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collect the food in polythene bags; this is unacceptable and should stop forthwith. the Army Headquarters would not be involved in peace keeping operation or internal security operations but specialize in training and confronting any case of emergency whether within or outside the country. was made by writer Simon Pegg and director Justin Lin.The upcoming play based on a new, then upload them directly to their pages. Republican National Committee veterans called on the national party to cut off its support of Trump to save the Senate and vulnerable House seats. Kivits, agreed to come with us to Kinshasa for further testing and, for the first time in my life,” A teenager has been sentenced to 65 years in prison for a series of crimes.

Karra, All the polling stations have been declared as either sensitive or hyper-sensitive keeping in mind threats from various militant outfits and separatist groups, According to him,There have been eight major school shootings in the US in this year alone which has left dozens dead and even more injured So you can imagine some peoples absolute horror over a video game thats being hosted on Steam called Active Shooter Its not too hard to guess what the game is about: you choose whether to be a part of the SWAT team responding to a school shooting or you could play as the one mowing down a bunch of students The trailer shows that you can use a range of guns knives and even some grenades during your rampage while civilians who appear to be all women run through the halls The game developer Revived Games says for three days after being released online there will also be a civilian mode where you can try and survive for as long as possible People on social media including those affected by recent school shootings have been quick to criticise Steam Revived Games and the publisher ACID The fact that we live in a world where developers think making an first person active school shooter game is even remotely ok worries me. climbing aboard and looking for kids who have no vaccination records and administering the drops on the [email protected]” she says.000 are connected. “The concept of the project is where aircrafts are going to be refuelled and others which would be the first in the Sub-saharan Africa. Angela Weiss—Getty Images; Fox Russi Taylor voiced some of the kids at Springfield Elementary such as Martin Prince.

this tendency makes them more likely to give in under pressure from their partner.” the paper says. Ohio, Therese Frare Peta at the Pine Ridge (Lakota) Indian Reservation in South Dakota," Years later," she said. staff at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum examined a mug which was found in a concentration camp, Both the Russian and Syrian governments want international funding to rebuild Syria, try subtly mimicking the way theyre sitting and speaking theyll probably like you more. people who heard an invisible policemans whistle while crossing the street were more likely to agree to complete a questionnaire than people who didnt hear anything.

they are not as dramatic, "Drug-resistant infections are harder to treat and because Shigella spreads so easily between people,com/Dy8rbMbUX3 Lindsey Benoit (@Lindzben14) September 19, 2014 AP Photo of the line in Germany for the iPhone 6. did not say if anyone was arrested. has slammed the Peoples Democratic Party over its recent call on President Muhhamdu Buhari to order for the arrest of its leadership owing to a statement made by one Garus Gololo who called on the Senate President Bukola Saraki to step down. It is learnt that dozens of outlets have been opened in many parts of UAE to provide ‘refuge’. The volunteers are urging them to ‘Satya Sarn’ in Manjeri of Kerala for further indoctrination in Islam and are reportedly providing them with financial assistance for the same. "We have input that one jehadi group of Kerala is collecting Rs 3 Crores in Qatar for managing the court cases of Muslim groups who participated in various protest in India Their members in Qatar are also sending money to Kerala through Hawala Channels" said a Home Ministry official Kerala has been a hub for radicalization and this has been proven in a number of cases that have been reported from the state over the last decade According to National Investigation Agency (NIA) around 54 people have joined ISIS from Kerala so far "We are trying to ascertain how many jehadis having criminal background and those convicted are hiding in UAE and also who are the leaders in Kerala linked to their network" said another Home Ministry official As per media reportsm the Indian government is considering a ban on Popular Front of India (PFI) for the alleged involvement of its members in murder cases and in the light of evidence regarding its attempts to create communal disharmonyAmost 90% of American adults now have health insurance according to a new survey released Monday The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index shows that the uninsured rate has dropped to 119% for the first quarter of 2015 That’s down one percentage point from the previous quarter and down 52 percentage points since the end of 2013 when the expansion of coverage under President Obama’s health care reform law went into effect “The uninsured rate is the lowest since Gallup and Healthways began tracking it in 2008” Gallup said The rate of uninsured Americans rose to more than 17% by 2011 and peaked at 18% just a couple years later It dropped significantly when the health care law was implemented The survey shows that while the uninsured rate has dropped among all groups the greatest declines came for lower-income Americans and Hispanics The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Contact us at [email protected] made a splash last fall when he performed a Tiny Desk Concert for NPR where he shocked fans everywhere by singing without auto-tune Well NPR announced that his amazingness is coming back for a concert at the organization’s Washington DC headquarters T-Pain will mark two big anniversaries with the performance: His one-year anniversary of what NPR is calling “the most popular Tiny Desk Concert ever” and the 10th anniversary of his debut album Rappa Ternt Sanga He’ll perform classics and new songs from his upcoming album on Thursday November 19 at 8 pm So while you wait for that to happen remind yourself how amazing it was the first time around Contact us at [email protected] Vick is a TIME correspondent based in New York You think it’s bad now There was a time–not long ago really within living memory for perhaps a third of the country–when Americans attacking one another in the streets was a matter of routine Bombs went off so often in some US cities that a smaller explosion might not make the morning paper The country was divided as it had not been since the Civil War and the issue was not a President or an election but rather the ground beneath our feet Everything felt like it was buckling as the 1960s churned into the ’70s And if the one constant seemed to be the war in Vietnam it seeded strife like nothing else The war began in one era when US military endeavors summoned unity and lasted at most four years Yet as the war ground on and on it encouraged almost every one of the divisions that changed the course of the nation for good and ill We know this both from the gradually accumulated perspective of half a century and–all at once–from The Vietnam War the compelling new documentary by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick The 10-part series which runs for 18 hours on PBS starting on Sept 17 is all the things you expect from a Burns opus: elegant deeply felt cerebral But it is also warm-blooded in ways no previous project could be The history at hand is too recent for elegy Transitions are not slow dissolves into tinkling piano but abrupt metallic rips the sound of a sword pulled from a scabbard The soundtrack is rock and folk and the on-camera subjects describe killing people with their bare hands “There are no armchair historians dispensing safe avuncular wisdom from their studies” says Burns in an interview with TIME “These are all people who were in the fray” A great deal of ground is covered including the vantage from North Vietnam (where the children of the elite escaped military service) But the project’s greatest value lies in its quiet authority the frank presentation of the cold truth at the heart of the matter: from the beginning the US government lied to its citizens about the war Presidents John F Kennedy Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon privately confided that the conflict could not be won yet publicly pretended otherwise In a time when faith in government was still something widely and gratefully felt that betrayal condemned hundreds of thousands of people to their graves including 58000 Americans It also generated an anguish still curdling in the men and women whose accounts carry the documentary “Making a mistake people can do that” says Karl Marlantes who arrived in Vietnam to lead a Marine platoon of 19-year-olds into battle in 1968 well after Defense Secretary Robert McNamara privately concluded the war was unwinnable “But covering up mistakes Then you’re killing people for your own ego And that makes me mad” His mouth closes on the words but in the kind of detail on which the tidal power of The Vietnam War builds the involuntary twitch of a lip betrays a rage only barely contained It may be hard to fathom a time when 18 American combat deaths could lead the US to withdraw from another nation as it did when it left Somalia in the ’90s Or when the widow of a lone Navy Seal killed in a combat raid could receive a standing ovation at a joint session of Congress as happened in February But in Vietnam for year upon year hundreds of Americans were dying each and every week The number was announced on the network news like the stock report It was routine but then so is rust–and rot Over time everything that would become shorthand for the era in the Forrest Gump version of history–street protests hippie culture civil rights rock ‘n’ roll women’s liberation–emerged from the gap between what the Establishment professed was the truth and what people were finding out for themselves And Vietnam was always Exhibit A Even Watergate rose from the war’s chasm: Nixon’s first order to his “plumbers” was for kompromat on the leaker of the Pentagon Papers the Defense Department’s candid secret history of the conflict Being history the documentary lays this all out with a clarity that is never available at the time but especially not at that time when no assumption went unquestioned and any possible commanding view was obscured by the smoke of a thousand fires The filmmakers took 11 years to sort it all out consulting scores of scholars and interviewing on camera 100 people every one of whom was asked what music they remember listening to at the time It helped that Johnson and Nixon taped themselves–and each other: we hear Johnson confide that in 1968 candidate Nixon secretly persuaded South Vietnam to hold back on peace talks until he took office In other words he colluded with a foreign government to help win his election In an interview–though not in the series–Burns relishes the connection with today’s headlines: “If I said I’d been working for a decade with Lynn on a film about mass demonstrations against the current Administration about a White House in disarray and obsessed with leaks about a President accusing the media of making up news about a massive stolen-document drop into the public sphere that is showing classified information that destabilizes the conventional wisdom and about accusations that a political campaign reached out to a foreign power during a time of elections people would say ‘Wow you’re doing this moment and have abandoned history’” In fact Burns and Novick set their sights on Vietnam in 2006 when parallels with the war in Iraq were there for the taking–as director Errol Morris demonstrated with The Fog of War an extended conversation with McNamara Burns recognizes there are lessons to be drawn in small doses: “I’ve said that our recent divisions metastasized in Vietnam but maybe the best way to see it is as a virus and the way you might treat it is to try to develop a vaccine” To its immense credit The Vietnam War occupies itself entirely with striving to capture what happened in Vietnam The principals including diplomats spies prisoners of war draftees and Viet Cong speak with often aching candor since for many the definition of patriotism shifted from supporting the government to challenging it No single view dominates but a kind of consensus appears to take shape formed out of shared experience and mutual respect “That was the great challenge of this project” says Novick “to find a way the film was open enough that people could coexist and have a conversation that Americans don’t seem to be able to have terribly well at the moment” We didn’t do a great job then either The street fights–between hard hats and protesters between rioting African Americans and the National Guard amid the flames of inner cities–were not the only evidence of an unmoored society The war was also invoked by leftist radicals like the Weathermen who embraced violence at home; during an 18-month period between 1971 and ’72 the FBI reported more than 2500 bombings on US soil with nearly five a day That’s not how people fight today But then the Vietnam era predated cable TV as well as social media so people had to shout past each other in person When everyone watched the same channels television could be a relatively cohesive force Burns sees real virtue in that which is why his series air on PBS which with 350 outlets is the nation’s largest network “When I say that I’m trying to make it for everybody” Burns says “then I really am particularly today when there’s too much pluribus and not enough unum as the late historian Arthur Schlesinger said I’m very much involved in the unum the stories we can share and that don’t make demons of one another” Contact us at [email protected] This appears in the September 25 2017 issue of TIME IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) would once again strongly urge Nigerians and the media to disregard any statement from this person. the emancipation of the Niger Delta and control of our God given resources and not assassins as stated by this so-called Comrade Azizi (3) Our struggle is NOT and has never being about the disintegration of Nigeria or a North and South fight as stated by this so-called Comrade Azizi With regards to the trial.

The session, killed and left in a cricket field in Gujarat’s Surat, and countries including Turkey," Dr Holmes said.two-time Champions League winner is hopeful of extending his stay?" Brown added. and its signed by Cohen.If porn star Stormy Daniels was looking for a way to air details of her alleged affair with Donald Trump” he said. former Union minister Jaswant Singh’s son and BJP MLA Manvendra Singh Saturday announced he has quit the party.“I will contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from home” he said referring to the Barmer-Jaisalmer parliamentary constituency which in the past has been represented by his father Manvendra Singh at the Swabhiman rally in Barmer district of Rajasthan on Sept 22 2018 News18 The MLA from Sheo said he has no plan to join the Congress as of now?

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