Spelling error is directing Disney guests to go to this place instead

Aug 19, 2019 ocypcrog

first_imgSpelling error is directing Disney guests to go to this place instead Posted by Tags: Disney Travelweek Group Thursday, September 28, 2017 Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days #Epoct pic.twitter.com/DpHzfjsO6r— Alex Huey (@AlexanderHuey) September 27, 2017All kidding aside, what this has simply done is shine a spotlight on Epcot, which celebrates its 35th anniversary on Oct. 1. We doubt the small spelling error matters much to the thousands of guests who’ll be arriving at the park this weekend. And for the few who mistakenly head to ‘Epoct’ instead, well, we’re sure they’ll find their way soon enough. << Previous PostNext Post >> TORONTO — What’s in a name? Well, everything, as Walt Disney World has just learned.A misspelled road sign at Walt Disney World has caused a bit of confusion (and a few laughs) after it was spotted by a number of guests, reports Inquisitr. The sign, which should have read ‘Epcot’, instead read ‘Epoct’, a tiny blip that has quickly gone viral on social media.According to Click Orlando, the sign was erected on Western Way, near Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. The area, reports Inquisitr, is no stranger to construction, which means signs are regularly taken down and put back up. It’s thought that the misspelled sign was recently erected and it didn’t take long at all for eagle-eyed passersby to notice the error. Sharelast_img

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