Phone 6S 16G is only 4886 U S dollars online double mobile phone screaming Festival cheap hit 11

Mar 19, 2017 vshjjzdg

with the double 11 big promotion is approaching, the major electricity providers have been fully equipped for double 11 big promotion, advance sounded offensive horn. Following the November 1st to 2, the "supermarket price day" theme to promote the attention of consumers, November 3rd to 4, the United States online mobile phone scream Festival "huge benefits big open, low-cost explosion models of mobile phone profits drop, and first collar coupons to purchase, can save up to 700 yuan in advance for consumers 3C digital double 11 low-cost feast. Among them, the Apple iPhone 6S hot 16G gold 4G mobile phone activity price 4886 yuan, a new self artifact beauty show M4 Mobile Unicom 4G mobile phone designated enterprise by public security group purchase price of 2199 yuan, Gome online for users to select a variety of popular mobile phone, mobile phone screaming day let you scream!


first collar coupons to purchase up to 700 yuan


dual 11 "mobile phone scream Festival", the United States online is to allow consumers to enjoy more preferential treatment, dedicated to the creation of first banknote purchase area, can save up to 700 yuan. Samsung J5008 mobile phone 4G (sand gold), activity price of 1398 yuan, 100 yuan for province coupons; 6 inch big screen HUAWEI Mate7 (MT7-TL00) Standard Version of mobile 4G intelligent mobile phone (silver moonlight) activity price 2599 yuan coupons after the purchase price of 2199 yuan, up 400 yuan, the listing of new machine Samsung; S6 Edge G9250 4G (Bo Guangjin) 32G version of mobile phone activity price 5288 yuan, with 4588 yuan coupons, 700 yuan li Province, province of a smart Bracelet to. Such a big province, slow hand is no!

iPhone 6S 16G activity price of 4886 foreign selling mobile phone incoming

huge benefitsIn addition to all electric

, Jingdong 3C digital core category is the strengths of the United States online, "mobile phone scream Festival", with apple, Samsung, Gome online HUAWEI, millet, Lenovo and many other big mobile phone manufacturers, with many hot explosion models of mobile phone consumers huge benefits. The market fire Apple iPhone 6S 16G in a complete mess of gold 4G mobile phone activity price 4886 yuan, 400 yuan lower than the Jingdong, panic buying hot, not to be missed! In addition to iPhone new 6S, and mobile, Unicom, telecom three Apple iPhone 616G 4G silver screen mobile phone activities, price is only 3988 yuan. Samsung S5 G9008V mobile version of the 4G phone, screaming price of 1618 yuan, straight down $382, Samsung NOTE 3 N9006 Unicom 3G mobile phone screaming price of $1180, straight down $280, classic, shocking price struck!

red rice Note2 price of 799 yuan of domestic low-cost huge benefits to attack

in addition, Gome online double 11 "mobile phone screaming day" activities, the domestic mobile phone price concessions can not be underestimated, constantly surprises.

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