Spain Arrests 2 More Migrants for Assault of Ceuta Guards

Oct 12, 2019 vshjjzdg

Rabat – Spanish authorities arrested two more sub-Saharan migrants on Wednesday for alleged violence while forcefully crossing the Spain-Morocco border at Ceuta in July.While reporting on the new arrests, AFP gave more details about the 10 previously arrested migrants who were involved in July 26 massive crossing of the fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.On Tuesday, Spain arrested the first 10 migrants: 7 Guineans, 2 Cameroonians, and 1 Togolese. Authorities arrested the migrants for “organizing and leading the massive and violent intrusion,” according to the Spanish Civil Guard.Police placed the arrested migrants at a reception center for migrants in Ceuta.The migrants will be charged with “violence against police and assault.”On July 26, more than 600 sub-Saharans successfully crossed the border between Morocco and Ceuta. Along with border guards, dozens of migrants were injured during the incursion.On August 22, allegedly 300 migrants tried to storm the border of Ceuta. Spanish authorities, however, accounted for only  115 of them, while other reports estimated the number at between 100 and 200.Every year, hundreds of migrants take the risky sea route or cross controlled fences to reach the Eldorado. However, Spain has reactivated an agreement concluded with Morocco in 1992. The agreement allows Spain to deport migrants to the kingdom. On August 23, Spanish authorities implemented the agreement, sending back 116 migrants to Morocco who had entered Ceuta on August 22. Quoted by AFP, the Spanish Ministry of Interior said the migrants had the “opportunity to seek asylum but have not done so.”

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