On the cheap low cost should swear diligent and honest cadres urged

Mar 20, 2017 uzfthmxj

, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and seriously organize the new promotion of leading cadres before any honest conversation

According to the provisions of

"leading cadres before honest conversation system", strengthen the education of Party’s new leading cadres, leading cadres to promote self-discipline, enhance the consciousness of diligent and honest, in July 5th, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection on 45 new mention of leading cadres collective before any honest conversation.

Deputy Secretary of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection of Comrade Wang Xuewen on the new

, leading cadres at the specific requirements put forward from three aspects: to enhance learning, improve self-cultivation, enhance party spirit, improve the ability to do the work. two to hard work, conscientiously perform their duties responsibly, strictly implement democratic centralism, according to the principle of collective leadership and responsibility, earnestly fulfill their duties, earnestly implement the clean and honest, fulfill a pair of tasks ". three to self-disciplined, adhere to the diligent and honest, continue to strengthen self-cultivation, to be careful, careful desire, right Shenwei, Shendu, careful friends, strictly enforce the various provisions of the "code of ethics".


requirements of the new leading cadres to mention any wrote "table", the basic situation of leading cadres "leading cadres honest registration form", "leading cadres honest registration form two" and "Datong county level cadres honest conversation during the registration form", and how to do the job of diligent and honest honest commitment, from 8 aspects should through, the new leading cadres to mention any further clarify the relevant content of diligent and honest. Finally, the collective oath. Through honest conversation, fill in the registration form, the commitment, the oath and other measures, and effectively improve the ability of leading cadres and corruption of the sense of honesty in politics. ()


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