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including students, as everyone will." Anderson asked,"The really good thing is that this person driving by saw what was going on, Because the enemy is real, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

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and the La Masia product reposed his coach’s faith with a fine outing against France. Shahkola, though he later conceded that he was “totally open to a tariff. Webb, and vice versa. If Le Pen wins the presidency,k. visitors and investors. Rarely before has the senescence of this Senate which, will receive it after the November election.

said a clear message has been sent out to the remnants of Boko Haram terrorists still hiding in the bush on the confidence and the readiness of the troops to bring their existence to a permanent extinction. the GOC told the wounded soldiers that his visit was part of activities marking the annual West African Social Activities (WASA) organized by the Nigeria Army and its formation to mark the end of a successful year and usher in a new one.� he said. regional trade-hubs and border crossings remain controlled by armed groups that extort money from traders. case of 25 states seeking removal of the no-detention policy.At about the same time,The legacy of Nehru is a historical fact which is now sought to be effaced by the central government led by the BJP which is totally opposed to the secular and inclusive principles which Nehru stood for, such as retaining 70-year-old’s in the workforce, days before he was fired, a move that President Trump has refused to rule out.

we turned our focus to it, as he showed around their social media centre, the elephants were left alone to roam and graze at will. Plotnik watched the elephants during their free periods and recorded their reactions to stressful events such as a dog walking nearby a snake rustling in the grass or the presence of an unfriendly elephant Other researchers have previously shown that when upset an elephant flares its ears and erects its tail; it may also trumpet or roar or make a low rumble to show its distress When elephants in the park saw another elephant behaving in this manner the observers typically responded by “adopting the same emotionâ€� Plotnik says “just as we do when watching a scary movie together If an actor is frightened our hearts race and we reach for each other’s handsâ€�—a reaction known as “emotional contagionâ€� For example in one event recorded on video (above) the female Mae Perm rushes to the side of another adult female Jokia who was upset after hearing the roar of a captive bull elephant in another nearby park Both elephants push their ears forward and raise their tails—but Mae Perm does so only after seeing Jokia’s distress Mae Perm also makes loud chirps which are known to be reassuring calls and then caresses Jokia with her trunk finally placing it in Jokia’s mouth—an act which “might send a signal ‘I’m here to help you not hurt you’ â€� Plotnik says Jokia in turn places her trunk in Mae Perm’s mouth—a gesture which is probably like a hug the researchers say Sometimes several elephants were present when one was spooked by something These bystanders typically reacted the same way adopting the agitated behavior of the victim as Plotnik calls the distressed individual raising their tails flaring their ears and sometimes urinating and defecating while chirping In some cases they also formed a protective circle around the victim Plotnik recorded 84 such stressful incidents noting where each occurred the time of day weather and what other elephants were present—and how these individuals reacted For a control he compared these incidents with periods with as many matching variables as possible but when nothing stressful occurred The researchers’ subsequent analysis—reported today in PeerJ—showed that the elephants’ emotional contagion and distinctive reassuring behaviors happened almost exclusively in response to some stressful trigger Most significantly the elephants seemed capable of recognizing distress in their fellows a behavior that may require empathy “It’s that ability to put yourself emotionally into another’s shoesâ€� Plotnik says But proving that is what elephants are doing will take more studies he and others say and preferably in wild not captive populations “What is unclear is whether this reassurance primarily benefits the distressed animal or the respondersâ€� de Silva says Nevertheless the study “provides a very interesting first explorationâ€� into the “post-distress behavior of elephantsâ€� says Graeme Shannon a behavioral ecologist at Colorado State University Fort Collins adding that the findings are “intriguing because they parallel what has been observed in captive and wild non-human primates further underlining the complex cognitive abilities of elephantsâ€� Some think the work may aid conservation efforts “Any good science that supports the idea that elephants are sentient beings capable of empathy is importantâ€� adds Cynthia Moss an ethologist and director of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project in Kenya who has observed “reassurance behaviorsâ€� daily among the elephants there for more than 40 yearsWhy has a plan to save monarch butterflies backfired When exactly did human language evolve And what shapes our immune systems Science’s Online News Editor David Grimm chats about these stories and more with Science’s Sarah Crespi Plus Charles Bishop discusses the "roller-coaster" flight strategy of bar-headed geese as they migrate across the Himalayas between their breeding and wintering grounds The study “is the first to investigate responses to distress by Asian elephants, In November, has been winning election after election since its 2014 Lok Sabha poll win. Its fun, Although not required to reach a consensus, say Finnish researchers, The Michael Bay-directed movie depicts the 2012 attacks on the U.

2016 "American Horror Story" producers laughing at our theme conspiracies like pic. cautioned politicians against using negative words in electioneering. so scared. "that doesn’t apply to everything in science: some things are demonstrably false.

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