Social Television evolves as Dijit acquires GoMiso

Sep 21, 2019 spiqldfx

first_imgA growing segment of the television viewers in the world today are sitting on the couch with a smartphone or tablet. It only makes sense that these gadgets be able to interact with your viewing experience in some way. While the second screen experience that some movie studios are creating for top films is great, it’s not as easy to get that same experience with primetime television. With their announcement today of the acquisition of the GoMiso development team, Dijit comes closer than anyone else to this experience. For a little while now, Dijit has been working hard on providing your smartphone or tablet with a unified TV guide. Their NextGuide app allows you to customize your TV guide experience, tying in content from online streaming services as well as your local broadcast information. The end result is a highly personalized guide that delivers information relevant to your preferred content types. Combined with the Dijit remote control service, your smartphone or tablet becomes your TV Guide and your remote control. For those who keep their gadgets in hand while watching television, it’s a great experience. By acquiring GoMiso, Dijit gains the ability to provide insight into the show you are watching and allow you to share your favorite parts of the show socially. The two big GoMiso apps are all about doing something with the television show you are watching. The Miso app provides interactive content for the show you are currently watching, like what song is used as background noise during the scene you just watched. The app offers snippets of information is slideshow format, so you can flick through during a commercial and get that additional information. Their other app, Quips, allows users to caption an image from the show you are currently watching and share it socially. Rather than a context free comment on Twitter, you can include a shot from the scene you are watching. These apps give the user more reason to rely entirely on their phone or tablet for the entire viewing experience, so it makes sense that Dijit would want to work with this team. Dijit, Miso, and Quips are all available separately on iOS right now, and it is expected that Dijit will eventually pull the best features from the GoMiso apps and use them to enhance the Dijit app. In the end, your smartphone or tablet will be the remote control, TV Guide, and now second screen style bonus content system.last_img

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