Do catering need to pay attention to what details

Mar 16, 2017 reseoyvd

how to cook? What are the food and beverage matters? These are exquisite. The first is the store design to be clean, service attitude to be enthusiastic, the core is the dishes must be unique, can not let the guests wait too long. The following is a specific introduction, a look at it!

Second, service attitude, the first feeling if you feel good, at this time, the waiter’s attitude is very good, seem to wear this uniform clothing, politely asked (regardless of how a restaurant grade services are not bad.)

Third, the types of dishes, dishes not bad, people eat about a Xixinyanjiu, and according to local conditions, people look at KFC, can do so hot in Chinese besides, its unique management, is good at push into a new. This is a key point.

Fourth, the service speed, no matter in what place, especially now that the faster pace of life, no one is willing to sit in the restaurant and the smell of others on the table but not eat their fragrance, this shop I will not go to a.

fifth, do catering need to pay attention to what? Site selection and other issues, as far as possible to choose a relatively large stream of people. As for management, I would like to strengthen the quality of staff and cooking techniques.

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