Teach you four ways to allow customers to take the initiative to clinch a deal

Mar 17, 2017 ddmycvlj

for the salesman, how many orders directly determines the level of performance this month, and as a good salesman, so that customers can promptly deal, then your sense of achievement will burst table, let’s look at the salesman is how to achieve this point.

take best single is to let customers actively and timely transaction, the master may? Usually let customers take the initiative and timely transaction.

remember that it is just finished "Pong" mode, I went down to a town at a market in Hunan for VIP customers Nathan collaborative visit.

we enter the pharmacy clerk survey did not say no, the essence of our controlled marketing model, directly asked the clerk: "your boss?" became very impolite.



salesman again to give up, let us together with him to the next shop visit.


Second, say the customer wants and you can guarantee

before I went to the clerk said: "Hello, I am xxx factory chief brand consultant, today with our salesman down on the market, I heard a friend say, three and three on the town pharmacy is relatively good pharmacy, just by visiting all of the town pharmacy, I think is really outstanding in town the pharmacy."

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