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Mar 15, 2017 isjscowe

home textile stores generally where? According to our observation, we can get some effective reference answers. If you want to invest in a shop, then the location problem can not slack. Today Xiaobian for everyone to share the key points, I hope to help you.

location skills a, open textile stores location choice factors of convenience. Since it is the consumption of life, then the first consideration is to open the shop location is convenient for the residents of the place, convenience is the first demand. If the store’s main population for office workers, the working class, this kind of person to work in a hurry, but work on posterior plenty of time, so we can consider the main streets of the city shops along the street, the trunk road intersection, bus stations, subway and other location can be considered, which is beneficial to the customers stop.

location skills two, open textile stores with the traffic location. For some of the lower price of the back street (alley), community, urban and rural areas, such as the Department of the shop location, you can try to rely on residential areas, schools, medical institutions and other large areas of access. These are relatively concentrated areas of living consumption.

three, home textile stores location skills shop shop in shop. A lot of articles mentioned in the shop location shop in the store, such as in large shopping malls, supermarkets set up shop in the store, the vast amount of information sharing super passenger. More popular textile investment experts, textile business shop shop shop. The textile industry market is still very difficult to shop and shop Street, in addition to high cost, Koudian do not say, affected by the site, store management, many independent activities are difficult to carry out, has great limitations. At present, many shopping malls will be set on the top floor of the mall bedding, is not conducive to the flow of people arrived, difficult to truly share to high traffic shopping malls. Therefore, more popular textile investment experts suggest that textile shop location should be based on the main street shops.

location skills four, large community open textile stores. Consumer life industry shop, storefront large communities also shop choice. Large scale population density of the community, supporting facilities mature and perfect, the majority of residents living consumption will be based on the community, and because of the large community of commercial facilities are relatively close, but also to increase the frequency of shopping. Therefore, no matter what kind of consumer life, the location of large communities are good.

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