The idea of hybrid lobster start empty handed lead rich road

Mar 15, 2017 lqqehqsj

Liu Rong was born in a peasant family in Hunan Linxiang, lived for generations Kaoshanchishan by water draft life, did not read many books of Liu Rongan that the custom is to replace Shoutian passage, but young Liu Rong is unwilling to this kind of active light around the small circle of life, from teens start out with a variety of business, including commodity management, construction contract, and later removed to Jiangxi opened a small factory to chopsticks, efficiency is also good, but in order to protect forest resources, good times don’t last long, the relevant departments in Jiangxi province to make a cut bamboo chopsticks factory is restricted, the final close the door shut down.

1995 years, worked hard for many years in the Liu Rong back home, these years, although not earn any money on the outside, but see more, see wide, he became flexible thinking, vision. The family life remains the same, not much changed, while Liu Rong in the home to do farm work, and then thought about some new ideas to make money at home. This time, many villagers Haruki to the paddy field and ditch lobster, lobster sold to the factory to make money to support their family, Liu Rong finished his farm work also joined the shrimp in the team, did not expect that when the lobster out so much, one day can catch back to a hundred pounds, 50 Fen pounds lobster an extra day also can earn fifty or sixty yuan outside the block, but with more and more people are caught, not two months, shrimp will become less and less, almost to the edge of extinction in the end.

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