Zhongshan University of Electronic Science and technology will recognize the business change credits

Mar 19, 2017 vshjjzdg

now college students can be more than the previous generation to be more happy, colleges and universities to provide a number of entrepreneurs to facilitate and reduce the difficulty of entrepreneurship. Zhongshan Institute of Electronic Science and technology proposed a new program to encourage entrepreneurship, students participate in business or competition can be replaced credits. For college students to take into account the entrepreneurial and academic green light.

The reporter was informed that


"innovative" module credits division multiple types of projects, including the science and technology competition, scientific and technological achievements, published papers and papers in various national examinations, or research, occupation skill etc.. "Of course, there are a lot of different grades of innovation and entrepreneurship credits in each grade." The dean of the school education department said that the credits obtained by each project are not the same, depending on the actual situation of the project may be, some projects will have a maximum of 12 credits, a minimum of 0.5 credits.

that credits can be elective credits and replacement

"in the professional training stage (including basic courses, professional courses, must have enough credits); and training multiple learning module stage credits replacement principle in multivariate mutual recognition, 18 credits can be." Office of academic affairs of the school teacher for example, 2012 economic and Trade College e-commerce professional students Zhang Zhitao won the "Sixth National College of business innovation network application contest", "provincial prize of the Fourth National College of electronic commerce" innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship "challenge" and "provincial grand prize at the ninth Guangdong student business plan competition" the bronze, altogether 14 credits can be identified. As a result, he can take less than 7 credits of elective courses in 2.

principle, credits once a year. According to reports, the "innovative" credit modules belong to the school culture is an important part of multi stage, aims to encourage students to develop autonomous learning, autonomous exploration, according to the interest to choose their own development direction.

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