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Mar 19, 2017 nejtztqx

the long-awaited new train station in Xining tomorrow will be unveiled: an integration of multiple service facilities, reflect the elevated waiting, underground import a new model of the train station, will greet eight side guests with a brand-new face. How is the traffic around the train station? How the public in the shortest possible time to choose the most convenient route? Bus terminal schedule will be how to arrange? For all types of travel crowd, the evening news reporter tailored a set of intimate passenger travel guide for passengers to choose the way to ride the car, open a warm journey.

train station around the ring road network like

The citizens of

how to easily go to the train station one way:
– drive away from the riverside road through hard Lane (bridge) and Gonghe bridge, across the Huangshui River, arrived at the Xining Railway Station.
– drive away from downtown route: the public can also drive the auxiliary road directly from the highway south road, Qilian road and the mutual construction of the new Xining Railway Station arrives.
– platform 3 bus routes: 31 Road, 16 Road, 104 Road, 107 Road, 103 road.
– platform 4 bus routes: 20 road, 28 Road, 7 Road, 27 road;
– platform 6 bus routes: 3 Road, road 11;
– platform 7 bus lines are: 1 road, 40 road.

passengers how to get into the train;

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