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Turkuaz Debuts New Disco-Infused Tune, “On The Run”, With An Insane Music Video

first_imgTo say that Turkuaz has been on fire this year would be an understatement. Over the summer, the Brooklyn-based funk powerhouse made a spectacular debut at both Bonnaroo, where their performance garnered critical acclaim, and the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre supporting Lettuce. In the months since wrapping up their summer festival circuit, the group has embarked on an extensive fall tour, mesmerizing the West Coast with their dazzling live shows. The buzz around Turkuaz has been deservedly growing louder recently, and it seems like the sky is the limit for this tight group of nine funksters.Tourkuaz Diary #3: Turkuaz Hits Colorado And Reflects On Las Vegas ShootingToday, the band has released a brand-new single and a trippy accompanying music video for “On The Run”, a track produced by Jerry Harrison of The Talking Heads. The psychedelic video follows Broad City actor Chris Roberti as he navigates a crazy night at Brooklyn’s House Of Yes, a music venue and performance space that functions more of an indoor circus of sorts. The video—directed by Jay Sansone and produced by Dani Brandwein—is simultaneously whimsical and dark, complementing the vibe of the disco-infused tune.Turkuaz Honors Tom Petty, Invites DJ Williams In Los Angeles [Video]As Jerry Harrison noted of Turkuaz’s “On The Run”, “Working with Turkuaz was a total blast. We had first met when my daughter and I performed ‘Take Me to the River’ with them at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Playing that night, I was impressed with the nuances they had picked up from Talking Heads and knew that they would be fun to work with.” He continued, “Their level of musicianship was inspiring and we moved quickly through the recording process. I wanted to spend some time drawing out the power of their singing which can become submerged with such a powerful band between them. I think the results speak for themselves.”Listen to the latest from Turkuaz, and enjoy the crazy music video for “On The Run” below.last_img read more

Lowering health care costs may mean shifting where care is delivered

first_imgHow much a medical procedure costs depends on where it is performed. Giving birth at a teaching hospital, for instance, costs about $2,000 more than doing so at a community hospital. Cataract surgery at a clinic affiliated with a hospital could cost double than what it would cost at independent surgery center.These are just some of the examples cited in a June 11, 2018 New York Times article examining variations in health care costs and the benefits and drawbacks of efforts aimed at shifting some procedures from expensive settings, such as teaching hospitals, to cheaper ones, including outpatient clinics and patients’ homes.The article mentions a recent study published in Health Affairs that looked at 11.8 million hospitalizations and found that patients who seek care at academic medical centers are less likely to die compared with patients who are treated at nonteaching hospitals. The study included several authors from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, including Laura Burke, an instructor of health policy and management, and Ashish Jha, senior associate dean for research translation and global strategy and director of the Harvard Global Health Institute.While the study found that mortality rates were lower among all patients treated in teaching hospitals, the greatest difference was seen in relatively healthy patients. Read Full Storylast_img read more

Exploring the rise of point-of-sale financing

first_imgAs we’ve discussed, point-of-sale providers combine the strengths of personal loans and credit cards to target the initial consumer transactions. Lenders offer point-of-sale financing as an alternative to credit cards to meet the evolving preferences and needs of consumers. They may receive a smaller credit line than they need from their card issuers, have concerns about a negative score impact following high utilization or dislike the uncertain repayment amounts and timing of card balances. This blog is the third in a series about point-of-sale financing, discussing how it has grown in popularity, why it impacts credit cards, and whether the industry is positioned for continued traction. Read part one and part two.In my second point-of-sale financing blog, I outlined how lenders work with retailers on point-of-sale financing and the three models that companies use. Now, we’ll explore the ways lenders offer these loans to consumers and how point-of-sale can meet retailers’ needs. continue reading » How lenders are using different point-of-sale loan configurations ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

LA Lakers’ Kobe Bryant credits Spurs’ consistency for shaping his success

first_img“They forced me to raise my game to a championship level very quickly because of the way they played,” Bryant said of the Spurs. “The systematic approach to the game, their thinking on sequences, they play such a mental game. They play such a mistake-free game. It forced me at a really early age to step up to their level.”The Spurs still have the main cast of characters that fueled Bryant’s internal hunger. They featured Gregg Popovich’s commanding and innovative presence as head coach. They had Tim Duncan’s longevity, though he will sit out with knee soreness. They had Manu Ginobili’s competitiveness and clutchness, though he will also miss the game while recovering from surgery in his groin area. They had Tony Parker’s creativity. All of which helped the Spurs, including Duncan, tie Bryant’s championship ring count (five). The Spurs also eliminated the Lakers in the 2003 Western Conference semifinals and beat the Lakers in a four-game sweep in the first round in 2013, the latter series coinciding with Bryant sitting out with a season-ending injury to his left Achilles tendon. San Antonio did the same to the Lakers in 1999 in the Western Conference semifinals. The Spurs may have beaten the Lakers only by an average of seven points per game. Bryant may have averaged 21.25 points on 44.7 percent shooting during that matchup. But Bryant lent credence to the perception that San Antonio relied on substance over the Lakers’ flashy style.So Bryant spent the following offseason limiting his ball handling so he could become a more efficient player. Nearly 17 years later, Popovich called Bryant “one of the most fundamentally sound players we’ve ever seen.” Popovich added that Bryant and Jordan “are in a class by themselves.” Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error SAN ANTONIO >> For one last time, Kobe Bryant will step foot in a city that almost became his second home during the playoffs. The Lakers’ star will also face a team that both brought elation and sorrow during his NBA career.When the Lakers (11-41) visit the San Antonio Spurs (41-8) on Saturday at AT&T Center, the game itself will not have as much significance as when the Lakers won four out of seven playoff series against the Spurs between 1999 and 2013.But the moment will conjure up memories for Bryant, whose latest stop on his farewell tour elicited reflections on how the Spurs significantly shaped his quest toward achieving greatness. So much that Bryant ranked the Spurs among the top toughest opponents he’s faced. The other teams included the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls, the Sacramento Kings in the early 2000s, the Detroit Pistons in the 2004 NBA Finals loss and the Boston Celtics in the 2008 NBA Finals defeat. Quote box: “They forced me to raise my game to a championship level very quickly.” – Lakers guard Kobe Bryant on the San Antonio Spurs “You look at those guys who really understood footwork and balance and timing and an uncanny intelligence for the game,” Popovich said. “When you add his abilities and competitiveness, you got quite a package. So I don’t think it had anything to do with San Antonio. He was of the mindset that he wanted to be great and he did it.” Either way, it did not take long for Bryant to offer San Antonio some payback. The Lakers swept the Spurs in four games in the 2001 Western Conference Finals, which included a 45-point effort in Game 1 that still remains a Spurs opponent playoff record.“When I saw him doing what he was doing, I said to myself, I am witnessing basketball greatness,” said Lakers assistant coach Mark Madsen, who played with the Lakers from 2000 to 2002. “He was making shots, going around people and dunking on them. He was finishing over the length of David Robinson and Tim Duncan. He was doing a little bit of everything that game and making his teammates better. It was a special to watch.” But not for the Spurs, who also lost to the Lakers in the Western Conference semifinals in 2002 (4-1) and 2004 (4-2) as well as the Western Conference Finals in 2008 (4-2). Bryant felt the same way when he recalled how “awesome” it was Derek Fisher hit a game-winner with .04 seconds remaining in Game of the 2004 West Finals. But Popovich dreadfully recalled more images of Bryant “fading on the baseline and sticking it to us, dunking over us and guarding somebody when he decided he wanted to stop somebody.” Ginobili described Bryant as “a killer.”“It’s funny you get to see both sides. I heard everything that goes on from Coach Pop and how much he hated the Lakers and how much he hated Kobe Bryant,” said Time Warner Cable SportsNet analyst Robert Horry, who played for both the Lakers (1996-2003) and the Spurs (2003-08). “He thought Kobe was so arrogant. It wasn’t arrogance in the sense that ‘I’m better than you.’ It was arrogance in the sense that ‘I got to have this attitude because I want to be successful and kick people’s butts. I want to be a champion.’”Nonetheless, Bryant and Popovich both gushed about having extended conversations when Popovich coached Bryant in three NBA All-Star games (2005, 2011, 2013), a partnership that will continue in the 2016 NBA All-Star game on Feb. 14 in Toronto. Popovich admitted wishing he could have coached Bryant somehow. Bryant expressed a desire to have spent his career with one established coach.“I’ve been a big fan of his for a long time,” Bryant said of Popovich. “There’s so much mutual respect”Bryant and former Spurs guard Bruce Bowen viewed each other the same way amid. While Bryant averaged 28.6 points on 46.8 percent shooting against Bowen in 22 playoff games, Bowen held Bryant to 26.3 points per game average on a 42.6 percent clip through 32 regular-season contests. Hence, Bryant called Bowen a “great defensive player”“He was angular and extremely intelligent. He understood when to give me a shot, when to trap, when to contest, when to trip me,” Bryant said, laughing. “He was extremely savvy. I looked forward to those matchups because I understood that aside from the physical standpoint, he really did his homework.”Former Lakers coach Phil Jackson dismissively nicknamed Bowen “Edward Scissorhands,” but Bryant insisted “that’s a compliment because of how he uses his hands.” Meanwhile, Bowen said he and Bryant never talked trash. Instead, the two played what Bowen called “a game of chess.” Bowen tried to avoid falling for Bryant’s pumpfakes. He remained mindful Bryant would attack the basket if Bowen fell in foul trouble. Bowen consistently reminded himself all “Kobe needs is a layup” to fuel a scoring outburst. “I respect Kobe more than any other player. He knew I wasn’t out there trying to hurt him. He knew it was about competition,” said Bowen, who played for the Spurs from 2001-2009 and is currently an ESPN NBA analyst. “The most critical aspect of Kobe’s game for me was his mental focus. It was comparable to mine to not allowing things to get to the point where you lose focus off of what’s at hand.”Bryant kept that focus partly because of the Spurs, their enduring consistency driving the Lakers’ star to do the same. All of which partly helped Bryant last 20 NBA seasons. last_img read more

Kisner keads Penn Hills into showdown at Woodland Hills

first_imgBILLY KISNER (Photos by William McBride)Penn Hills quarterback Billy Kisner rushed for two touchdowns and threw a touchdown pass in the Indians 55-28 win over Seneca Valley, The Indians will have a showdown against rival Woodland Hills on Friday, Oct. 24 at 7:30 p.m.ISIAH JONES of Penn Hills sprints 70 yards for a touchdown in the Indians 55-28 win over Seneca Valley TE’SHAN CAMPBELL of Penn Hills rushed for two touchdowns to help the Indians to a 55-28 win over Seneca Valley in WPIAL action. (Photos by William McBride)last_img read more

Voters Approve RBR Referendum

first_imgLITTLE SILVER – In a special school election held Dec. 11, voters in three boroughs approved a $17.3 million capital improvements plan for Red Bank Regional High School. The first proposal included a new roof ($4 million), renovation of existing facilities ($4.6 million) and the construction of 10 new classrooms ($7.1 million) for a price tag of $15.7 million in addition to state funding. Of the 2,186 votes cast on the first referendum question, 69 percent of the voters said yes, and 31 percent voted no. The second proposal centered on replacing Red Bank Regional’s grass football field with a multisport turf surface ($1.6 million) and upgrading the facility’s restrooms and concession stand ($730,000) for a cost of $2.3 million. Of the 2,170 votes cast on the second question. 59 percent voted yes and 40 percent voted no. Part of that presentation focused on the $4.9 million in state aid the school is expected to receive toward the plan. “I think you need to maintain the standards of the school,” Bill said. “The proposal for the artificial turf is a little bit of add-on, I think. But I can see how that ties into maintaining the infrastructure of the property.” Red Bank Regional Superintendent Louis B. Moore said the school community also reached more than 400 residents over that span, each time stressing that if the plan was not approved, the potential to cut school programming would increase and school taxes would surge. The rapid growth cut into enrollment at Red Bank Regional’s respected five academies by out-of-district tuition-paying students. Tuition revenue decreased from $4 million to $2.8 million during that time period. “The big takeaway for me, aside from the fact that both questions passed, is that both questions passed in all three towns,” said Red Bank Regional Board of Education member Frank A. Neary Jr. in a interview with The Two River Times Tuesday night. With these improvements, board member Neary said all the data and projections he and the board possess shows Red Bank Regional in a “good position for the foreseeable future.” “We have some wonderful academic programs. We also have some great specialty programs in our academies. These renovations are going to bring our facility up to speed. We have the programs, we have an incredible staff, now we’re going to have the facilities that will allow us to continue to grow. Red Bank Regional is on a roll,” Moore added. After 2023, costs are expected to drop to $12, $13 and $15 per year, respectively, school board officials said. All of their children have attended Red Bank Regional. Now their grandchildren are preparing to enter the high school, and the Hanrattys were both motivated to cast “yes” votes in Tuesday’s election. Moore said the focus of the improvement plan was always academics. According to unofficial results published Wednesday by the Monmouth County Clerk’s office, Red Bank Regional school district voters in Little Silver, Shrewsbury and Red Bank approved a $17.3 million plan for upgrades to the school’s academic and athletic facilities. The reason why, Moore said, is because enrollment is on an upward trend at the Ridge Road high school. Over the past four years, classroom space had become tight due to growing in-district enrollment. Each homeowner will have a different tax burden depending on the town they live in and the assessed value of their home. According to the school board, the average cost to Little Silver residents will be an additional $23 per year. It will be an average of $22 more in Red Bank and $24 more in Shrewsbury. Neary spent the last six months championing the improvements plan to more than 60 school district groups. Bill and Margie Hanratty have been Little Silver residents since 1978 when the U.S. Navy stationed Bill at Naval Weapons Station Earle in the Leonardo section of Middletown Township. “This was an overwhelming show of support from all three communities, and I think that’s because this is a reasonable plan that was well thought out,” Neary added. “We were clear about this from the beginning. The academic program came first,” said Moore, noting that Proposal No. 2 for the turf field could not pass if Proposal No. 1 failed. “We’ve supported Red Bank Regional for many years and we’d like it to maintain its reputation,” Margie added. “We’re not in perfect condition. And no- body knows what’s going to happen 10 or 20 years down the road, but we think for a good amount of time this is going to be a very reasonable plan. It’s not the perfect plan. But it’s a reasonable plan. And the administration and staff here can make it work,” Neary added. Residents were asked to weigh in on two questions in the voting booth.last_img read more

Jolly simply too much for pack at Fall Svoboda Trail Running Race

first_img“The course was challenging with 2000 of climbing over the 13 kilometer loop, but everyone seamed to love it,” said race organizer Randy Richmond.”It was great to see some high school kids kicking but out there too, especially Linnea Sharelove who is only 14 years old.”The race is sponsored by Nelson’s Trail Running Series.Proceeds from the race go directly to improvements of the Nelson running trails.Next race is slated for later this month in Kaslo. The race is dubbed the Kaslo Suffer Fest.Race Results: Scott Jolly         1:23:58 Cail Spencer      1:26:56 Levi Smith        1:27:34 Jon Fancis         1:28:30 Sandy Boyd      1:29:45 Sasha Kabalis    1:30:19 Leanne Douglas 1:30:40 349 ?                   1:31:04 Scott Spencer     1:34:17 Jaime Frederick 1:34:44 Richard Klein     1:41:35 Nicola Everton   1:41:35 Greg Smith         1:46:00 Chris Stoich        1:46:20 Andy Daley        1:50:53 Graeme Marshall 1:50:53 Laurie Holton      1:52:51 Yogita Bouchard 1:53:00 Linnea Sharelove 2:05:22 Scott Jolly edged Cail Spencer by more than two minutes to capture the Fall Svoboda Trail Running Race Saturday.Jolly breezed over the 13 kilometer loop in a time of one hour, 23 minutes and 58 seconds.Spencer was next followed by Levi Smith in a time of 1:27.34.last_img read more

Leafs double Storm, run winning streak to five games

first_imgIn the third Nelson ran into penalty troubles allowing the Storm to cut the lead to 3-2 in the final two minutes.But a seeing-eye empty net goal by Carsen Willans ended any hopes of an amazing comeback.“Carsen’s goal was a relief because Kamloops was coming hard so that goal was big,”  confessed Soles, who faced 14 shots int the period.Austin Braid and Spencer Schoech scored for Kamloops.Saturday’s win completes a six-game in nine-day stretch for the Leafs, a time frame that saw Nelson win five of the games.“We’ve come together a lot more,” Soles explained when asked about the recent hot streak.“We started only .500 but lately we’ve been battling hard and we’re winning games because of it.”Nelson, finishing the month of October 8-3, host Beaver Valley Nitehawks Friday at 7 p.m. in the NDCC Arena. No doubt the Hawks will be looking for some payback after getting hammered by Nelson 10-3 last Tuesday.The Leafs then face Sicamous Eagles Sunday at 2:30 p.m.LEAF NOTES: Matthew Naka had an early night as the Leaf center got involved in a fight during the first period. . . . Defenceman Cole Arcuri missed is expected to be back in the lineup after recovering from an injury suffered earlier this month against Fernie. . . .New Leaf Kyler Wilkinson saw his first action for Nelson coming to the Heritage City franchise last week in a trade that saw Matti Jmaeff go to the Creston Thunder Cats. Brett Soles didn’t have a lot of work to do during the first 40 minutes of Saturday night’s Kootenay International Junior Hockey League game against the Kamloops Storm.Soles saved his best saves for the third period, stopping all but one shot to power the Leafs to a 4-2 decision over the Kamloops Storm at the NDCC Arena.The win, the fifth straight for the Green and White, allows Nelson to remain in top spot in the Neil Murdoch Division, four points in front of the idle Castlegar Rebels.Castlegar hosts Kamloops Sunday in the Sunflower City.“The boys kept it easy for me through the first two periods . . . I only had 13 shots,” Soles said from outside the Leafs dressing room. “In the third Kamloops came out hard and was battling but we managed only to allow them one goal in the third so it was good.”Nelson controlled most of the play through the first two periods, but ran into a hot netminder in former Leaf Marcus Beasley.Beasley, who was traded to Kamloops last season after failing to latch on with Prince George of the B.C. Hockey League, kept the game close as Nelson fired 30-plus shots at the Storm net through 40 minutes.Still Nelson was able to beat Beasley three times on goals by Jacob Boyczuk, Colton McCarthy and Kevin Bow to lead 3-1.last_img read more

DFDS Earnings Rise Despite Brexit Woes

first_imgzoomIllustration. Source: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license Danish ferry and logistics company DFDS closed the second quarter of this year with an increase in its earnings despite challenges posed by Brexit.DFDS’ revenue was up 9% in Q2 2019, rising to DKK 4.2 billion (USD 629.9 million) from DKK 3.9 billion seen in the corresponding quarter last year.In addition, EBITDA increased 4% to DKK 989 million in the quarter ended June 30, 2019, from DKK 802 million posted in Q2 2018.As explained, the growth in revenue and earnings in Q2 was mainly driven by the expansion in the Mediterranean and higher passenger revenue.A reversal of the UK stockpiling in Q1 lowered freight revenue and earnings in Q2 for most activities linked to UK trade. The latter was mitigated by income from an agreement with UK Department for Transport, according to DFDS.“Brexit is an exceptional situation currently lowering volumes in our ferry and logistics network. In spite of this headwind, we are still on track to continue our growth this year. The work to deliver on our new strategic and financial ambitions has started and progress is well under way,” Torben Carlsen, CEO of DFDS, commented.Outlook 2019The company said that the visibility on Europe’s growth path, particularly in northern Europe, has been further reduced in recent months following political changes in the UK.Rising uncertainty about Brexit is currently contributing to a considerable slowdown in UK trade as manufacturers and importers/exporters are adopting a wait-and-see approach to gain more visibility.On the other hand, trading between Europe and Turkey has become an important driver for DFDS. The Turkish economy continues to rebalance following the extraordinary TRY depreciation in August 2018.As a result of the above factors, the expected revenue growth is lowered at 6-8% (previously: 10-12%) and EBITDA before special items is lowered 6% to a range of DKK 3.5-3.8bn (previously: DKK 3.8-4.0bn).In 2019, DFDS plans to invest in the further development of digital capabilities to improve operational efficiency. This would entail additional costs of up to DKK 100 million.Read more:DFDS Unveils Key Strategic Pillars for Next 5 YearsDFDS Invests in Startup to Develop, Test Marine BiofuelDFDS Chooses DESMI Ocean Guard BWMS for Entire FleetDFDS Gets New CEO after 12 Yearslast_img read more