Electricity supplier entrepreneurs to learn the lessons of ten million

Mar 15, 2017 tvsbpdsa

in the era of big data, many entrepreneurs have aimed at the electricity supplier industry. Many people get rich from the electricity supplier in the field, in fact, some people have spent 10 million to buy the electricity supplier industry lessons, which is also worth the attention of novice entrepreneurs.

the results were far better than expected, even if the zero profit promotion, sales promotion is still lower than the funds, poor performance for large shareholders lost confidence, to stop the project, millions of money vanish like soap bubbles.

if down to

These are so small

according to the expected goal planning investment funds, can not say the management itself has what problem. The problem is that a new thing, a start on the use of such a large amount of money, consider the consequences of unsuccessful?

Why not try

during the trial and error, promotion less, not self built supply chain, without a large system. The corresponding needs of the staff is also less, the corresponding office equipment is also less. Is expected to recommend input error

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