Clues found on ground at EcoBlitz species search

Sep 19, 2019 zlxsfutf

first_imgA volunteer finds a young garter snake near the volleyball courts at Vancouver Lake Regional Park. “We got scat down here!” Jane Skelly said.She hovered over some brown pellets in the reedy grasses at Vancouver Lake Regional Park.“Cocoa puffs,” said Stephanie James, a terrestrial ecologist as she pulled out her guidebook for identifying animal scat and tracks. The droppings looked like they belonged to a wood rat. But, James said, “you can really only tell by taste.”The rat scat, along with what appeared to be coyote scat, was found a few hundred feet from the volleyball nets and the more manicured part of the park. On Saturday, about 150 volunteers scoured Vancouver Lake in search of wildlife and insects as part of Eco-Blitz.Saturday’s event was part of the Portland-Vancouver Regional Eco-Blitz Series aimed at raising awareness and appreciation of biodiversity, creating a database of regional species and natural resources through collaboration among professionals, educators and the general public.“The point is to identify all of the species that live in the park,” said Jane Tesner Kleiner with the Clark County Clean Water Program.Who — or what — lives at the park is an indicator of the health of the environment, she said. The inventories collected during Eco-Blitz help shape how land restoration and maintenance money should be spent.last_img

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