Guo Jili careful management to create a good shop

Mar 15, 2017 isjscowe

some people sigh not to do business at the same time, there are people doing business is booming, fast, this is the gap, and this gap will be formed, the nature and the operator to grasp the business skills with a great relationship. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce Guo Jili’s business case, to see how she was so successful.

blink, Henan province Tanghe County Nanyang City, "a cigarette and liquor vendor, has been operating for almost five years. The store is like her name so loud, there are signs of good luck. Whether it is in a large festival or at ordinary times, the smoke of her family hotel in a steady stream of traffic. Consumers around the radius of her home to know the specifications of the store, and the price is very reasonable. The store business is good, this is just a rush for forty of the shop owner is more full of energy. One day, I couldn’t contain his curiosity, so he personally visited her cigarette and liquor vendor to see, want to learn about her shop business coup.

Guo Jili said: "shop for five years, we all know that a large number of goods in my store, and and more complete specifications of cigarettes. I also know that we are the area of the golden leaf series of cigarettes, Star shop, the store can not get away from the customer’s trust, can not be separated from the strong support of customers, I am deeply grateful. Remember when just opened, because no prior knowledge of doing business, business were not, there are a lot of customers to my letter but I feel the cigarette and liquor vendor, store the goods quality, leading to the store business has been sluggish.

that time, cigarette sales store has not been too optimistic, do not dare to buy high-end cigarettes, cigarette store only more than and 50 single product, the customer into the store to do not smoke, do not smoke heard later, the customer manager in my shop business has been very quiet, so personally came to the store for me guide, teach me how to do the cigarette display, let me learn more knowledge while the store brand culture leisure time, usually to take the initiative to understand the market information to her new cigarette.

area client manager, but also let Guo Jili change the previous mode of cigarette smoking, the implementation of online ordering cigarettes, no longer as in the past, Nanyang telephone calls to visit. The customer manager also repeatedly told she said: "the new business, cigarette specifications can be seen, and each kind of cigarette packaging can also be clearly visible, what you can see on the new, better than the telephone interview with smoke hundreds of times." Listen to the client manager said, then, Guo Jili began to take advantage of the store at leisure, learning and sales skills and product knowledge. After her constant study, it was not long before she had a thorough grasp of the specification.

in the business, Guo Jili is good at learning, good at thinking, she not only learn marketing knowledge from the Internet, but also from around the old to learn sales knowledge, let her in the business, but also accept.

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