Buy a train ticket for man Mingbi psychiatric patients

Mar 15, 2017 kpzhojlh

Da, a man came to the train station with a Mingbi buy a train ticket, the conductor was refused, the man’s train station. Staff alarm, according to the police preliminary investigation, the man for mental illness.

2 10, a man came to the Zhi River train station ticket office to buy a train ticket with Mingbi, after rejecting the man shouting, said to take the high-speed rail station, the conductor caused suspicion. After investigation, the man was originally a mental disorder.

3 o’clock in the afternoon, a 40 year old old man walked into the Zhi River train station ticket hall, took the number of sheets of hundred dollar bills from his pocket to buy high iron train ticket from the window. The conductor took a look at the cash, there is one hundred yuan denomination Mingbi! Immediately rejected the man’s purchase requirements. Who knows the man at the ticket office at he’s really not letting this go, do not go, do not buy tickets.

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