Old Xining the lost cultural venues in Xining

Mar 20, 2017 ixhnnluq

The last century before 80s, Xining people’s entertainment is the main way of viewing, theatre, movies, public entertainment facilities came into being. At that time, almost every enterprise and institution has a hall and supporting the living facilities, Xining has built a large entertainment venues, to meet the needs of the masses of cultural and sports life. The public is frequented except for having heard it many times, still keep the South Gate of the stadium, the stadium and Xining stadium Simon, and Popular Cinema (Dongguan Street now Huang Heyuan Holiday Hotel); 51 Club (now Xining City 51 Cultural Palace); Huang (Huang light cinema light cross now Yidong Trade City); Shi Po Street Theatre (now the commercial small horse); new theatre (Yinmahe street now flyover mall); Workers Cultural Palace (now Confucious’Temple Cultural Street); liberation theater (now the new grand department store); South Beach Cinema (now City Nanshan Road farmers field); the people’s Theatre (located in West Street, later renamed the Qinghai people’s Theatre); the people’s Cinema (West Street, Wangfujing department store B hall, was converted into the Xining film center); Xining Cinema (now West Main Street Bestway Hotel); construction Club (North Lane at the Thai meteorological building); Qinghai (54 street theatre Qing drama studio); Traffic Club (south of the provincial transportation hospital); small bridge club (small bridge street is now a Hakka supermarket).

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