Doctor Who Episode 6 Team TARDIS Cant Save This Family Reunion

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first_img This article contains spoilers for “Demons of the Punjab,” episode six of Doctor Who season 11.The Doctor has a message for all of us: Our similarities are more important than our differences.In this tale of Yaz’s family tree, writer Vinay Patel weaves a moving story of fiction and reality in the young police officer’s first headlining episode.“What’s the point in having a mate with a time machine if you can’t nip back and see your gran when she was younger?” Yasmin asks the Doctor, wary of mixing family history and time travel.She eventually gives in—with a stern reminder about interfering with the past—and Team TARDIS lands in 1940s Punjab farmland for an unexpected adventure.Yaz (Mandip Gill) finally gets her day in the Asian sun (via BBC)A chance meeting with Prem (Shane Zaza), the Hindu man about to marry Yaz’s Muslim grandmother Umbreen (Amita Suman), sets the story in motion.When Yaz realizes this isn’t the same man she recognizes from family photos (we are to assume she’s never met her late grandfather), the spunky Millennial takes matters into her own hands.But those hands are dangerously close to being erased from time (Back to the Future-style) if she meddles too much in the lives of previous generations.“Tread softly. You’re treading on your own history,” the Doctor warns Yaz.The Assassins of Thijar are no longer assassins (via BBC)This episode, which introduces at least three new “main” characters, could easily have felt overwrought and crowded. But somehow Patel manages to corral everyone—including the red herring-esque Assassins of Thijar—into a digestible, educational, exciting tale of hope and love.(And he produced my favorite laugh-out-loud moment of the series so far: “My references to body and gender regeneration are all in jest. I’m such a comedian.”)Never before has a single series of Doctor Who been so transparently diverse—in cast and crew.Things are getting tense for Team TARDIS (via BBC)Credit goes to Chris Chibnall, who appointed the first female Doctor, and hired the only two writers of color this show has ever seen to pen timey-wimey accounts of racial struggles in the US and Asia.Like Malorie Blackman’s “Rosa,” “Demons of the Punjab” thinly veils factual prejudice with fictitious villains.“We’ve lived together for decades—Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh. And now we’re being told our differences are more important than what unites us,” Prem muses, while traipsing through the forest with the very folks who may be his enemy now.I wonder if the Doctor is available for my wedding next year (via BBC)Probably news to most Americans, the 1947 partition split British India into two independent dominions: India and Pakistan.As the Doctor so desperately points out, the division of three provinces—Assam, Bengal, and Punjab, based on district-wide Hindu or Muslim majorities—displaced more than 14 million people along religious lines.Large-scale violence (only alluded to in the BBC’s family-friendly show) created an atmosphere of hostility and suspicion that still exists today between India and Pakistan.I can’t help but wonder if it’s a coincidence that this episode aired on Remembrance Sunday, the UK’s version of Veteran’s Day.Missed episode five of Doctor Who? So did we. But, you can check out our recap of fourth installment “Arachnids in the UK,” as well as a lineup of 15 real-life historical figures who appeared on the show.Doctor Who glossary (for all your British-to-American English needs):Ta: Thank youWell [up for it]: Very, largelyPunt: Bet on somethingWobble: A feeling of not being certain about somethingGobby: Tending to talk too loudly and in a blunt, opinionated wayKeen: Very interested, eagerOi: Cockney slang for “hey”Bagsy: To claim something for yourself, or the other way aroundStag night: A man’s bachelor partySchoolboy on maneuvers: Someone who looks like a child sent to war HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster Stay on targetlast_img

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