Xiaobian to secret 2 yuan shop really can make money

Mar 15, 2017 vshjjzdg

The size of the corner of

to two shops throughout the city, everywhere has its shadow. Whether it is an international city, or street village. But we tend to ask, so cheap, really can make money? Even puerile, the day turnover of about? This paper today to give you 2 yuan to uncover the secret of making money shop.

1, decoration and fees: 4000 yuan.

2, the first purchase: 15000 yuan.

3, joining fee: 5000 yuan (if not join, this cost can save

) above 19000 or 24000 yuan total investment:

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2, employee wages: 2000 yuan / month.

3, taxes and fees: 200 yuan / month.

4, electricity: 300 yuan / month


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