Make up the losses of the enterprise Tianchang enterprise boss hands a farmer

Mar 15, 2017 spiqldfx

entrepreneurship has become the unanimous choice of many people, but because of some enterprises in the development process of poor management, resulting in its fiscal deficit phenomenon. To make up for the losses of the enterprise, in company accounts in Anhui Province, Tianchang a business owner will hand out to honest farmers, entrap farmer’s hard-earned money. Recently, Tianchang people’s Court of Tianchang Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade investigation Moumou illegal deposits from the public verdict: defendant Lee guilty of the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits, sentenced in three years and eight months, fined 100 thousand yuan.

, the court found that the defendant Moumou specializes in grain purchase business, in recent years the business downturn, debt. From 2008 onwards, the defendant Moumou is in the process of operation, with its acquisition of food, the construction of grain storage need liquidity on the grounds, on the condition of a monthly interest rate of one to five different interest surrounding the mobilization of funds to lend to him for its use, and commitment within a certain period of currency debt, the total and around 52 people to absorb funds more than 300 yuan, and the defendant Moumou in recent years in the near 184 farmers borrowing and rice, wheat paid more than 180 yuan refused to return.

to make up the losses of the enterprise, the black hands toward the practice of farmers is illegal, but also alert the majority of entrepreneurs in the choice of entrepreneurial projects, be sure to choose the strength of the brand to join, the whole network is a good choice to join the project platform! At the same time for the event after the court hearing that the defendant Moumou knowingly do not have deposits qualification, publicity to the community, commitment to debt within a certain period and issued the certificate, the absorption of funds to the community without a specific object, disrupt the social order in the financial sector, the amount is huge, which constitutes the crime of illegal deposits from the public, and to the above judgment.

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