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Mar 20, 2017 fuhunxpj

he is a dim lamp, can light up the hearts of millions of people; he is a feeling heart song, his voice sounds into people’s mind — he is Lei Feng. In his short and brilliant life, he showed his noble qualities of serving the people heart and soul and selfless dedication. Although Lei Feng is very far away from us, but his precious spiritual wealth is deeply engraved in our hearts…… There are so many people around us, the continuation of Lei Feng’s footsteps, heritage of the spirit of Lei Feng, with their little strength to do something for others. Matter is ordinary, meaning is extraordinary.

Jiang Jingui, male, Hui, 40 years old, Qinghai Ruida Taxi Co., Ltd. green AT1338 taxi driver.

2012 February 7th morning 10 pm, Jiang master in the taxi operation of Binhe Road Town Middle Size banquet hotel door saw a couple walking in, at that moment, the man suddenly fell to the ground, Ms. immediately stepped up man, he saw Manlianshixue unconscious, lady scared face pale quickly call. Jiang master felt the situation was serious, then turn the car round the car two people stop, hurried off and injured condition, want to get the injured to the hospital, but she was afraid of her husband’s face blood the ginger master taxi dirty refused to get on the train, Jiang said the master "never mind, dirty can be washed now life is the most important". Ms. Jiang heard the words of the master, my heart feel warm, at this time woman’s family, because living in the vicinity, so soon your car arrived, ginger teacher helped him and his family, the man carried on the car and watched them leave, then slowly started their own taxi.

after the couple would like to thank the injured ginger mentor this spirit of helping others, through the license plate number to find the company and the owner of the phone Jiang master. When Jiang received a phone call to know who the caller is, the first question is asked: "you love all right?" The couple moved very much. Through the exchange of Taiwan expressed heartfelt thanks, and ginger teacher just smiled and said, everyone has a difficult time, we have reached out to help a gang is the!" Common, ordinary language, unusual moves, inspires every ordinary people to learn ginger master, he is our next example, his behavior reflects a taxi driver to let people admire the noble act.


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