How to choose the coffee industry

Mar 16, 2017 khmexore

era in the development of people’s consumption concept and attitude towards life are changing, the value of the coffee shop business and leisure increasingly highlights the increasing demand for coffee consumption is gradually increasing. Coffee shop in all types of coffee consumption potential, the strongest momentum of development, the next 5-10 years, coffee consumption will become the leading consumer of coffee. Open a coffee shop is the choice of many entrepreneurs to invest, but how to open, is to join or create their own brands, and other industry chain model, have their own advantages and disadvantages, or the need for specific analysis of specific circumstances.

to also want to open a coffee shop, Kobayashi suggested according to the different operating mode of the coffee shop and find out the different characteristics, to choose their own mode. There is also the courage to do what you want to do, the courage to take the first step in gold.

investment list

1. Area of about 80 square meters, including investment in decoration design, kitchen engineering, health, bar, tables and chairs and other costs, cost about 100 thousand yuan;

2. Investment in equipment: including the espresso machine, grinding machine, coffee cups, wine, tableware, such as refrigerators, a total of about 40 thousand yuan;

3. Daily fixed expenses: monthly rent 4000 yuan; employee salary 600>

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