In case you missed it Sergey Brin uses skydivers to demo Google

Sep 21, 2019 nejtztqx

first_imgIn possibly the coolest tech demo ever, Google’s Sergey Brin employed the use of skydivers, bikers, and a rappeller to deliver a package to him on stage during the keynote at Google I/O. Brin interrupted Vic Gundotra’s presentation on Google+ as the keynote was running a little behind schedule and the skydivers needed to jump from a plane that was conveniently passing over the Moscone Center at the time.Each of the skydivers had their own Google Glass headset on and the built-in cameras were being used to conduct a live Hangout for everyone to see on the big screen. The divers proceeded to land on the roof of San Francisco’s Moscone Center (where I/O is being held) and passed Brin’s package on to some BMX bikers who were also wearing Google Glass and taking part in the Hangout. They road along the roof and one did a backflip before handing off the package. Sergey’s Glass was then rappelled to street level and passed to another biker who navigated his way through the startled people milling around outside where the keynote was being held and delivered into the hands of Sergey up on stage.Overall, it was pretty epic and extremely unexpected. Google has certainly set a new bar for keynote stunts as well as risk-taking.Check out the video above, it’s an incredible way to demo the tech and really show off the benefits of Google Glass.last_img

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