Moroccans in Algeria Will no Longer Have Permanent Residence Permit

Oct 12, 2019 reseoyvd

Rabat – Moroccans living in Algeria are no longer entitled to permanent residence permit, which will be replaced by a renewable one. According to Tunisian news website Echorouk, both Moroccans and Tunisians will not be able to stay in Algeria for an unlimited period of time.The Algerian authorities have decided to replace the unlimited term residence permit with a temporary one that will be renewed every three months. The decision is justified by the alleged involvement of citizens of both countries in cases of terrorism and drug trafficking, organized crime and smuggling networks, Echorouk said. The same source added that the decision has already been taken on Monday by the Algerian Ministry of Interior and local communities.Nevertheless, an exception is made for Moroccans who are married to Algerian women or have children with an Algerian national. They will have to renew their residence permit every two years instead of every three months.

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