USC playing its final two games with backups at quarterback and running back means the Trojans might have to gnash and claw their way to wins in games that were supposed to be breezes.Notre Dame, although just 6-5 this season, has dominated its last two games against Utah and Army. They have momentum on their side and a freshman quarterback in Tommy Rees who is playing with confidence.The Bruins, meanwhile, make USC’s troubles seem nitpicky. UCLA is in total disarray after an embarrassing loss to Washington and has quarterback issues of its own.Overall, all hope is not lost for USC. There is still time to salvage some kind of hope from this season.But after the weekend USC had in Corvallis, there are no guarantees anymore.“Middle Ground” runs Tuesdays. To comment on this article, visit dailytrojan.com or e-mail Josh at [email protected]last_img read more

Yolink Brings Full-Featured Search to WordPress

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts mike melanson Tags:#news#web There are very few, if any, content management systems and blogging platforms with a praised, out-of-the-box search solution and WordPress is no exception. Just look on Google – there are about 10 million results for “WordPress search sucks” and nearly as many for “WordPress search plugin.”Today, there’s one more addition to the search results for “WordPress search plugin,” as customizable WordPress hosting service WP Engine and search-within-a-search engine yolink team together to provide aYolink Search for WordPress “searches behind the links of search results pages and web pages, extracts and displays information in context, and highlights all the keyword search terms found in the extracted content,” according to the company.“Native search on WordPress is not intuitive and is rarely helpful,” said Joe Pagliocco, Business Development Manager at TigerLogic, the company behind the plugin’s release. “Even Google Custom search – the next best thing – doesn’t integrate well with your website’s design, and it forcibly includes ads that don’t make money for publishers. yolink Search for WordPress is our solution to these problems, finally providing an advanced, relevance-based search plugin that just plain works.” Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Yolink for WordPress is available in the WordPress plugin directory. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

How a Senator Uses Social Media

first_img Facebook While the Senator’s LinkedIn . legislative agenda – Voters are just like customers, in the sense that the more they know, the better they’ll feel about doing business with you. Giving them the play-by-the-play of your decision-making processes, news and inner workings will create strong relationships and establish trust. 2. Transparency is a Sticking Point is Massachusetts’s youngest current State Senator, and serves the largest Senate district in the Commonwealth, representing 48 communities in Berkshire, Hampshire and Franklin Counties. He is also the Chair of the Joint Committee on Revenue, Vice-Chairman of the Joint Committee on Higher Education, and is an active member of the Senate Committee on Ways & Means and the Joint Committees on Economic Development & Emerging Technologies, Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure and Veterans & Federal Affairs.  What Social Media channels do you currently use and how long have you been on them? I use , his day-to-day agenda always includes communicating with his constituents, a task he relies heavily on social media for. We recently got a chance to sit down with Ben to discuss his Facebook and Twitter usage (among others), and why he feels it is so important. Social media still seems very clicky, very insular and based on “likes” or “following” or “friends” … it’s a lunch table in middle school and some people still aren’t comfortable sitting down at it. I’ve seen a lot of campaigns, especially in tumultuous political environment like this, get on a media, build a list, then use it just like a press list. Thats the worse case scenario. The best case scenario is the social media is a means for constant conversation & feedback to improve your business, government, etc. I’m not sure what this all means, but it seems like thats the direction we’re headed & the faster we get there the better off we’ll all be. As I referenced previously, connecting with constituents through social media is important because traditional media rarely covers the legislature, because my constituents are so far from the capital, and because it provides another access point to me for the people & communities I represent. My constituents get a better Senator out of this, because I know better what their concerns are, and they are more informed about what I’m doing, which helps bridge the gap between the government & the people its supposed to represent.  , Social Media & Download our After I was first elected (11/2006), I started to think I needed to do more to communicate through new media. It began with a weekly email to constituents who signed up and slowly I became more interested about how social media was evolving. It was at the same time that I was struggling with how to represent 48 communities, while learning the ropes in Boston, and there was, for lack of a better word, an “ah ha” moment, where I realized social media could help demystify my job & help me better serve those communities.  Topics: for the 2009-2010 session focuses on Twitter Learn more about inbound marketing and how to combine blogging, SEO and social media for results. Benjamin Downing At 29, , How do you use these platforms? Why do you think connecting with constituents on these platforms is important?  1. Know Where Your Customers Are How could Social Media evolve to better help you spread your messages? YouTube inbound marketing kit 3. Unify on a Scale that Makes Sense Free Download: Inbound Marketing Kit . Facebook since early 2008, Twitter early 2009, YouTube since mid 2007 & LinkedIn I have used the longest, but use it the least. The main reason for using these channels has been to find different ways to communicate with my constituents & the broader public.  – Senator Downing uses his social media accounts to bring all his constituents together. His “customers” all “purchase” the same way, by punching holes that correspond with their values and beliefs on Election Day. Your customers may all fit into one bucket. If they do, his strategy is spot on. If they don’t (maybe you have small business customers and medium size business customers), consider creating separate social media accounts for each of your segments, and tailor the messaging and communication accordingly.  promoting reform and recovery throughout the state – Make an effort to understand what social media channels your customers use and why they use them. Some may be on Twitter, and not Facebook. Others might just use LinkedIn. Some may use all of the above. It should be your goal to have a presence wherever they are, and provide valuable information on those sites. I use the platforms each in different ways, but the unifying theme/goal would be transparency. Very few people know what their elected officials do. Sure, they know we vote, give speeches, & campaign. But those are only small slivers of our day-to-day work. For instance, each day on Facebook, I sketch a rough outline of my daily activities. I generally do the same on Twitter, but in real time. On both, to varying degrees, I share articles about issues I am involved in, or I think merit passing along to my constituents/followers. Twitter serves the dual function of allowing me to connect with constituents & aggregating political news in one easy to follow place. Finally, social media helps close the distance between the 48 communities in my Senate district, which are the furthest communities from the state capital/major media market. I use my YouTube channel to post floor speeches from the Senate, so my constituents can see me debating with my colleagues and better understand why I voted how I did. For instance, during the 2010 budget debate, I posted every tax vote that was taken and why I voted for or against each one.  At what point in your political career did you start thinking to yourself, “this is something that I need to do?” Originally published Nov 12, 2010 9:00:00 AM, updated October 01 2013 Marketing Takeaways Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Boston’s Best Marketing Week Ever

first_img and Among some of the speeches HubSpot’s User Group Summit The most eventful marketing week is coming up in Boston with the Inbound Marketing These days, there are hundreds of self-proclaimed marketing gurus online. But a lot fewer have actually earned that title by providing us with actionable marketing advice and insightful ideas. One week in September will bring you closer to these people. . IMS 2011, which will take place on September 14th and 15th, will feature some of the most In short, you don’t want to miss this event (and this week of events). So pack up and see you there! fifth annual Inbound Marketing Summit Future M The 2-day long Inbound Marketing Summit will provide you with content creation ideas, solutions for more efficient marketing and tons of networking opportunities. Honestly, we can’t wait to hear what the speakers are going to share about the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing!  (IMS), Originally published Jul 20, 2011 5:30:00 PM, updated July 12 2013 , including Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki, Jon Ferrara, Clara Shih, YoungMe Moon and Dan Heath. you will hear at IMS 2011 are Chris Brogan’s “The Changing Role of the Trust Agent,” which will tackle the increasing need of using varied analytics and metrics to demonstrate marketing value. Steve Garfield will talk about the role of video content creation in a business’ inbound marketing mix. We are also very excited to hear Barry Libert’s “The Revolution Will Be Tweeted,” in which he will discuss what the Middle East revolt means to marketers.  Topics: recognized marketing luminaries Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

17 Eye-Opening Examples of Content Visualization

first_img Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Visualized content is popping up all over the web lately, and it’s no surprise. Visual content is pleasing to the eye, stimulating, entertaining, and much more interesting than plain old text. Haven’t you noticed how much more frequently infographics seem to be making their way onto blogs and websites lately? There’s a very reasonable explanation: people love visual content.But does every piece of visual content you produce have to be as complex as a full-blown infographic? No way. And does every piece of visual content even have to highlight data? Negative. Sometimes the concept you’re trying to explain just lends itself to a more visual representation, and these types of portrayals can often make the concept much easier to follow and understand by your audience. And the benefits of visual content are huge — because it tends to be much more shareable and interesting, visual content often gets spread more virally, allowing you to extend the reach and effectiveness of your content.There are many ways you can make your content more visually appealing and effective. Some are simple, and some are more complex. Either way, visualized content is hot. Here are some awesome examples of content visualization to motivate you to start thinking more with your eyes.Free Download: How to Use Photos in Marketing1. Restaurant Social Media & Word of Mouth by Spork Media 2. The Journey of a Tweet by Next Generation Online3. Social Media Strategy Transit Map by Intersection Consulting4. Real Estate Website Linking Matrix by Brad Carroll5. Functions of the Brain by 50 Watts6. Completed Transactions by Industry by SecondMarket7. Strategic Defaults on Upside-Down Homes (Men vs. Women) by Trulia & RealtyTrac8. SEO Speed Chart by Bruce Clay9. The Six G’s of Social Media Marketing by Nonprofit Marketing Guide10. Customer Service Is the New Marketing by Intersection Consulting11. Can’t Pay the Mortgage? by Trulia & RealtyTrac12. Demand by Industry by SecondMarket13. Traditional Societal “Push” Model by Zachary Jean Paradis14. 10 Levels of Intimacy in Today’s Communication by Emilie Ogez15. Social Media Brand Influence by Eyeflow Internet Marketing16. SEO Process by Parampaul Madra17. Tablet Data by HubSpotWhat do you think of these content visualization examples? Have they inspired you to start experimenting with visual content on your website, blog, and in social media?Image Credit: Mikleman Topics: Originally published Nov 30, 2011 2:10:00 PM, updated July 28 2017 Visual Contentlast_img read more