Rui Qi Shi water heater market development potential is good how to join

Mar 17, 2017 jsbaengf

water heater, in our life, has been very popular choice. What riches water heater? Loved by consumers, has a very high popularity. Rui Qi Shi joined water heater project, open their own brand stores, something that is not a very good thing!


riches water heater?

separation of water and electricity, more secure, non-metallic heat, 100% absolute security;

does not need preheating, no need to wait, more power saving than traditional electric water heater power saving 30%-50%;

compact size, noble appearance, easy installation, more space;

water temperature constant, comfortable use, more understanding of bath;

no furring, longer life, is 2-3 times of the traditional electric water heater.

Zhejiang Rui Qi Shi electric appliance Limited company after nearly 5 years of efforts, developed the instant heating electric water heater which is suitable for Chinese conditions, has declared 9 national patents, has passed the national quality inspection and testing, and since August 2006 to implement the new national mandatory quality certification, in the same industry is a unique product through this certification.

according to reports, due to the different heating methods, namely hot type water heater is not preheated nor against the hot and cold water, hot water temperature water, no excess waste, saving 20% than traditional water heaters, gas water heater energy saving than 10%? 30%, one bath summer electricity 0.3 yuan, winter 0.9 yuan, the boiling water flow switch, screw valve power supply is opened automatically, can be adjusted according to different season stalls, "can bath" to solve the problem of the use of low pressure. At the same time, due to internal water storage tank and the heat insulation liner, Rui Qi Shi water heater hot water heater has the advantages of small volume, easy to install; and the heating body can control the temperature limit, the damage rate of heating is reduced, its service life and the traditional water heater is longer than 3 to 5 times.

experts believe that the characteristics of water heater with fast heating, Rui Qi Shi water heater energy security represents the development direction of the water heater industry. In Europe and Southeast Asia, that is, the thermal electric water heater market share reached 80%. In China, that is, the annual demand for hot water heaters has reached 350 thousand ~ 400 thousand units. Expert analysis, 5 years after the thermal electric water heater market share from the current 3% to reach 40% to 50%, is expected to become the mainstream of China’s water heater products. Rui Qi Shi kuaireshi safe and reliable: the "QSC" of non metal materials, water and electricity separation technology, coated with conductive composite nano materials, infrared heating, heating up the cold water instantly. Control voltage 12V, heater individually closed, multiple >

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