ROAD TO QATAR 2015 Slight favorites big outsiders…

Sep 22, 2019 tvsbpdsa

European battles for World Championship 2015 in Qatar begin on Saturday! 18 teams, nine fantastic clashes ahead of us at the end of brilliant handball season. giving the small prediction of chances on the “Road to Qatar 2015”:Poland vs. Germany First leg: Saturday, 16:45 hrs (55% – 45%)Romania vs. Sweden First leg: Saturday, 18:00 hrs (15% – 85%)Russia vs. Lithuania First leg: Saturday, 18:00 hrs (80% – 20%)Greece vs. FYR Macedonia First leg: Saturday, 19:00 hrs (15% – 85%)Austria vs. Norway First leg: Saturday, 19:45 hrs (50% – 50%)Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Iceland First leg: Saturday, 20:15 hrs (30% – 70%)Serbia vs. Czech Republic First leg: Saturday, 21:00 hrs (60% – 40%)Hungary vs. Slovenia First leg: Sunday, 14:30 hrs (55% – 45%)Montenegro vs. Belarus First leg: Sunday, 20:00 hrs (40% – 60%)Draw for Men’s WCh 2015 will be held on July 20 in Doha, Qatar. ← Previous Story AIR ICELANDIC Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson to FC Barcelona! Next Story → “BEST 7″ FOR THE WOMEN’S HANDBALL FUTURE

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