Month: September 2017

Why the new station only included not included in the page

station only included not included in the page, in the past 10-15 days included, so this phenomenon is not surprising, but now some owners will find love, now Shanghai to the railway station is not so simple, but some will only included the home page not included in the page, even one or two months are not included in the page the following diagram, this could be a new love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, then why the station only included not included in the page, and the blog together Fujian Shanghai Dragon (www. Shanghai dragon hyq贵族宝贝) see. read more

The relationship between Shanghai and the quantitative factors of the Dragon

, your website data better than competitors, like your performance better than colleagues, you just watching colleagues promotion and salary raise.


we do Shanghai dragon is actually the maintenance of this process some quantitative data. If the data is better than peers, and continued toward the good direction, the site’s ranking will rise steadily.

when every love Shanghai update, always a few happy worry. Needless to say the rankings, ranking off friends, mostly do not analyze the reasons for summing up experience, but to take the same actions: complain. Shanghai love a good cheap ah! So the website can also refuse the first row! What my site looks much better than he was at K. read more

Love the sea index upgrade tool

the bread 贵族宝贝mianbao0贵族宝贝/ feeds, please keep the link

my blog has been personally written, every one is the original content, for the love of Shanghai system upgrade, I had high expectations, but wait to be disappointed. Not only included reduced, even the original Shanghai dragon ranking disappeared, it is right down the possibility of blog, maybe it is a fire. The blog from the on-line date, have followed the original principles of each article are bloggers write, but blog content has been a large number of pirated collection of original content, I have not been included, the pirates pirated my article was included, the search engine is likely to put my blog as a piracy to deal with, so the blog drop right. read more

Lu Guofu how much is the effectiveness of the Wuhan Shanghai dragon keywords

Maintain the

through the diagram you can see today only 13 user is searching the "Wuhan Shanghai dragon" this word came to my blog, see the data some friend or unbelievable, 240 index results only 13 IP in, but as our Shanghai dragon ER on the data or acceptable. After all, this is an industry word, and many webmaster in the keywords ranking, so many webmaster every day to see the word search keywords (of course, I also like, every day will do a little contribution). I also wrote an article in Shanghai love index statistics right? So do such word up, want to take a single role of friends or not, rather than directly to the users to search the word "Wuhan website optimization company" "Wuhan site promotion company" "Wuhan site promotion service" "Wuhan website optimization of service" and so on, many users may directly search words like love. So we took over a site, to consider a number of factors, not only through the love of Shanghai query index to determine the keyword of the website, if my blog is to pick a single optimization, then I can responsibly tell you that my keyword selection fails, after all, many users still don’t know what is the Shanghai dragon, they only according to their own thinking to search. So we do in the wake of an industry, to continue to stand in the user’s point of view, so we choose the word just targeted, can we bring effective flow to the website, our marketing success, Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to maximize the benefits, advise the webmaster friends don’t care too much ranking. This article will write here, right away 12 points, thank you support. read more

Website optimization keywords positioning strategy of enterprises

everyone is clear, the establishment of the enterprise was not in order to exchange the name card with a WWW logo. Our purpose is to use the site to help the traditional marketing mode. Before an article mainly introduces some views on the website of the search engines, I want to talk about how to choose keywords website today.

keyword tool to find the key words also can improve our efficiency. >

web site operators, because very familiar with their own industry and products, in the choice of keywords when you think users will not rule out the word search users will search. In fact, many users and businesses want to is not the same. So, as far as possible consultation in the choice of keywords and your friends and relatives, if they need this kind of product will search and collect what word. read more

Love Shanghai keyword search rankings by the enterprise supplementary prosecution dispute again

in 2010, when the company wants to "Uncle Tom shoes" as the key words of love Shanghai, but was told that the key has been another company registered the bid.

with the plaintiff

"this is in the use of our reputation to attract customers." Mr. Duan believes that the defendant company alleged trademark infringement.

"this is likely speculation." The company responsible person Mr. Wang somewhat helpless, he is sure not to take advantage of others to do brand promotion. Because the company in Chongqing has dozens of stores, the company’s brand is one of the best in the country. read more

The new Shanghai dragon how to do

2, improve the basic functions of the site

3, web site keywords

1, select the domain name and space

The layout of

new station on the line at the beginning of the selected site must be considered overall keywords and reasonable layout, especially.

must be based on good domain name and space, want to let the site later get more use, show its value from the points, so the details must be strictly in the domain of choice must be based on the actual situation of the enterprises, often select the domain name in China on the need to grasp whether the domain name suffix, Lenovo remember, whether can even reflect the corporate brand. The telephone or initials of the domain name choice enterprise can grasp the relevant keywords, remember the website domain name must be short and don’t be too long. And the website space for the purchase of more important issues to consider the need to configure, traffic restrictions, restrictions and IIS which have the basic functions, which need to be considered, especially for space velocity and stability must pass the test data. It is recommended to grasp the domestic authoritative server business space in the purchase of space, and do a good job of monitoring the operation stage in the process, once the space problems, timely and effective treatment, of course, the best case is the use of server. read more

Why do you study Wangzhuan tutorial rice and vegetable roll to make moneyState Council on the curren

from my contact Wangzhuan also have a lot of time, this circle will not be outside the transparent know, but for some just contact network and now the network make friends, I think the actual situation analysis about why you read so many Wangzhuan tutorial does not earn money or earn only a little just to you with.

a person to do a project can earn a lot of money, one thousand people do a project, each people earn very little money, which is why many people do Wangzhuan tutorial in the sale and hard disk encryption reasons, because they did not like the project is spread too wide. read more

Keywords ranking how to surpass competitors

home page layout


do not blindly in pursuit of visual effect, while ignoring the most basic needs of users, I came here to get information. Do not use a lot of pictures or flash, one of these things may affect the download speed, before the user does not open your site, he had chosen to leave, then you again gorgeous and what is the meaning of it.

2, Mo Hua and not real


two, imitation of competitors

Jin Yong’s martial arts novels of the heroes in the river walk, not from decades of hard work, to practice Kung Fu again coming out. Do Shanghai dragon is the same, we go out in the promotion before, first base our website to play well, it is better done in the lining, and then packed promotion. As the entertainment stars, if not only rely on self repair, packaging is only speculation, but not evergreen flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. So for the site, we should do what the basic read more