Nanjing Beidou into the people’s home

Mar 15, 2017 vshjjzdg

with the continuous innovation of science and technology, people in the call of the national policy, many people committed to innovation and entrepreneurship, and achieved remarkable results, for the economic development and restructuring, as well as numerous new technology products, has played a great role in promoting. This time, Nanjing Beidou into people’s homes, for the lives of the general public to make a lot of convenience.

7 23, Chinese compass and IOT technology seminar held in Nanjing high tech Zone "Beidou Double Star Chi sink base. Just two days ago, China Satellite (600118, stock it) navigation positioning Association released the annual China satellite navigation and location-based services industry development white paper in 2015. White paper shows that last year China’s satellite navigation and location-based services industry output value reached 173 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of up to 29.2%. With the application of Beidou into the golden period, many enterprises hope the various levels of government in our province can innovation mechanism, let more powerful enterprises display skills to the full.

Beidou into the people’s home

Beidou and GPS, who is better? This is a common concern of society. China satellite navigation management office chief engineer Zhang Chunling introduction, monitoring and evaluation provide regional services for the past 3 years the Beidou system indicates that Beidou service performance meet the design requirements, especially in Beijing, Nanjing, and the low latitude region, higher positioning accuracy. According to reports, according to the Beidou system global network plan, the Beidou system will be formed for the "The Belt and Road along the country’s initial global service capability in 2018, 2020 the formation of global service capability.

current Beidou application, more ordinary people do not seem to have much contact. Zhang Chunling introduced a new generation Beidou chip to lower power consumption, smaller volume, better performance and higher integration, has been the key technology breakthroughs, is gradually put on the market, can meet the needs of intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, wearable devices and other applications.

according to the white paper published by the China Association of satellite navigation and positioning, Beidou navigation market share of 20%, industry growth of nearly 30%, the market coverage of up to 20%. Last year, with a satellite navigation and positioning capabilities of smart phones sold 440 million units, some domestic mobile phones have begun to use the Beidou compatible chips.

in terms of our province, in recent years, the province’s rapid development of the Beidou industry. Compass application companies gradually gathered, involving the Beidou chip, board, and other aspects of the operation of the machine and services, initially formed a complete industrial chain, an important part of the Yangtze River Delta industry.

according to the introduction, at present our country is developing "satellite navigation regulations", will become China’s first satellite navigation in the field of administrative regulations, is regarded as the industry rigidity safeguard the industrial development of the big dipper. Plus the national industrial investment fund this year many Beidou project, these favorable recommendation stack

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