People head big every two phone calls in a report for noise pollution

Mar 20, 2017 jsbaengf

with the warming of the weather, the construction site of the major construction projects have been started in Xining and return to work, private units to extend the night hours of work, to bring a certain degree of impact on the lives of the surrounding residents.

May 2nd, April, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau received reports from the public telephone near two hundred times, which, on the night of the construction site noise pollution amounted to more than 100 times. In other words, on average every two phone calls, there is a noise pollution. According to the relevant person in charge of Xining Environmental Protection Bureau of environmental protection 110, at present, the noise pollution is still the most concerned about the environmental problems of the public, some people suffer from the construction site noise caused by the construction of the night. Secondly, the public is more reflected in the air pollution caused by cooking fumes, coal dust, etc..

compared with the same period last year, noise pollution complaints increased in April this year, an upward trend. To this end, the Xining municipal environmental protection departments will increase the unit’s noise pollution monitoring efforts, to prolong the operation time, night long unauthorized construction, in violation of the relevant provisions on environmental protection, on the spot ordered to stop all construction activities, on repeated warnings, be severely punished.


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