FRST youth film show venture capital will be held to invest in young people

Mar 20, 2017 kpzhojlh

July 28th morning, FIRST youth film show venture capital will be held in Xining, 7 young directors to a number of investors to promote the film project.

2012 as China · Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival jury judges famous screenwriter reeds, after listening to 7 young director film project described said: "for a long time have not seen a young film director who works, see many works of young directors in the movie show, feel very surprise, especially this is a very significant achievement in documentary film festival." In addition, he also called for the film industry should pay more attention to new forces.

in the interview, many young director said to be considering Qinghai as their film shooting base project will in the future, let more people through their understanding of the great beauty of Qinghai film.  

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