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Why MS Dhoni never allowed his players to abuse opposition

first_imgMahendra Singh Dhoni has his own way of doing things and more often than not, they come off perfectly in his favour. Dhoni’s calm persona on the field and ability to soak in pressure without making any fuss, has earned him the title of ‘Captain Cool’.He is seen to be animated or shouting as well. Who can forget the Manish Pandey incident in South Africa, when MS screamed at Pandey for not paying attention to his partner’s call or the odd times when the fielders are off their mark. But, most of the times, his remarks are cheeky and will make people laugh on the field…ask people, who have heard Dhoni’s stump-mike recordings on the internet. However, they are equally effective and get the job done.Cricket is a sport where tensions sore and people sledge to distract their opponents. At times, it goes out of hand and very personal. But, MSD feels that one should never use cuss words regarding mothers and sisters on the cricket field and believes that abusing the family members of the players will not affect the person in question and it goes to waste.”‘Goli maarta hai apne style mein (He shoots in his own style.) He says the problem is if I allow my boys to give maa-behen ki gaali (swear words involving someone’s mother or sister); it’s they and not the one being subjected to it who’ll feel the pinch of what they’ve done for the rest of the day’. He doesn’t believe in overt displays of aggression. He believes that if you want to hurt them, do it in your style, not in their way. If they believe in swearing, you don’t need to do it,” Bharat Sundaresan wrote in his book The Dhoni Touch.advertisementWhen MS Dhoni asked his men not to publicly celebrate ODI win vs AustraliaThat was and has been Dhoni’s way of dealing with sledging on the field since he became captain in 2007.”Incidentally, seven years and two tours later, Dhoni hadn’t changed his opinion on the matter. In the 2014-15 Test series in Australia, which was riddled with incidents of players like Virat Kohli, David Warner and Brad Haddin being at each other’s throats, Dhoni spoke about how he never held his players back from a confrontation, but only asked them never to get personal. It’d been his opinion throughout. Dhoni wasn’t just good at defusing tetchy situations with the opposing team. He could, at times, put his own teammates at ease in a tense scenario,” Sundaresan added in his book that decodes one of the finest minds of Indian cricket.Sundaresan also gives an insight into the tumultuous times of Indian cricket with Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings in the centre of it in 2013. The spot-fixing saga was happening and CSK’s owners were in the thick of things regarding the issues. Chennai were in the final and playing Mumbai Indians at the Eden Gardens.MS Dhoni struggling at the moment, India too top-heavy: Sourav GangulyWith all the off-field activity, the CSK players had no idea about what to do and were waiting for a pep-talk from their inspirational captain…but, that never came. Instead, came the most unlikeliest of advices ahead of a high-octane final. MS Dhoni believes that abusing the family members of the players will not affect the person in question (Reuters Photo)”Take the 2013 IPL final. Chennai Super Kings had been in the trenches. The spot-fixing saga was at its peak and throwing up names and scandals on a daily basis. Their team principal, who was later described as a ‘cricket enthusiast’, was out on bail. The team was under the pump. The players had been in a lockdown at the hotel. As the CSK players prepared for the customary huddle near the boundary ropes, Dhoni sensed the tension around him. Vexed faces, local and foreign, all waiting for their captain to speak magic words of inspiration and motivation. Dhoni stuck to his straight-faced approach. He said, ‘Boys, we are second on the IPL Fair Play Award rankings. I want us to do everything we can to finish on top of that list. Good luck.’ And he was off. Later, he told a teammate that it was his way of breaking the tension,” wrote Sundaresan.Dhoni has always stood apart from the rest. His ways, his thought process and his actions have made sense to few and baffled most but when it comes to making an impact, very few in the history of the game has managed to make the same amount of it or outshine the man from Ranchi.advertisementAnd, as he comes to the twilight of his career, it continues to be so.last_img read more