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The new era of Shanghai dragon leap is no longer optimal copy paste

crazy collection content era

In view of the

website construction of content requirements, the operators of the collector development is more and more crazy, especially the construction of content sites, the need for information.

like A5 has canceled the forum signature function, the author believes that Chinaz, 28, behind the push will have to make a decision, this is not going to break the outer link station, but to remind you to do the high quality of the chain, Shanghai, copy and paste the end of the era, with the pace of updating search algorithm in order to keep pace with the new era, Shanghai dragon leap. read more

Yun Long so you really understand what is the operation of the Shanghai Dragon

then I’ll teach you some important part of the construction of Shanghai dragon.

chain is not want you to go to a website to send a "XXXX what new serial address >

.The chain and the contents of. Shanghai dragon

course, the Shanghai dragon, but how are we going to find online optimization? Numerous data, you really understand? Actually I think should not? If you really understand all will not wander in the primary stage of the webmaster.

1. template optimization.

a lot of friends although some understanding of Shanghai dragon, but often the important template Shanghai dragon to omitting, this I say is some novice to use CMS to build web site users, although offer template, but you can guarantee that the template provider is completely to help you put the Shanghai dragon optimization done? The answer is no the Shanghai dragon, you will understand the template optimization, page INDEX is right the highest category pages, pages. Secondly we must first understand the working principle of the spider, the spider crawling principle has many kinds, I will give an example of it, such as the 贵族宝贝 home page, the spider crawling through to our home page, will be from our website to find more content along the page or list page links, spiders also has many small spiders accompanied together like diffusion, the site of a center point, Then the main location in the center position of web spider, related information of all the auxiliary expanding type of spider climb out the list of pages and content pages, form a cycle back to the main spider if our website template can not open the page of the spider crawling will terminate at last, so this template you still dare to use? Shanghai Longfeng template we said optimization is the need of infinite loop to make the chain, don’t let the spider find end point, so the spider web site in the rankings or bad keywords you want to.. read more

Effect of registration contains digital domain name on the search engine


through the above analysis we give the owners a reminder, in the website construction, website URL selection contains digital domain name carefully, otherwise in the search engine does not dominate. This is the reason why the WordPress fans don’t contain digital domain name registration. WordPress Theme 贵族宝贝wpmee贵族宝贝, please indicate the source of our website, thank you for your cooperation.

had statistics is the zz155 domain name information, but there is not many related web content, so the chain, not only affects the number of sites of the outreach, also affect the domain name site in the search engine’s reputation. read more

From those things mogujie贵族宝贝 spy pictures Shanghai Dragon

in title of a page, I think every webmaster have the experience, search engine for the evaluation of a page came largely from the title. Key channels at the same time it is also the first time to obtain the user information page. For our site may be a lot of pictures are repeated, especially the waterfall flow site, if our title is the same as the picture widely, then this will restrict the collection of pictures. As a picture of the page below mogujie贵族宝贝, we can see that this page has a detailed and unique title, this not only let us picture page for the search engine more friendly, also can let our visitors find everything fresh and new. read more

How to improve the inside pages instead of keywords ranking by long tail words

fourth: pay attention to the contents of the layout

photo text is now almost the most users love browsing, users not only to love watching those boring text information, and page interspersed with pictures can make the page look more abundant. Of course, the search engine is considered in terms of the user, as long as the inside pages of your content rich enough, can give the user more body >

spider crawling love are a clear line of site, so you want to point on our site spider climb, it is necessary to give spider lay a clear path, that is to say we want to optimize the internal structure and label. The influence of the internal structure of "quality largely, and the quality of the web page directly decides the page rank. Therefore, we should pay attention to the CSS and DIV programming and web page META tag writing, so as to attract the spider to our page, we add weight inside pages. read more

Love Shanghai know that the chain Raiders released five errors in four skills

error four: just leave the chain on the line

error two: as long as the chain left on the success of the

love Shanghai is know for many webmaster and I was one of those scorched by the flames, a year ago, the first time I began to love Shanghai know the hair of the chain, began to contact, the feeling is still relatively easy, but two days later found that this does not leave, it will not leave, it was the heart has died, so this year I experience it is a bumpy road, hundreds of thousands will be cut off, finally summed up love Shanghai know that the chain released to the Raiders five mistakes — remember four tips. read more

A murder caused by the chain blog

at this time, a heart impulse, but especially, why don’t I make a will do its first. Then began to make a mistake, originally just included, love Shanghai for me is really good, the same day the updated snapshot, 10 consecutive days are so, I do not have this point since full, started playing the evil idea, I long ago registered in the blog on the best number of what website, to the same type of station of station of its own and very high weight together sent, the thinking about the blog soon included, I will bring an unexpected surprise, but in the Post issued after three days to go, my original ranking suddenly disappeared, the snapshot also stopped, ah – ah, but this is mainly for the love of Shanghai, Google’s performance is quite outstanding, the station after the rankings. A well-known site. read more

How love Shanghai in ten days to achieve 4 weight 1

I do the medical website optimization, before going to work every day to check the total love, love Shanghai collected, and ranking, I’m just a member of the public in the webmaster, this article is not what quality is mainly and share my website is only less than ten days, the weight from 1 love Shanghai 4, what I do, I will say with the following. After all, not talking about the high quality of the knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, are some of my steps, please veterans, in germany.

The following section read more

Discussion what keyword density in which interval is the most appropriate

I had more than one time for the keyword density test of Shanghai dragon is most favorable in other sites, but let the disappointment, does not draw useful conclusions from these tests. The testing process is that, for the same website, according to the natural principle to add keywords, keyword density increased to about 5%, other content are not changed, after a month, it seems not what website ranking and the progress, reduce home page keyword density to 1.5%, other the content are not changed, then after a month, the ranking of the site is basically maintained at the same level, nor what setback, this was a little bit confusing. read more

Do not focus on the optimization of long tail keywords you out

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1: mining long tail keywords

3: the content of

2: do long tail keywords optimization

Shanghai dragon has been quite a long period of time, the website keyword optimization is Shanghai dragon ER each repeated every day to do, its purpose is to improve the ranking of words. Keywords and in the main keywords and long tail keywords, long tail keywords is also of great importance in Shanghai dragon, can not only bring about steady flow to the site, is also the site of potential customers. But for the long tail keywords optimization is always a difficult problem, it should be how to optimize the long tail keywords read more