Toronto man charged in St Catharines drug investigation

Oct 7, 2019 nejtztqx

A Toronto man is facing a slew of charges in a drug investigation by Niagara Regional Police.Police say members of the St. Catharines Street Crime Unit and Guns, Gangs and Grows Unit have been investigating since last month.A Toronto man was believed to be selling cocaine and fentanyl from various address in St. Catharines.Police executed a search warrant for a home and motor vehicle on Collier St. Thursday afternoon.Officers found a loaded 45 caliber handgun along with crack cocaine, heroin laced with fentanyl and over $3,000 believed to be the proceeds of drug sales.Kenneth McCalla, 24, is facing several charges including possession for the purpose of trafficking, carrying a concealed weapon and unauthorized possession of a restricted firearm.Police say McCalla was already bound by a firearms prohibition because of previous criminal convictions.

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