Microsoft isnt happy with OnLive Desktop for iPad and Android tablets

Sep 21, 2019 fuhunxpj

first_imgA couple of months ago we told you about OnLive Desktop, the cloud gaming company’s transition into the virtual desktop arena. After the release of the iPad app in January, OnLive issued an Android version last week. Customers get to use Windows 7 and Office on their tablets, OnLive is making serious bank, and everything is peachy. Right?Microsoft begs to differ. Apparently OnLive doesn’t have any licensing agreements with Microsoft, and Redmond isn’t about to let this one slide. After a period of silence, Microsoft released a statement, asserting that it is “actively engaged with OnLive,” with the goal of “bringing them into a properly licensed scenario.”So, in other words, Microsoft sees OnLive for Desktop and says “WTF??” and OnLive says “Oh, hey guys, we were just going to call you,” negotiations begin — possibly laced with legal threats — and the two companies are now trying to hammer out a mutually beneficial deal.If they can’t come to an agreement, then it appears that Microsoft could throw the hammer down. Microsoft’s licensing clearly states that customers who want to host Windows 7 virtual desktop software need to provide their customers with licenses through agreements with Microsoft. Additionally, Microsoft Office isn’t, by default, included in these licensing agreements.No matter how this plays out, it looks OnLive is going to have to pay up to Microsoft. After this happens, it’s hard to see OnLive Desktop surviving with a free version (as it currently provides), and without jacking its prices way up. In other words, all of the perks of the cloud desktop service — affordable access to Windows, Office, and Internet Explorer on tablets — could be null and void.You can expect to hear more on this front in the coming months. Enjoy OnLive Desktop for now, but don’t be shocked if its prices take a steep hike before too long.Microsoft via ExtremeTechlast_img

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