Bethesda says Wolfenstein needs a Core i7 to run like a nextgen

Sep 1, 2019 yulqsfbv

first_imgWolfenstein: The New Order is set for release later this month on May 20, and it’s coming to current and last gen consoles as well as PC. If you intend on picking up the PC version, what kind of spec are you going to need? Bethesda has told us today, but not in the typical form of a minimum and recommended spec.Bethesda has decided in its wisdom to only inform us of the PC specification you require to play Wolfenstein: The New Order at 60fps while experiencing it as a next-gen game. That sounds suspiciously like a recommended spec to this seasoned gamer.So, to experience Wolfenstein as the developer intended, you’re going to need a rig consisting of at least the following:Intel Core i7 or equivalent AMD4GB RAM50 GB free HDD spaceGeForce 460 or ATI Radeon HD 685064-bit Windows 7/Windows 8On top of that you’re going to need access to the Internet and be prepared to setup a Steam account if you don’t already have one. This, like a growing number of games, uses Steam to activate your copy and make it playable.If your PC doesn’t fulfill the above spec requirements, don’t worry. The game is still going to run on lower spec machines, Bethesda just hasn’t told us how low. And the fact an Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game exists tells you any PC purchased in the last few years (as a gaming machine) will run Wolfenstein pretty well.Away from the PC, there’s no great surprises on the console versions. You need 8GB of hard drive space on Xbox 360, and 17GB on PS3 if you choose to download the game (8GB otherwise). Both PS4 and Xbox One require 47GB of space.last_img

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