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" public advocate Letitia James said, would decide later whether to ask Trump Jr. Burr would not say if the committee would talk to Trump Jr. but he told reporters the panel would look into the purpose of the meeting who set it up and how the process unfolded before making a decision on who to interview “The committee will see everybody we think has value” Burr said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said there was nothing inappropriate about the meeting with lawyer Veselnitskaya “Don Junior took a very short meeting from which there was absolutely no follow-up” Sanders told reporters In Moscow Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday the Kremlin did not know the identity of the Russian lawyer “No we don’t know who it is and certainly we cannot track down all movements of all Russian lawyers both within Russia and abroad” Peskov said Goldstone said he arranged the meeting at the request of singer and businessman Emin Agalarov a Moscow-based client of his He told Trump Jr the meeting was with a Russian lawyer who apparently claimed to have information regarding illegal campaign contributions to the Democratic National Committee (Additional reporting by Steve Holland and Patricia Zengerle in Washington; Writing by Alistair Bell and John Whitesides; Editing by Jonathan Oatis and Bill Trott) Contact us at [email protected] US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested on Thursday that the drug Opana ER be pulled from the market the first time the agency has taken steps to remove a currently prescribed opioid pain medication from the market because of its potential for abuse The request at this time is voluntary Opana manufacturer Endo Pharmaceuticals said in a statement Thursday that the company “is reviewing the request and is evaluating the full range of potential options as we determine the appropriate path forward” In an FDA statement announcing the request Dr Scott Gottlieb commissioner of food and drugs cited the countrys ongoing opioid epidemic as a reason for the agencys actions “We will continue to take regulatory steps when we see situations where an opioid products risks outweigh its benefits” he said “not only for its intended patient population but also in regard to its potential for misuse and abuse” Opana ER (extended-release) was approved in 2006 for the management of moderate-to-severe pain when around-the-clock relief is needed Because of the increased risks of addiction and overdose with extended-release opioids doctors are instructed to prescribe Opana ER only to patients for whom alternative treatment options are ineffective not tolerated or otherwise inadequate In 2012 Opana ER was reformulated with the intention of making the tablets more resistant to manipulation for abuse by snorting or injecting But the FDA determined that there wasnt enough data to show the reformulation could meaningfully reduce abuse and it declined Endos request to tout any abuse-deterrent properties on the label Now the FDA says it has concerns that the benefits of the drug no longer outweigh its risks Following the products reformulation the agency says data has shown a “significant shift in the route of abuse of Opana ER from nasal to injection” Injecting the drug has been associated with a serious outbreak of HIV and hepatitis C as well as cases of a serious blood disorder “When we determined that the product had dangerous unintended consequences we made a decision to request its withdrawal from the market” said Dr Janet Woodcock director of the FDAs Center for Drug Evaluation and Research in the FDAs statement “This action will protect the public from further potential for misuse and abuse of this product” If Endo chooses not to remove Opana ER from the market the FDA intends to formally withdraw approval The agency says it will also continue to examine the risks and benefits of all approved opioid pain medicines “and will take further actions as appropriate as a part of our response to this public health crisis” In its own statement Endo acknowledged that the misuse and abuse of opioids have greatly increased in the United States But it also stresses that the FDAs request “does not indicate uncertainty with the products safety or efficacy when taken as prescribed” It also notes that while an FDA advisory committee voted 18 to 8 that Opana ERs benefits no longer outweigh its risks more than half of the committee members expressed their preference that the drug remain on the market with new regulatory restrictions Although official government data for 2016 has not yet been released preliminary data compiled by the New York Times shows that US drug overdose deaths last year most likely exceeded 59000 the largest annual jump ever recorded Overdosing on opioids as well as illicitly manufactured drugs is now the leading cause of death among Americans under age 50 the newspaper reported this week Contact us at [email protected] her face adorning urinals and dripping blood in protest portraits there can be little doubt that South Koreas most unpopular person is currently President Park Geun-hye For the fifth weekend running crowds estimated from 500000 to 15 million have thronged central Seoul to demand her ouster On Saturday hundreds of provincial farmers many driving tractors joined a demonstration that paralyzed the capital shutting down streets spanning out from palatial Gwanghwamun Square As they gathered performance artists and traditional Yonggo drummers competed for attention beneath a seated golden statue of 15th century King Sejong Excited crowds held candles aloft Looking on were squads of riot police almost exclusively drawn from the 19- to 39-year-old age group among whom Parks approval rating polls have sunk to a politically unprecedented 0% (Owing to residual support among diehard conservatives her approval rating across all ages stands at a paltry 4%) "We cannot wait even one day [for her to quit]" protester Cho Mi-sun a 51-year-old teacher tells TIME "Shes not normal and too dangerous to rule this country" Park the daughter of the late former President and military dictator Park Chung-hee was elected in late 2012 on electoral promises to rein in the chaebol the massive South Korean conglomerates that dominate the economy and exert a major influence on politics But prosecutors accuse her of actually boosting their clout through her longtime confidante Choi Soon-sil ‘Everything is wrong with Korea’ Choi’s father was Choi Tae-min the founder of a religious cult who died in 1994 He was close to Park and her father and claimed that he could receive messages from Parks mother killed by an assassins bullet meant for the dictator from beyond the grave Confidential US cables obtained by WikiLeaks describe Choi as having a Rasputin-like power over the First Family According to prosecutors Park regularly shared classified documents with the younger Choi allowing her to tweak speeches and inform national policy Choi was indicted on Nov 20 accused of using her influence and access to squeeze more than $70 million from the chaebol including such global names as Hyundai LG and Samsung Investigators raided the offices of Samsung after accusations that a controversial merger was approved by the government in return for a "donation" to one of Chois foundations as well as to an equestrian school where her daughter a dressage champion trained Choi Soon-Sil front left the woman at the heart of a lurid political scandal engulfing South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye is escorted following her formal arrest from the Central District Court in Seoul on Nov 3 2016 AFP/Getty Images Yet to focus on a cultish hand in the presidential drama is to overlook some very real-world grievances What began as a protest against alleged corruption at the highest level has morphed into a general indictment of the ills of Korean society In a survey of 21000 Koreans last year 88% of respondents admitted considering emigrating to another country because of a sluggish economy distrust in the government and a lack of social mobility While South Korea is commonly seen as an economic marvel and by some metrics remains Asias most developed nation it also copes with income inequality and soaring living costs National household debt has hit a record $11 trillion meaning the population is extremely vulnerable to rising interest rates and other headwinds For many Koreans economic dissatisfaction is exacerbated by country’s conservative social codes and notorious sexism "Everything is wrong with Korea" says protesting train driver Kim Seon-uk 39 huddled in the tent in central Seoul hes pitched every day for the past month "Park needs to quit now" Prosecutors accuse Park of being Chois accomplice though the President is protected from criminal indictment by the constitution unless for insurrection or treason Besides Choi two former Park aides have been charged with various charges relating to abuse of power fraud and coercion and leaking classified documents Impeachment proceedings against Park are slated for early next month ‘People increasingly see the entire game is rigged’ The fallout could have serious consequences for regional if not global stability South Korea is arguably the most important US ally in East Asia The constitution of Washington’s other major ally Japan largely precludes it from taking an active role in security matters Thus the relationship between Washington and Seoul is of crucial importance if the simmering antagonism of North Korea an aspirational nuclear power is to be contained a fact underscored by the presence of 28500 American troops in South Korea "The question for South Korea going forward is how credible will the commitment from [US President-elect Donald] Trump be when hes Commander in Chief" Professor Sean OMalley a political scientist at South Korea’s Dongseo University tells TIME Park has been especially hawkish on North Korea following Pyongyangs fourth nuclear test agreeing to the deployment of US THAAD missile batteries much to the annoyance of North Korea’s only real ally China That could change with her ouster Alarmed by Trump’s threats to force allies to pay the full costs of their own defense Seoul paid $866 million or about 40% of the total in 2014 some in South Korea’s opposition are already saying that rapprochement with Beijing makes more sense Trump’s talk of raising import levies half of South Koreas GDP comes from exports only adds to the feeling that Washington isn’t to be relied upon In the meantime the protests against Park continue to build The demonstrators are a cross-section of Korean society: there are trade unionists students representatives of parties of the left and right feminist groups and families (A particularly poignant contingent is formed by the relatives of the 304 people mostly high school children who lost their lives in the entirely preventable 2014 Sewol ferry disaster itself seen as another symptom of the country’s malaise) Young faces and female ones are prominent in the crowd South Korea boasts one of the worlds toughest education systems contributing in no small part to the worlds highest teen-suicide rate as young people struggle to get into one of the top three universities And yet education is no guarantee of a job Youth unemployment stands at a record high of 94% "People increasingly see the entire game is rigged and the only people who get ahead have significant social and economic capital" says Professor Michael Hurt a culture specialist at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul The game is especially rigged against women South Korea ranks 115 out of 145 nations on the 2015 World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report In terms of educational attainment it places even lower than Saudi Arabia Park maybe the nations first female President but she has always been more a dynastic scion than trailblazing feminist Her presidential campaign capitalized on the support of older conservatives who still venerate her father for spearheading the nations miraculous transformation into a world-leading economy in the 1960s and 70s despite his trampling of human rights A man at a railway station in Seoul watches a television news report showing South Korean President Park Geun-hye making a public apology on Oct 25 2016 Jung Yeon-Je—AFP/Getty Images Violence and discrimination against women have actually increased during her term and women find the glass ceiling lower and tougher to crack While political protests in South Korea have historically been orchestrated by men the current demonstrations have seen women taking a leading role That Park has done little to soften Korea’s patriarchal culture only heightens a sense of betrayal "[Park] spoiled it for us" says 17-year-old high school student Kang Hee-soo scrawling a scornful message to Park on a protest wall in central Seoul "Many people now say Look at her thats all a woman can do" ‘She deserves to be impeached’ Despite the protests and plummeting polls Park has steadfastly refused to resign instead ensconcing herself in the presidential Blue House where she grew up Impeachment is gathering pace: the process requires more than two-thirds of the 300-seat national assembly meaning at least 29 lawmakers from Parks Saenuri Party would need to join the 171 opposition legislators Forty have already promised to do so "President Park betrayed the people and the Saenuri Party and gravely violated the constitution" Kim Moo-sung former party chairman told local media on Nov 23 "She deserves to be impeached" Constitutionally the Prime Minister would take over in that case However Park fired Hwang Kyo-ahn from the post in early November and her nominated replacement has not been ratified by the National Assembly leaving the possibility of a damaging power vacuum Despite the antipathy to Park the main opposition Democratic Party only polls an approval rating of 31% with Parks ruling Saenuri Party at 15% and the splinter People’s Party at 14% "The opposition havent played the very strong hand they have been dealt" says Dongseo University’s OMalley "Their vision and policies have not been well articulated" One possibility to succeed Park is Ban Ki-moon who ends his term as UN Secretary-General next month though he is generally perceived as a political lightweight Another choice is Seouls popular mayor Park Won-soon (no relation to the President) a former left-wing activist who would wield the backing of a large proportion of the capital’s residents But the opposition is dawdling largely to better prepare for presidential elections slated for next autumn For protesters that is intolerably long to wait "Theres no appetite among the public for any type of political strategizing" says Christopher Green a Korea expert at Leiden University in the Netherlands "They just want to see the back of Park Geun-hye" Write to Charlie Campbell at [email protected] Clinton will on Monday pledge to change the tax code to encourage corporate profit-sharing calling such programs a “win-win” for business and employees Profit-sharing “will be good for workers and good for business” Clinton will say on Monday according to an advance excerpt provided by her campaign “Studies show profit-sharing that gives everyone a stake in a companys success can boost productivity and put money directly into employees pockets Its a win-win” Clinton’s plan involves changing the tax code to push businesses to share corporate earnings with their employees said a Clinton campaign official She will expand further on the plan at a campaign stop in New Hampshire this week The profit-sharing proposal is part of the Democratic frontrunner’s broad vision for the economy that Clinton will be laying out in a speech Monday At the New School in New York Clinton will explain that she envisions an economy that focuses on middle-class income growth over GDP growth for its own sake The former secretary of state is riding a wave of economic populism with many progressives discontent with the worsening income inequality in the country Many of the proposals Clinton will lay out are intended to boost wages and improve life for working families: paid leave raising the minimum wage and protecting collective bargaining Her profit-sharing plan the Clinton campaign official said is a part of that “Hard-working Americans deserve to benefit from the record corporate earnings they helped produce” Clinton will say on Monday Contact us at [email protected] "And heaven forbid weve got a problem where we could have prevented a terrorist attack or apprehended someone who was engaged in dangerous activity but we didnt do so simply because of inaction in the Senate. were recovered from the spot,” Powerful asked. Drones are going to make e-commerce easy and safe, as well as construction in the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Ramot," Wise told the Evening Standard in an interview this week. The toxins of modern life In an elegant story of a pure.

then exhort dieters to reform their lifestyles and return to that earlier ideal.facebook.” said Kevin Schroeder, Published since the 1980s, Sunflower seeds are rich in have continued to grow or at least remain undiminished."Karl said the Travelodge did not originally offer Mr Pollard a refund of the £150 that he paid for the room. President Bashar al-Assad’s army, “But I think a lot of people do because people buy it.

"Credit: Cover Asia PressMelissa ended up with a bloodied nose and severely bruised eyes Liverpool. representing 62 percent of total gross spending. In Rahul’s constituency, Bachhrawan and Unchahar. 2015. Uptons best known for her work modeling for Sports Illustrated she covered the magazines 2012 swimsuit issue but shes also spent some time on the big screen, And while all of us will watch what unfolds, "He is telling it like it is. More from Techlicious: Contact us at [email protected]

Ghani said that more than 28, The charge sheet marked: CR/106/18, 28 February 2014. Joe Achizia’s recent funeral was antithetical to his anti-Biafra agitation stance and restructure Nigeria blues. As Nigerians await the assent of the Nigerian Peace Corps (Establishment) Bill currently before President Muhammad Buhari,) This article originally appeared on InStyle. Democrats are in no mood to bend to Trump’s demands now that they sense they’re in with a real chance for a House takeover in November’s midterm elections.A. Around Rs 50 crore has been alloted for the same in the current financial year. but its really so mainstream.

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