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Canada and even Europe have responded to Putins aggression it is true but always a few moves behind always after the deterrent potential of each action had passed Strong sanctions and a clear demonstration of support for Ukrainian territorial integrity (as I recommended at the time) would have had real impact when Putin moved on Crimea in February and March A sign that there would be real consequences would have split his elites as they pondered the loss of their coveted assets in New York City and London Then in April and May the supply of defensive military weaponry would have forestalled the invasion currently under way or at least raised its price considerably making the Russian public a factor in the Kremlins decisionmaking process much earlier Those like me who called for such aid at the time were called warmongers and policymakers again sought dialogue with Putin And yet war has arrived regardless as it always does in the face of weakness As one of the pioneers of the analogy I feel the irony in how it has quickly gone from scandal to cliché to compare Putin to Hitler for better and for worse Certainly Putins arrogance and language remind us more and more of Hitlers as does how well he has been rewarded for them For this he can thank the overabundance of Chamberlains in the halls of power today and there is no Churchill in sight As long as it is easy as long as Putin moves from victory to victory without resistance he gains more support He took Crimea with barely a shot fired He flooded eastern Ukraine with agents and weaponry while Europe dithered The oligarchs who might have pressured Putin at the start of his Ukrainian adventure are now war criminals with no way back The pressure points now are harder to reach The Russian military commanders the ones in the field are not fools They are aware that NATO is watching and could blow them to bits in a moment They rely on Putins aura of invincibility which grows every day the West refuses to provide Ukraine with military support Those commanders must be made to understand that they are facing an overwhelming force that their lives are in grave danger that they can and will be captured and prosecuted To make this a credible threat requires immediate military aid if not yet the "boots on the ground" everyone but Putin is so keen to avoid If NATO nations refuse to send lethal aid to Ukraine now it will be yet another green light to Putin Sanctions are still an important tool and those directly responsible for commanding this war such as Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu must be held accountable Sanctions must also broaden The chance to limit them only to influential individuals and companies is over The Russian people can change Putins course but have little incentive to take the great risks to do so under current conditions Only sanctions that bring the costs of Putins war home can have an impact now This was always a last resort and it wouldnt be necessary had the West not reacted with such timidity at every step (The other factor that is already dimming the Russian peoples fervor is the Russian military casualties the Kremlin propaganda machine is trying so hard to cover up) As always when it comes to stopping dictators with every delay the price goes up Western leaders have protested over the potential costs of action Ukraine at every turn only to be faced with the well-established historical fact that the real costs of inaction are always higher Now the only options left are risky and difficult and yet they must be tried The best reason for acting to stop Putin today is brutally simple: it will only get harder tomorrow Kasparov is the chairman of the New York Citybased Human Rights Foundation Contact us at [email protected] Director James Comey said Thursday he allowed Law and Order creator Dick Wolf access to the bureaus New York offices for a year to film a new TV series The series wont be part of the Law and Order universe Instead it will be a documentary-style show called Inside the FBI: New York according to CBS News Wolf will produce the show with documentarian Marc Levin Comey hopes the series will rehabilitate the FBIs image which has taken a beating over the past year "We have to care what people think about us" Comey told CBS "The faith and confidence of the American people is the bedrock" The FBI chief added that he worries people dont understand the bureau "We did a lot last year that confused people" he said In 2016 Comey and his bureau received intense criticism for their handling of an investigation into Hillary Clintons emails while she was Secretary of State and for their announcement shortly before the election that potentially relevant emails were found on a device owned by the husband of Clintons aide Huma Abedin Since Donald Trumps election the public has renewed its scrutiny of Comey as he deals with a major investigation into potential ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government The new series filmed at the FBI offices from September 2015 until September 2016 It captured the bureaus response to events like the Paris terror attacks and the 2016 bombing in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood Write to Abigail Abrams at [email protected] but this painting comes close! 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