With the mentality of playing mahjong to entrepreneurship hundred percent success

Mar 19, 2017 nejtztqx

mahjong is definitely unique to the Chinese game. Love mahjong friends all know, mahjong is the essence of "the top card of home, home, home to Dingsi, washed three". If the mentality of playing mahjong to venture, there is no unsuccessful!

mahjong human qualities:

1, each to, never late and leave early. Strong sense of time.

2, do not complain, do not mind the environment: a few small square, smoking, and beriberi are acceptable. To bear all the bad environmental factors in the process of success.

3, three as missing in a hurry. Demonstrated team spirit.

4, a loss of thousands of yuan, the face is not red does not jump, winning smile. Lost today, tomorrow will come back! No money and usury! Investment concept.

5, a not, touch zhang! Don’t take a look at it! That is not afraid of failure, continue to live in hope.

6, often standing behind the master nodded and smiled, learning what they want.   good at learning the strengths of others.

7, simple things repeat, repeat the action do not eat, not happy, go home, hit the comeback date, even all through the night. That there is to adhere to the end, is a good attitude to win.

8, family and friends are often opposed to work, still relish! Shows that there is a goal to move forward, positive and optimistic attitude to health.

9, touch card, bar card, will be grateful to help you listen to the card. Hu cards, more people will appreciate shooting! A grateful heart!



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